Road Reports July 16

Saturday (July 15) Profile Road is open but there is an active fire about 2 miles up from the junction with Stibnite road. The Payette Krassel Ranger is asking people to help keep the road clear, pass on thru slowly watching out for fire fighters and equipment. Please don’t stop and “lookie-loo”.

Watch for kids on bikes and deer in the road in the village, its summer in Yellow Pine. Dust abatement applied to ‘main street’ on 7/10. Residential streets are VERY dusty, please drive respectfully.

Johnson Creek road – the county started grading from this end on 7/11, by 7/12 they were up past the airport.
Logging crew plans to run one truck load per day out Johnson Creek road once they get started on the blowdown project.

South Fork/EFSF route reported in good shape, however the EFSF is starting to get a little washboardy near the village.

Lick Creek road is open. The county fixed the washout. No report on current conditions.

“Valley County road crews have made temporary repairs to the Warren – Profile Gap Road, and it is now open from Warren Summit to the South Fork (Trails End Subdivision). Elk Summit between the South Fork and Big Creek remains closed due to snow levels.” – Payette NF

A verified report that a motorcycle made it over Elk Summit last weekend. Sounds like an ATV (and narrow UTV) could make the trip too.

Deadwood summit is open and reported to be rough.

Rivers and creeks are still higher than average, but dropping.

Road conditions can change quickly. Be prepared for trees and rocks in the road. There is still snow on some roads at higher elevations and no cell service.