Fire Update Sept 2, 2018

There are NO fires currently threatening Yellow Pine.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in effect on the Boise NF, but were lifted on the Payette NF August 31, 2018. Remember, Yellow Pine is on the border between the two forests, so know where you are when you light a campfire.

Air Quality in Yellow Pine = Green

Air Quality Index (AQI) McCall
observed at 10:00 MDT
15 Good

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Land Management Agencies lift Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in all Zones, Except the Weiser River Zone of the Payette Fire Restriction Area

Date: August 29, 2018
Contact: Brian Harris, Payette National Forest, 208-634-6945

McCall, Idaho – With cooler temperatures and chances of precipitation increasing into next week, local land management agencies will lift Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in all zones except the Weiser River Zone beginning Friday, August 31, 2018, just after midnight at 0001 hours. The Fire Restrictions are rescinded by agencies managing state, private and public lands in the area, including the United States Forest Service (USFS), United State Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Southern Idaho Timber Protective Association (SITPA), and the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL). Restrictions in the Weiser River Zone will remain in effect until further notice. See map for the location of the Weiser River Zone.

The restrictions were put into effect on August 3 when fire danger and burning conditions were unusually high. Recent storms have brought moisture with much cooler temperatures to the area, and with the days getting shorter, fire conditions have moderated. Forest visitors are reminded that vegetation is still dry, and to be careful with all use of fire in the outdoors. The accidental start of a wildfire can still be devastating.

Be alert and be aware. Follow these tips to help prevent wildfire:

* NEVER leave a camp fire unattended
* Keep water, dirt and a shovel near your fire at all times
* Make sure your fire is dead out and cold to the touch before you leave it
* Fireworks are never allowed on National Forest and State lands, and are prohibited on BLM lands during closed fire season (May 10 through October 20).
* Exploding targets or tracer rounds are prohibited on all public lands.

Area closures due to active wildfires are still in effect on some public lands, including the areas affected by the Rattlesnake Creek and Mesa wildfires on the Payette National Forest. Contact the land management agency for your area of interest for specific information regarding fire closures.

Fire restrictions are being lifted, but burn bans may still be in place in some areas. Fire

Restrictions and burn bans address different types of activities. Burn bans pertain to controlled burning activities such as debris burning, slash burning, or agricultural burning, for which a fire safety burn permit from IDL is required. Visit for more information.
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Area Closures that may affect you this Labor Day weekend

Lowman, Idaho, Aug 30, 2018 – Area closures related to the Wapiti and Bible Back Fires may affect visitors to the Sawtooth and Boise National Forests this Labor Day weekend. While many locations on the forests are open for recreationists, there are some closures that provide for firefighter and public safety.

Wapiti Fire in the Grandjean Area- Developed campgrounds at Stanley Lake and access to Stanley Lake will be open. Dispersed camping in the Stanley Lake area is currently not allowed. Trap Creek, Sheep Trail, Elk Creek Campgrounds along Hwy 21 are also open.

Redfish Lake, Redfish Lake Inlet Trailhead including access to Baron Lakes, and all lakes and trailheads in the southern Sawtooth Wilderness are open. Closed areas are: Alpine and Sawtooth Lakes and Grandjean, Stanley Lake, Elk Meadow, and Elk Mountain Trailheads.

Bible Back Fire in the southern White Cloud Mountains- Fourth of July Road (FR #209) is open but access to these trails and lakes is closed: Fourth of July Lake and Washington Lake, Phyllis Lake, and Champion Lakes.

Upper Pole Creek Road (FR #197) is closed beyond the Grand Prize Trailhead, although Grand Prize Trailhead is open. Access to the following trailheads and destinations is closed: Champion Creek Cut-Off Trailhead and access to Champion Lakes; Washington Creek and Washington Basin Trailheads and access to Washington Peak, Washington Lake and Chamberlain Basin; Three Cabins Creek Trailhead and access to Germania Creek and Chamberlain Basin.

For additional information please visit:
Sawtooth NF Area Closures:
Facebook: U.S. Forest Service – Sawtooth National Forest
Facebook: U.S. Forest Service – Boise National Forest
Boise NF Twitter: @BoiseNF
Boise NF Website:
Fire Restrictions:
InciWeb – Wapiti Fire:
Hunting information:
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Caton Fire

Payette National Forest
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Friday August 24th, 2018 approx. 11:30 AM
Location The fire is located 7 miles southwest of the Village of Yellow Pine near Indian Point and has been moving east into the Caton Creek drainage.
Current as of 8/31/2018, 10:28:09 AM
Total Personnel 6
Size 400 Acres
Estimated Containment Date Monday October 15th, 2018 approx. 12:00 AM

Caton Fire Aug 27 Map

(good topo map you can zoom in on)

Thermal Map Caton and Kiwah Fires 9-2-2018

This fire was detected in heavy timber around noon on August 24 – a likely holdover from the lightning storm several days prior.

Due to the amount of precipitation and cooler temperatures, the fire has been relatively quiet for the past few days. The fire is holding at 400 acres, and has not grown. IR flights have shown very little heat in the fire. Firefighters are assigned to monitor the fire – additional fire resources will be assigned as needed. The fire is being managed under a confine/contain and point protection strategy.

No trail, road or area closures are in effect. The fire is not posing a threat to Yellow Pine.

Initial attack on this fire was rigorously conducted by smokejumpers, helirappellers, and ground crews aided by helicopters, single-engine air tankers, a heavy air tanker and Very Large Air Tankers. The fire quickly grew in the hot, dry, windy conditions on August 24 and 25.

The fire is located 7 miles southwest of Yellow Pine, near Indian Point and had been initially moving east into the Caton Creek drainage prior to the rain fall.

InciWeb link:
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Johnson Fire – Contained

Boise National Forest
Location – The fire is above Johnson Creek between Coffee and Halfway creeks, just a short distance above the Ditch Creek road.
Fire Discovery Date/Time: 8/20/2018, 4:36:26 PM
Cause – Lightning
Acreage: 6.3 [total]
Strategy: Full Suppression
Contained – August 23, 2018
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Kiwah Fire

Meadow Creek Road is Open
8-24 Update: With the decrease in fire activity on the Kiwah fire, we have terminated the closure of Meadow Creek road. While the safety risks to the public are currently reduced, people in the fire area should be aware that hazards do still exist such as; unexpected fire movement, falling trees, ash pits, and debris slides.
We will maintain a public safety awareness posting in the location of our previous closure signs.

Salmon-Challis National Forest
Location eight (8) miles northwest of Indian Creek Guard Station on the south side of the Indian Creek drainage in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Wednesday July 18th, 2018 approx. 05:30 PM
Current as of 9/2/2018, 8:10:49 AM
Total Personnel 1
Size 14,603 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 1%

The lightning caused Kiwah Fire, was detected at approximately 5:30 p.m. on July 17, 2018. Fire managers estimate size at 14,603 acres. The fire is burning in a mixed conifer forest on the Middle Fork Ranger District and is being allowed to play, as nearly as possible, its natural ecological role in the environment while providing for firefighter and public safety. The fire is located in steep, inaccessible terrain northwest of Indian Creek Guard Station within the Indian Creek drainage in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Fire activity remains minimal.

Fire management is being coordinated between the Salmon-Challis and the Payette National Forests. The Kiwah Fire is being managed to restore and maintain ecological process consistent with the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Management Plan. A priority of fire mangers is providing employee and public safety while defending the identified values at risk. Specific values potentially threatened with this fire include private property and mining infrastructure, Forest Service Guard Stations, Middle Fork Salmon River boat traffic, road and trail improvements, lookout buildings, communication sites, and cultural resources. The cultural resources are abandoned, historical mining structures.

Firefighters are implementing a point protection strategy. The strategy takes in to account exposure to firefighters, values at risk, impacts to area user groups, and in the case of the Kiwah Fire, wilderness values. The selected point protection strategy was determined to best balance for protection of values and firefighter safety.

Fire managers expect the Kiwah Fire will continue to spread until a significant precipitation event occurs. Typically, season-ending weather events occur in this area between the last half of September through the first half of October.

The Central Idaho Dispatch Zone is at HIGH Fire Danger.

Kiwah Fire Map August 24

Kiwah Fire InciWeb link:
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Wapiti Fire

Boise National Forest
Date of Origin Saturday August 25th, 2018 approx. 12:00 AM
Cause Under Investigation
Location 13 miles SW of Stanley, Idaho
Current as of 9/1/2018, 11:23:39 AM
Total Personnel 274
Size 4,550 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 42%
Estimated Containment Date Monday October 01st, 2018 approx. 12:00 AM

Evacuations in the vicinity of Grandjean and area closures in the Boise National Forest and Sawtooth National Recreation Area remain in effect.

9-1-2018 Wapiti Fire Update

Phone: 844-692-5335

Containment increases and suppression repair work continues

Current Status: Fridaywas another productive day for crews working on containment lines, monitoring those containment lines to ensure they remained cold and black, and mopping up hotspots.

Contingency handlines have been repaired back to a natural state and multiple hose lays were brought back to camp. Those contingency lines were mainly near the Baron Creek trailhead.

Crews working along the southern edge of the fire continued to cold trail in the burned area to ensure no hot spots are in close proximity to unburned fuels that could reignite. Firefighters on the northwestern edge of the fire finished repair work and a falling module completed mitigating the standing snag hazards along Forest Road #524.

The safety record of the firefighters continues to be unblemished. There have been no reported injuries during the incident and firefighters continue to keep their head on a swivel watching out for unsafe situations.

Spot fires near the head of the fire are mostly contained at this time and are expected to be completed by the end of shift Saturday.

More than 100 firefighters that have been released from the incident and will either be traveling home shortly or reassigned to another fire.

Temperatures and relative humidity will generally remain the same over the next few days. Small amounts of smoke may be visible near the headwaters of Elk Creek and Bear Creek drainages until a season ending weather event occurs.

Closures: In the vicinity of Grandjean, an area closure is in effect on the Boise National Forest, and in areas administered by the Sawtooth National Forest. For more information, visit the websites listed below or call the Lowman Ranger District at 208-259-3361.

Boise NF website:
Sawtooth NF website:
Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR): There is a TFR over the Wapiti Fire.
Fire Restrictions: Check fire restrictions at
Hunting information:
Please check the Wapiti Fire on InciWeb or the Boise National Forest and Sawtooth National Forest Facebook pages for updated information, along with the latest maps and photos.

9-1-2018 Wapiti Vicinity Map

9-1-2018 Wapit Fire Topo Map

Wapiti Fire InciWeb link:
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Snake Fire

Salmon-Challis National Forest
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Saturday August 18th, 2018 approx. 08:30 AM
Location 36 miles east of Yellow Pine, Idaho in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, northwest of the confluence of Big Creek and the Middle Fork Salmon River.
Current as of 9/2/2018, 8:10:23 AM
Estimated Containment Date Monday October 15th, 2018 approx. 12:00 AM

The Snake Fire is located in steep, inaccessible terrain in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, northwest of the confluence of Big Creek and the Middle Fork Salmon River.

The lightning caused Snake Fire, was detected on August 17 at approximately 10:30 p.m. is 0.6 acres in size and is burning in Ponderosa Pine with a grass understory. The fire is on the ridgetop which divides the Salmon-Challis National Forest and the Payette National Forests. No activity has been observed on the fire since August 24.

The Fuse Fire is located in steep, inaccessible terrain on the Middle Fork Ranger District in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, approximately 2.5 miles west of Trail Creek.

The lightning caused Fuse Fire, was detected on August 17 at approximately 3:00 p.m. is 2 acres in size and is burning in timber and rock scree. No activity has been observed on the fire since August 24.

The Snake and Fuse fires are being allowed to play, as nearly as possible, its natural ecological role in the environment while providing for firefighter and public safety. The fires will continue to be monitored by lookouts and by agency aircraft.

The Central Idaho Dispatch Zone is at HIGH Fire Danger.

Snake Fire InciWeb link:
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Rattlesnake Creek Fire

Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests
Location West side of Highway 95 near mile marker 184; near Pollock
Cause Human
Date of Origin Monday July 23rd, 2018 approx. 12:00 PM
Current as of 9/1/2018, 6:49:17 PM
Total Personnel 231
Size 8,210 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 90%

90% Containment on Rattlesnake Creek Fire

Do Not Fly Drones Near Wildfires

September 2, 2018 7:00 a.m.

Summary: Containment has increased on the eastern perimeter of the fire. Yesterday, firefighters continued to put out hot spots along the east sides of the fire near Pony and Squirrel Creek. Suppression repair and removal of equipment was completed on the north side of the fire. Helicopters assisted with water drops to extinguish pockets of fuel burning within the fire’s perimeter.

Today, crews will continue to cool the hot spots identified in the infrared flight on the southeastern edge of the fire. Firefighters will continue to strengthen fire lines created in and around the areas of Pony Creek Trail, Pony Creek, and Squirrel Creek. Suppression repair will continue on the contingency lines along the southern boundary of the fire. Firefighters will patrol the north, east and west sides of the fire. Once again, fire behavior will be minimal. The helibase located in New Meadows will be relocated to McCall. Smoke may be visible as unburned fuels are consumed within the fire perimeter. No perimeter growth is expected today.

Adams County Road Information: Smokey Boulder Road to Railroad Saddle remains closed. For more information visit:

The Payette National Forests Rattlesnake Creek Fire area closure remains in effect including portions of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area (NRA). The Nez Perce National Forest area closure has been rescinded. See, Inciwebfor more details. Smokey Boulder Road (FS #074) is closed from the Forest Boundary to Railroad Saddle. Some people think that FS #098 is Smokey Boulder Road – this is incorrect. FS #098 is open, and can be accessed from Highway 95, Mud Creek Road or from Price Valley; but it cannot be accessed from the Smokey Boulder Road.

Fire map for hunters and anglers:
Fire Information: (208) 495-6934 (7am-7pm)
InciWeb:, photos, links, etc.)
Facebook: (daily updates & video updates)

September 2 Rattlesnake Creek Fire Map

Rattlesnake Creek Fire InciWeb link:
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Rabbit Foot Fire

Salmon-Challis National Forest
Date of Origin Thursday August 02nd, 2018 approx. 12:30 PM
Location 14 Nautical Miles South West of Salmon, ID
Cause Lightning/natural
Current as of 9/1/2018, 9:27:28 PM
Total Personnel 262
Size 35,369 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 14%
Estimated Containment Date Wednesday October 31st, 2018 approx. 12:00 AM

September 2, 2018 Daily Update for the Rabbit Foot Fire

Contact Fire Information: 208.879.1243

Current Situation: The sunny, warm conditions yesterday increased fire activity on the Rabbit Foot Fire. The grasses and sagebrush have dried out enough since last week’s rain to allow more active fire spread. Helicopters were able to minimize spread easily by dropping water on the flames. New perimeter mapping has not been completed, so maps and acreage remain unchanged from Saturday.

The primary objective for the Rabbit Foot Fire is minimizing impacts to private property and public infrastructure. This is being done through several tactics. Direct suppression of the fire perimeter is preferred where firefighters can do so safely with the greatest chance of success. One area of concern to fire managers has been the active fire perimeter in Mink Creek on the western edge. Yesterday, firefighters used handtools and water to both minimize spread and reduce heat. Another area where direct suppression is being used was on the northern edge above Iron Creek Road. Firefighters, with support from helicopters dropping water, completed a section of fireline to limit fire spread towards the northeast.

Indirect firefighting tactics are also being used. This includes specific actions taken at pre-determined locations where fuels and terrain are more favorable to firefighters. This may include using natural features or constructed dozer line to prevent fire spread beyond those areas. Additionally, structure assessments and protection measures continue in Panther Creek, Williams Creek, and along the Highway 93 corridor.

Weather: Warm and dry conditions continue today. Cloud cover is likely to increase through the week and will lower atmospheric stability. A very weak cold front is anticipated tomorrow but will not bring any precipitation. Overnight humidity recovery will be poor this week which may cause the fire to become active earlier in the day. A low pressure trough late in the week may bring near critical fire weather conditions.

Evacuations: All pre-evacuation zones in both Custer and Lemhi counties are in Level 1 status, which is the lowest level of alert. Residents in these zones should maintain awareness of the potential for evacuations in the event of increased fire behavior. Make a plan for what to take and where to go if evacuations become necessary based on changes in fire activity. See a map depicting the current evacuations at In Lemhi County, contact the Sheriff’s Department at 208.756.8980 for questions regarding evacuations.

Closures: An area closure remains in effect on Salmon-Challis National Forest lands. Silver Creek Road is open. The Morgan Creek Road (NFSR 055) is now open to the public for through traffic only in the closure area. Stopping is not permitted. The area closure does cover parts of hunting units 28 and 36B. The Cabin and Ringle Creek Roads and all spurs that connect to those roads remain closed by the Bureau of Land Management’s Salmon Field Office. For safety and travel planning, check the closure maps at

September 1, 2018 Rabbit Foot Fire fire behavior

Sunday September 2, 2018 Rabbit Foot Fire Map (pdf 13,688 kb)

Click to access pict20180802-074013-0.pdf

Rabbit Foot Fire InciWeb link:
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Stewart Creek Fire

Sawtooth National Forest
Cause Lightning/natural
Date of Origin Monday August 20th, 2018 approx. 02:30 PM
Location 18 miles northwest of Fairfield
Current as of 9/2/2018, 8:46:31 AM
Total Personnel 369
Size 2,123 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 37%
Estimated Containment Date Monday October 15th, 2018 approx. 12:00 AM

Daily Update for September 2

YESTERDAY: The western portion of the fire continued to be patrolled looking for areas holding heat. The northern edge utilized aviation resources where necessary, to slow the growth of the fire to the northeast up the Bremner Creek drainage, as afternoon winds picked up. To the east, indirect contingency lines were solidified and strengthened by a dozer where opportunities were available. The southern portion of the fire’s indirect line was strengthened in preparation of strategic firing operations. In addition, a strategic burn plan was agreed upon by the Eastern Area Incident Management Team and the local unit, which provides for the criteria to begin burning out when the conditions are favorable.

TODAY:The western corner of the fire is being placed in patrol status, leaving minimal resources in that area to monitor the containment line. In the north, aviation will continue to be used to slow the growth of the fire while still allowing the fire to advance towards the Soldier Mountains, where it will run into natural barriers, minimizing fire spread. Indirect lines are completed to the east in preparation of burn operations. Additional resources will be moving to the southern portion of the fire to assist and speed up the completion of the indirect line. If weather conditions are favorable, burn operations utilizing ground and aviation resources may begin to the east, ahead of the advancing fire. If firing operations commence, there may be an increase in visible smoke.

TOMORROW (Monday Sept 3): Join fire managers for a ‘Meet and Greet’ at the Caboose in Fairfield off Highway 20 and Soldier Creek Rd, anytime between 4-6 pm to learn about the current situation of the fire.

SUMMARY:The Stewart Creek Fire started on August 20, 2018 resulting from dry lightning, 18 miles Northwest of Fairfield, Idaho on the Sawtooth National Forest, Fairfield Ranger District. Weather conditions, dry fuels and rough terrain aided in fire spread, showing signs of up to ½ mile of spotting potential. Crews strategically stationed at various spike camps have been working tirelessly on this fire to build fireline where accessible to help impede fire spread and guide the fire to the east and north. Available air resources are being used in inaccessible and dangerous areas where firefighters are unable to safely operate due to extremely steep terrain or hazardous standing dead trees, also known as ‘snags.’ The fire is burning in standing timber, heavy down and dead understory with visible single tree and group torching. The Eastern Area Incident Management Team took command of the fire on August 31st.

Public Map for September 2

Snag Danger

Stewart Creek Fire InciWeb link:
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September 2, 2018

A total of 95 large wildfires have burned over 1.9 million acres. Four new large fires were reported: one each in California, Montana, Utah and Washington. Firefighters were able to contain one fire in Arizona and three fires in Alaska.

Weather: The quiet, but slightly breezy westerly flow will continue across the northern tier along the Canadian Border from Washington to the Great Lakes, keeping conditions near seasonal levels. A weak frontal boundary will move east across New England, bringing scattered showers and storms. To the south, a weak disturbance will move east across the Four Corners and will pull monsoonal moisture north into the central Great Plains creating widely scattered showers. South of this area, the Bermuda High will remain the main influence over the weather across the South, as conditions remain hot and humid. In the Southwest, a weak trough will allow for an increase in monsoonal storm activity. Storms across New Mexico will be especially wet.

Idaho Fires: 13 Acres: 146,590 New: 0 Contained: 0
Bible Back Sawtooth National Forest FS 1,612 10 21 miles southeast of Stanley
Caton Payette National Forest FS 400 0 24 miles east of McCall 208-634-0820
Copper Mountain Idaho Panhandle National Forest FS 480 24 4 miles east of Eastport 208-267-5561
Cougar Idaho Panhandle National Forest FS 7,631 70 5 miles east of East Hope 208-265-8058
Kiwah Salmon-Challis National Forest FS 14,603 1 49 miles northwest of Challis 208-756-7853
Rabbit Foot Salmon-Challis National Forest FS 35,369 57 14 miles southwest of Salmon+ 208-879-1243
Rampike Idaho Panhandle National Forest FS 2,810 0 23 miles northeast of Kellogg 208-557-8813
Rattlesnake Creek Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest FS 8,210 90 5 miles southwest of Riggins 208-495-6934
Sharps Eastern Idaho, Dept of Lands ST 64,853 90 6 miles east of Bellevue 208-731-8604
Smith Creek Idaho Panhandle National Forest FS 971 0 19 miles west of Bonners Ferry 208-267-5561
Stewart Creek Sawtooth National Forest FS 1,916 37 18 miles northwest of Fairfield 702-498-8082
Surprise Creek Idaho Panhandle National Forest FS 3,164 78 18 miles east of Athol 208-265-8058
Wapiti Boise National Forest FS 4,571 75 13 miles southwest of Stanley 208-3734105