Fire Update Sept 29

Pioneer Fire

Boise National Forest

Date of Origin Monday July 18th, 2016
Location 8 miles north of Idaho City
Total Personnel 242
Size 188,404 Acres
Containment 71%

Pioneer Fire Maps

Final Pioneer Fire Update – Sept. 29

LOWMAN, Idaho – Possible thunderstorms this afternoon are keeping firefighters on the Pioneer Fire aware of a potential increase in fire behavior today as outflow winds may reach 25-30 miles an hour. These winds may hinder aircraft that have flown over the fire the past two days.

While the Fire is now 71 percent contained, firefighters are still actively engaged in keeping the fire in check. Crooked River, Scott Creek, and areas west of Bear Creek are actively burning single and group trees. This increase in activity is due to several warm and dry days that have dried vegetation. Firefighters are holding containment lines and using helicopters to cool inaccessible areas that are beginning to torch.

The weather will begin to change this afternoon and into the weekend, bringing cooler, moist conditions. This will keep fire behavior to a minimum until snow blankets the fire area. By Monday, snow is expected in elevations above 7,000 feet.

A transfer of command from Great Basin Team 5 to the Boise National Forest will occur tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. The Forest will maintain fire suppression efforts taking place above the 579 Road. Less than a mile of dozer repair work remains on the 579 Road. One excavator will complete this work by Saturday.

There are many hazards that exist after a wildfire passes. If recreating in the fire area, be extremely cautious. Rootless trees still standing can easily blow down; rocks can roll out bringing additional woody debris onto roads, and after rain events, mud slides can occur. While many of these hazards have been removed on major roads, many areas are not safe for public use. If in areas where trees have burnt, do not assume they are stable as slight winds can easily blow them down. When hiking in steep canyons, be mindful of footing and loose debris that may roll out above and below you.

Due to these unsafe conditions, the Forest will maintain security at area closure points to help guide the public to safer areas to recreate. Patrols will also be ongoing to assist travelers.

The Forest Area Closure currently in effect for the Pioneer Fire will be reduced in the near future, possibly as soon as Saturday. Please contact the Lowman or Idaho City District Offices for questions.

Idaho City Ranger District: 208.392.6681
Lowman Ranger District: 208.259.3361

This will be the final update on the Pioneer Fire unless significant activity occurs. Please check the Forest web page for updates on area closures and other fire information. will no longer be monitored. Please direct questions to the District Offices, listed above.

Acres: 188,404 Containment: 71 percent Personnel: 242
Cost: $95.7M Resources assigned: 2 crews, 2 helicopters, 7 engines, 1 water tender

Final Perimeter Map 71% Contained 09/29/16