Road Report Aug 13

Yellow Pine: Dust abatement on Yellow Pine Ave and the back Stibnite road is wearing thin and getting dusty. Residential streets that received heavy Fest traffic are extremely dusty. Please drive respectfully. Watch out for kids, horses and deer in the roads – it is summer time in Yellow Pine.

Johnson Creek Road: Reports the road is “really rough” – especially from Wapiti Meadow Ranch to YP, and pretty bad in the Rustican and Halfway areas.

South Fork / EFSF Road: A report that the EFSF road has recently been graded. Rumor they will apply dust abatement soon.

Lick Creek: Road is open, reported to be about as rough as usual.

Profile Creek Road: a report from last week the road is in great shape from the turn off to the summit and not too bad going down the far side.

Stibnite to Thunder Mountain: Open, no current report.

Big Creek to Warrens: Open to smaller vehicles, but not to large trucks and trailers. Report from last week that it is pretty rough from Elk Summit to the South Fork.

Deadwood Summit: Road open and reported to be rough.

Golden Gate: Road up Golden Gate Hill is only passable on foot due to large deep wash-out about 2/3rds of the way up.