Fire Updates Sept 24

Boise National Forest revises Pioneer Fire area closure

BOISE, Idaho, September 23, 2016 – The Boise National Forest area closure has been revised as a result of containment on the southern portion of the Pioneer Fire.

The Pioneer Fire Area Closure is described as all National Forest System (NFS) lands, including all roads and trails within the area defined in the boundary map and closure order.

In this area closure order, land north of the South Fork Payette River will remain closed which is the same as in the previous closure version #8.

The area opened is:

* East of Highway 21, north of Banner Ridge Road, NFS Road 385

* South of Highway 21 from Lowman to Eightmile Creek

* North of Banner Ridge Road, NFS Road 385 to the junction of Archie Creek Road, NFS Road 542

* North of the junction of Archie Creek Road following the edge of the Pioneer Fire burn scar

The area south of the Banner Ridge Road, NFS Road 385 and south Archie Creek Road, NFS 542, into the burn remains closed as do all NFS Roads 348, 384 and 380 traveling into the burned area of the fire are closed at the point they meet the edge of the burn.

The new closed area is effective immediately and visitors to the forest are reminded not to enter burned areas beyond the containment lines because of snags and other safety hazards. Crews continue to monitor and patrol the southern portion of the fire and are available for initial attack for any new wildfire starts.

A detailed description of the closure is attached. The area closure order and map can be viewed online at

Further information is also available by calling the Pioneer Fire information line at 208-259-3214 or by contacting the Boise National Forest Fire Information hotline at 208-373-4100.

For more information about the Pioneer Fire go to or visit us on Facebook at U.S. Forest Service – Boise National Forest.

Revised Pioneer Fire Area Closure Order
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Pioneer Fire

Boise National Forest

Date of Origin Monday July 18th, 2016
Location 8 miles north of Idaho City
Total Personnel 395
Size 188,404 Acres
Containment 65%

Pioneer Fire Maps

September 24 Pioneer Fire Update

Fire Area Closure Shrinks on the Pioneer Fire

Acres: 188,404 Containment: 65% Personnel: 395
Cost: $94.1M Resources assigned: 6 crews, 4 helicopters, 15 engines, 4 water tenders

Lowman, Idaho – The Boise National Forest revised the Fire Area Closure as a result of increased containment on the southern portion of the Pioneer Fire. The new area open lies:

· East of Highway 21, North of Banner Ridge Road, (NFS Road 385)
· South of Highway 21 from Lowman to Eightmile Creek
· North of Banner Ridge Road (NFS Road 385) to the junction of Archie Creek Road (NFS Road 542)
· North of the junction of Archie Creek Road following the edge of the Pioneer Fire burn scar

All other closures remain the same as before. This includes areas north of the South Fork Payette River and all areas within the fire scar, south of the South Fork Payette River. A map and detailed information of the closure area is at:

A flight carrying an infrared camera will take place this morning over the Long Creek area to see what heat remains near the Summer Homes. Depending upon what appears, a crew may be sent to extinguish the hot spots.

A warming trend is setting up over the fire area which meteorologists expect to last for several days. As conditions dry out, fire behavior will become a little more active in the understory, making it easier for firefighters to find and suppress the spots.

Three excavators were moved from Lowman to the Deer Flat area Friday in preparation for starting repair work today. Two excavators will use the 579 Rd to access dozer line near Deer Flat. A third excavator will be working West of Warm Springs Creek. The repair work is expected to last four or five days. If planning to use the 579 Road to access areas north of the Fire area, please do so with caution. Firefighters are also using the road to access Deadwood Spike Camp, established at Deadwood Reservoir.

The processor is starting to clean up the downed trees along the 316 Road. The work should be complete by the end of the weekend. Once this phase is done, a chipper will begin to finish the repairs.

Rainfall that occurred Thursday temporarily shut down the 555 Road firefighters use to access Deadwood Spike Camp. An engineer assessed the integrity of the road Friday, deeming it safe for firefighters to use. It remains closed to the public.

There is a possibility of morning fog and freezing temperatures Sunday which may form black ice on paved roads. With hunters and other recreationalists coming to the area, we ask drivers to slow down and use caution. Falling debris on both Hwy 21 and 17 is still possible.
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Patrick Butte Prescribed Fire

Payette National Forest

Low intensity prescribed fire is planned along the west aspect of Lava Ridge this fall. The fire will be applied to 2,700 acres in the month of September or October to open travel corridors for big game by treating heavy and continuous accumulations of downed trees from the Warm Springs Wildfire. Late fall conditions are best suited to minimize fire spread beyond the burn area as well as consume dead and down trees. Additionally, this fire will rejuvenate the herbaceous and browse component; including nutrient levels. A suite of terrestrial wildlife species will immediately benefit from the mosaic application of fire including rocky mountain elk, mule deer, forest grouse, and woodpecker species.

Efforts will be made to minimize impacts to area recreationists (e.g., hunters, backpackers, fisherman).

* Ignitions will be conducted by helicopter over a period of just one day.

* Ignitions will not be conducted over the first 5 days of archery or rifle season for elk.

* Area campsites will be visited the day prior to ignitions to inform users

* The area will remain open to all users before and after ignitions.