Updated Fire Report 7/30/2017

Update: Pueblo Summit Fire

Message from Krassel Ranger Botello:
We got a new smoke report from one of our lookouts this afternoon around 2:30. There is a new fire just south of Pueblo Summit. Looks to be 2-3 acres. At about 3:15pm, we put 8 smokejumpers on the fire and they are using 2 helicopters and 3 Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATs) with retardant.
That’s all we know currently, we will keep folks updated as we have more info.

Fire info: 208.634.0820


Access to Yellow Pine is not impacted by the fire. South Fork, Johnson Creek and Lick Creek roads are open. The fire camp is moving to Krassel today. The Profile Creek Road is closed at the junction to Big Creek/Edwardsburg.

Profile Road is still closed to the public. Level 1 Evacuation Ordered for Big Creek/Edwardsburg.

Road Report posted 7/30
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Local Observations: Yesterday the high temperature was 96 degrees, overnight low of 50 degrees, clear sky this morning with a slight haze of smoke to the north east, fairly good air quality.
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Map of fire 7/27/2017 from GEOMAC (no growth)
(click on image to open larger size)

Missouri Fire Progression Map July 25 (no growth)

General location map for Missouri Fire July 17

Missouri Fire Perimeter & Area Closure Map July 25

Sunset at the ICP on Johnson Creek July 28

Missouri Fire at InciWeb: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5373/

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Missouri Fire

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Contact Fire Information: 208.634.0820

Start Date: July 15
Cause: Lightning
Total Personnel 183
Size 1,277 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 50%

The fire size has remained at 1,277 acres for the past week. There has been minimal fire activity, mainly in interior portions of the fire where occasional torching of isolated trees has been observed. While growth has stalled, the fire is not fully contained. It continues to smolder in heavy down fuels within the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. Allowing fire to play its natural role in the ecosystem benefits the ecosystem. Fire is essential for soil renewal, wildlife habitat, and overall forest health.

There has been little change in the weather pattern from the last few days. With lingering moisture, a threat of afternoon and evening thunderstorms remains over the fire area through Sunday then a potential for drier air to move into the fire area on Monday and Tuesday.

In Edwardsburg and Big Creek, crews are clearing trees and brush from around Forest Service facilities and developed sites. Chippers will continue to be used to pulverize the removed trees and brush from both Profile Gap Road and within the community of Edwardsburg and Big Creek. The benefit of chipping is the ability to spread the materials over a large area which decreases the fuel loading. Chippers are still parked on the Profile Gap Road, making travel difficult for even the firefighters working in the area. For this reason, the road does remain closed despite the diminished fire threat along Profile Creek.

Evacuation Status: Level 1 evacuations are still in place for Edwardsburg/Big Creek, primarily due to the work taking place along the principal access route into the community. To the north, the road is passable with high-clearance vehicles, UTVs, and motorcycles; trailers are not recommended. Anyone who lives in the wildland urban interface should take time to consider what they would take in the event they did need to evacuate. The Ready, Set, Go Program (www.wildlandfirersg.org) has helpful tips for preparation.

Closures: The Payette National Forest implemented an area closure surrounding the fire area. Areas east of the Warren-Profile Road, north of Stibnite Road, and south of Lick Creek are closed. Maps and complete details of the closure can be found by visiting InciWeb. The Warren-Profile Gap Road remains closed.

For more information: Follow the Payette National Forest on Twitter at @Payette Forest, and on Facebook at U.S. Forest Service – Payette National Forest. Subscribe to email updates via GovDelivery at https://goo.gl/R2fDJr. Updates are emailed daily during times of heightened fire activity on the forest. Visit https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/ for more information on this and other fires throughout the nation. And visit http://www.idahofireinfo.com for information on fires throughout the state of Idaho.
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Level 1 – READY Evacuation Order Issued for Edwardsburg/Big Creek Area

Incident: Missouri Fire Wildfire
Released: 7/20 430pm

A Level 1 – A Ready evacuation order has been issued for the Edwardsburg/Big Creek area by Valley County Sheriff, Patti Bolen. This order is in effect until further notice.

This Level 1 – Ready evacuation order is a result of significant fire activity on the Missouri Fire located between Yellow Pine and Edwardsburg. The fire was actively burning yesterday, and is expected to have a continued active fire behavior.

Visit this link for all evacuation levels issued by Valley County:
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Recreational access in Big Creek and Edwardsburg

Incident: Missouri Fire Wildfire
Released: 7/20 2pm

Recreational access to the Edwardsburg/Big Creek area is not closed at this time, however; due to fire activity we strongly suggest that you choose an alternate location for recreational activities. An alternate entry into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness is through Thunder Mountain. The Payette National Forest has many great locations for camping, hiking, fishing, etc.

The closure of the Warren-Profile Gap Road between Yellow Pine and Edwardsburg/Big Creek is indefinite, but will open as soon as it is possible. If planning for an alternate route to Big Creek area, be aware that Valley County is warning that due to road damage from winter and spring storms, the Warren-Profile Gap road from Warren to the South Fork is not capable of handling large trucks or vehicles towing trailer. This route comes over Elk Summit into Big Creek. If you choose to take this route be cautious of increased two-way traffic on this narrow, winding dirt road.

Access to Yellow Pine is fully open, and we do not expect traffic to be impacted. Please be drive cautiously as fire vehicles are operating in the area.

Warning sign for Backcountry Travelers

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Payette Wilderness Fires


The Payette National currently has 5 wildfires burning within the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. All of these fires are in a monitor status with no notable fire activity.

Rooster Creek Fire: (.10)acre) Lightning caused and report on July 26. Located 1/2 mile east of the South Fork of the Salmon River, northeast of Smith Knob on the McCall Ranger District. No vivible smke was noticed on July 27.

Lemhi Fire: (27 acres). Lightning caused and reported on July 16. Located along the Salmon River, 3.5 miles downriver of Campbell’s Ferry. Two fire personnel are assigned to the fire. Fire is in monitor status.

Stonebreaker Ranch Fire: (.25 acres). Lightning caused and reported on July 13. Located 1 mile north of Chamberlain Basin. No smoke showing currently. In monitor status.

Marble Mountain Fire: (3 acres). Lightning caused and reported on July 14. Located 2 miles southeast of Edwardsburg. Smokejumpers responded to this fire to aggressively prevent it from growing larger and spreading towards Edwardsburg. The fire was declared control and out on July 18.

Rocky Point Fire: (.10 acres). Lightning caused and reported on July 14. Located 10 miles north of Chamberlain Basin and 2 mile south of the Salmon River. No smoke is showing on this fire currently, and it is in a monitor status.

For up to date information, please contact the Krassel Ranger District at 208-634-0600., or the McCall Ranger District at 208-634-0400.

InciWeb link: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5387/

Screen shot of Logan / Coin Mountains from Inciweb
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Ibex Fire

Salmon-Challis National Forest

Current as of 7/27/2017, 9:52:33 AM
Incident Type Wildfire
Date of Origin Monday July 24th, 2017 approx. 03:45 PM
Location 23 miles NW of Challis, Idaho

Total Personnel 15
Size 540 Acres
Planned Actions Actively monitor and point protection.

Thunderstorm activity moved through the area last night and started several fires in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. The largest of these fires, the Ibex Fire, was detected at approximately 3:45 PM on July 24, 2017, eleven miles west of Twin Peaks Lookout. The fire is burning in sub-alpine fir on the Middle Fork Ranger District. A patrol flight on July 25, estimated fire size at 540 acres. The Ibex Fire is staffed with ten firefighters, one helicopter, while also being monitored by area lookouts and air patrols. “We had several starts generated from the storm that moved over the Wilderness Area late afternoon on Monday,” stated Chuck Mark, Forest Supervisor, “It’s the time of year when we can expect these fires to occur in the dry subalpine, dense, and remote forest we have on the Salmon-Challis National Forest.”

Smoke is being experienced in the surrounding areas and valleys of Challis and Salmon from fires in the region. Continued hot and dry weather with scattered thunderstorms is expected over the next few days.

Updates and information will be provided when significant changes have occurred on the Ibex Fire.

IR Map of Ibex Fire on July 27, 2017 (PDF)

Ibex Fire on July 27, 2017

InciWeb link: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5426/
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Craig Mountain Complex

Idaho Department of Lands

Current as of 7/28/2017, 1:13:36 PM
Date of Origin Saturday July 15th, 2017 approx. 10:00 AM
Location Powerline fire location: Between Cottonwood Creek and Deer Creek,SSW of Winchester, ID. Corral Creek fire is between China Garden Creek and the Snake River.

Total Personnel 91
Size 50,395 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 100%

Craig Mountain Complex Daily Update – July 28, 2017

Craig Mountain Complex Final Map – July 28, 2017

InciWeb link: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5376/
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Boise District Fire Update

For Immediate Release: July 29, 2017 10:00am
Contact: Boise District BLM Fire Information (208) 384-3378
Twitter: @BLMIdahoFire #BODFire

Chaulky Fire

• Located approximately eight miles northwest of Murphy, Idaho
• Approximately 135 acres
• Ignited by lightning
• Crews will continue to mop up throughout the rest of the day
• Resources on scene: Four engines and one water tender
• Contained at 11:00pm on 7/28/2107
• Estimated control time is 6:00pm on 7/29/2017

Murphy Flat Fire

• Located approximately two miles east of Murphy, Idaho
• Approximately 997 acres
• Ignited by lightning
• Progress of the fire has been stopped and crews will continue securing the fire perimeter throughout the day
• Resources on scene: Seven engines, two dozers, one water tender, one helicopter and two hand crews
• Estimated containment time is 8:00pm on 7/29/2017

For More Information

• Idaho Wildfires visit http://www.IdahoFireInfo.com
• Wildfires across the country, visit https://inciweb.nwcg.gov
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Twin Falls District BLM Fire Update

July 29, 2017

Lagoon Fire

Located two miles west of Shoshone
Size: 1,412 acres
Contain: 7/28/2017, 8:25 p.m.
Control: 7/30/2017, 8 p.m.
Resources: six engines, three hand crews, two dozers, two overhead, one camp crew
Fuel type: grass, brush
Fire behavior: none
Structures: a lumberyard and one outbuilding were burned by the fire.
Cause: lightning

Crews are monitoring and mopping up hotspots.

(Photo BLM)

Lumberyard, outbuilding burn in Lagoon Fire
KTVB July 27, 2017
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Martin Canyon Fire

Located three miles east of Bellevue
Size: 4,024 acres
Contain: 7/26/2017, 6 p.m.
Control: 7/30/2017, 6 p.m.
Resources: one Twin Falls District BLM engines, one Sawtooth National Forest engines, four hand crews, one camp crew, four overhead, one dozer
Fuel type: grass, mountain shrub, Douglas fir, aspen
Fire behavior: none
Structures threatened: no


Muldoon Canyon is closed to recreation and camping
Cause: human – target shooting

Access to the Muldoon Canyon Road is being restricted and the area is closed to recreation and camping. Please do your part to prevent human caused wildfires by restricting target practice to within approved ranges and remember to always clear the area around your target before taking aim.

For More Information, Kelsey Brizendine, Fire Information and Prevention Officer, kbrizendine@blm.gov 208-308-5991

Idaho Wildfires visit http://www.IdahoFireInfo.com