Road Report May 23

Note: High elevation passes are still closed with snow. Spring road conditions change quickly. Be prepared for rocks and trees falling in the road. Please share road reports.

Yellow Pine: We have had sprinkles and showers the last 3 days (loud thunderstorm yesterday, not much rain.) Pot holes had a little water in them yesterday, not too dusty – yet. Click for Local Forecast.
Yellow Pine Webcam:

Johnson Creek Stream Gauge:

Warm Lake Highway: (May 23) mail truck driver (Robert) reports clear pavement over the summit.
Big Creek Summit SNOTEL station 6580′

South Fork Road: (May 23) mail truck driver (Robert) reports the South Fork road is clear, no rocks or trees to move today.
Tea Pot Weather Station 5175′

EFSF Road: Report (May 23) mail truck driver reports the EFSF road is still in good shape, county graded it last week.

Lower Johnson Creek Road: No current report. Road between Yellow Pine and the dump has not been graded and last report was “bumpy”.
Upper Johnson Creek Road: Closed at Landmark for winter to full sized vehicles. There is less than 2 feet of snow at 6500′ per the SNOTEL stations.
The elevation at Landmark is 6,630 feet
Johnson Creek Airstrip Webcam:

Lick Creek: Summit closed for winter to full sized vehicles. Open between Yellow Pine and Zena Creek Ranch.
Update from FS: The Lick Creek road is slowly opening up. Currently visitors can access from the South Fork Salmon River road and get almost to Foolhen Meadows, approx. 1 mile below the Hum Lake trailhead.
Note: The elevation at Lick Creek Summit is 6,877 feet

Profile Creek Road: Summit closed for winter to full sized vehicles.
Trail Report: from (May 10, 2018) video link:
Note: The elevation at Profile summit is 7607 feet.
Big Creek Webcam:

Yellow Pine to Stibnite: Open. Friday (May 11) report that it’s rough in some places, some wash boards starting, and still fairly smooth in other places.

Stibnite to Thunder Mountain: Not advised to go beyond Stibnite, snow in the high elevations. No current report.
Note: The elevation at Monumental Summit is 8590 feet.

Big Creek to Elk Summit to Warrens Road: Closed.
Note: The elevation at Elk Summit is nearly 9000 feet.
(May 21) Warren Wagon Road is open to Secesh and Warren.
(May 23) Secesh Summit (McCall to Warren). Valley County plowed the road open this week.
(May 23) Warren Summit (Warren to the South Fork of the Salmon River) is open with caution as Valley County has not surveyed the roadway for damage yet – travelers may run into road issues.

Deadwood Summit: Report (May 19) from Deadwood Outfitters: Road open to Deadwood over Fir Creek 4×4 required.
Note: The approx elevation at Deadwood Summit is 6,883 feet.
Deadwood Summit SNOTEL station 6860′