Fire Update Sept 26

Pioneer Fire

Boise National Forest

Date of Origin Monday July 18th, 2016
Location 8 miles north of Idaho City
Total Personnel 334
Size 188,404 Acres
Containment 65%

Pioneer Fire Maps

September 26 Pioneer Fire Update

Lowman, Idaho ā€“ Firefighters on the Pioneer Fire are working hard to complete repair work by the end of this week. While a few hot spots of the fire are being watched to ensure it does not creep outside containment lines, three excavators, four handcrews and 14 engines are working to finish up handline and dozer repair.

Unseasonably warm and dry weather is settling over the area. Isolated trees are torching near Scott and Nellies Creeks. Areas off the 510 Road are also exhibiting increased fire behavior. Trees burning in the Crooked Creek drainage are producing smoke visible from the Jackson Peak Lookout. Firefighters monitoring this area do not expect to take action due to the extremely rugged terrain.

The Fire continues to show pockets of heat where it crossed the 555 Road near Scott Creek and at the northwest tip between Deer Creek and Bearskin Creek. Firefighters are extinguishing these areas, and repairing the last of the control lines near the 555 and 591 Roads. Felling crews are cutting hazardous trees along roads and trails near Rock Creek and Deadwood.

The feller-buncher with a processor head will finish work on the 316 Road. A chipper is starting work to chip the debris left behind. This work should take two or three days.

An excavator will complete repair work on the dozer line near Warm Springs Creek today or tomorrow. Two other excavators are repairing dozer line in the vicinity of Deer Flat, north of the 579 Road. They expect to finish repairing the dozer line by the end of the week.

As firefighters complete work assignments, they are being released home. The spike camp located at Deadwood Reservoir has just over 200 firefighters in camp. The area is closed to the public to allow firefighters faster and safer access to work areas. There is a lot of heavy equipment traveling the 579 Road, so please be careful if hunting or gathering wood along the road.

Pre-identified crews, engines, and other equipment are available for initial attack on new fires in the vicinity as needed. Over the last few days, helicopters assigned to the Pioneer Fire have been instrumental in helping the Boise National Forest control several new fire starts, including one near Pilot Peak.

A Fire Area Closure remains in effect. A map and detailed information are located at:

EVACUATION NOTICES: The Summer Homes in the Long Creek area is at a Level 1 Notice.


Acres: 188,404 Containment: 65% Personnel: 334
Cost: $94.7M Resources assigned: 4 crews, 4 helicopters, 14 engines, 4 water tenders