Fire Update Oct 3, 2018

There are NO fires currently threatening Yellow Pine. This will be the last fire update unless something flares up.

In the last 3 days, Yellow Pine has received over 1/4″ of rain.

Air Quality in Yellow Pine = Great
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Southwest Idaho Fall prescribed burning planned

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Boise, Idaho. Sept. 26, 2018 — Southwest Idaho interagency fire managers anticipate favorable weather conditions for planned low-intensity prescribed burns this fall. Prescribed burns are designed to reduce hazardous vegetation (fuels), minimize wildfire potential near communities and improve wildlife habitat.

Weather and fuel conditions permitting, prescribed burns are scheduled to start in October and continue through November. Approximately 2,600 acres are planned for controlled ignitions in 13 project areas within the Boise National Forest.

Public and firefighter safety is always the first priority in all public land fire operations. Fire managers develop burn plans that consider: safety, specific fuel and weather prescriptions and smoke management. All prescribed burns are closely evaluated and are only approved when conditions are favorable.

Fire officials strongly advise forest visitors and homeowners to prepare and plan activities around the proposed dates and locations of burns. Prescribed burns may impact individual’s that are sensitive to smoke. Recreationists should use extreme caution near prescribed fire areas and comply with closures.

Access to areas immediately within or adjacent to burning operations may be temporarily restricted for public health and safety. Specific information and signage will be posted in advance of ignitions and remain in place until operations are completed. Please be cautious of firefighters and additional equipment within these areas as visibility will be decreased with smoke.

The website is updated with information regarding southwest Idaho burns planned within Idaho Department of Lands, Bureau of Land Management, Payette National Forest and Boise National Forest.

The Boise National Forest prescribed burn hotline: (208)-373-4208.

Idaho City Ranger District

* Alder Ridge (100 acres): located 1 mile north of Placerville, Idaho. This is a landscape burn (ground fire), using hand ignitions to reduce fuel in the wildland urban interface (WUI).
* Amber (300 acres): located 2 miles east of Idaho City, Idaho. This is a modified tree well burn.
* Buckskin (200): located approximately 3 miles east of Idaho City, Idaho.
* Little Ophir (100 acres): located 4 miles west of Pioneerville, Idaho. A landscape burn using hand ignitions that will reduce fuel in the WUI.
* Mores South-Granite Creek (250 acres): located 3 miles east of Idaho City, Idaho. This is a landscape burn (ground fire) using hand ignitions to reduce fuels in the WUI.

Cascade Ranger District

* Horsethief (360 acres): located about 1 mile east/northeast of Horsethief Reservoir. This burn involves helicopter and hand ignitions to reduce fuels throughout the area that is within the WUI.
* Westside Restoration Unit 39 (25 acres): This project is located on National Forest System (NFS) road 435 along West Mountain. It is approximately 10 miles west of Cascade, Idaho. This will be hand ignitions burn to reduce fuels within the WUI.
* Crawford (100 acres): located approximately 4 miles east of Cascade, Idaho adjacent to the Crawford Guard Station, located off of NFS road 22, northeast of Davis reservoir; within WUI area.
* Lower Johnson Thinning (95 acres): Is a project designed to reduce hazardous fuels within the WUI. This project is located approximately 7 miles south of Yellow Pine along NFS road 413 and Johnson Creek.
* Yellow Pine Blowdown (40 acres): is located approximately 62 miles from Cascade, Idaho and is adjacent to the community of Yellow Pine. Hand Ignitions will be used to ignite machine piles along NFS roads 412, 413.
* Rainbow Point (19 acres): This project is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Cascade, Idaho. Machine Piles located within the Rainbow Point campground will be ignited by hand to reduce fuel accumulations throughout the campground.

Mountain Home Ranger District

* Cottonwood II Rx (1000 acres): This project is located about 17 miles NE of Boise, Idaho along NFS roads 203 and 377 in the Cottonwood Creek drainage, north of Arrowrock Reservoir.

Emmett Ranger District

* Miscellaneous Administrative Piles (1-2 acres): At Garden Valley work center.
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Note from Cascade Ranger District:

The Cascade RD is planning to burn both the Lower Johnson Thinning and Yellow Pine Blow Down units this fall, both of these projects will be pile burning only NO Broadcast Burning is planned.

The Lower Johnson Project (thinning & piling) was completed last summer, these handpiles are located along Johnson Creek road, Wapiti Ranch, Cox Ranch, Bryant Ranch/ Johnson Creek Airstrip.

Hand Ignition for Lower Johnson should take about a week to complete, once those piles have been completed, the crews will relocate to Yellow Pine to burn the logging slash piles.

If you have any addition questions please contact Tim Dulhanty (208-382-7400) or myself at 208-382-7400 or send me an email.

– Thanks
James Bishop
Fuels AFMO
Boise National Forest
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Prescribed Burns planned for Fall 2018

Date Sept 19, 2018

The Krassel Ranger District, Payette National Forest is planning to implement prescribed burns in the Bald Hill and Four Mile project areas this fall. In the Bald Hill Project area we will be working in areas of Reegan Creek and Deadman Creek from the East Fork road up to Rainbow Ridge. In the Fourmile Project area we will be working on both sides of the South Fork, between Blackmare and Holdover Creeks on the west side of the river and in the Fourmile Creek drainage on the east side. See attached map for more specific areas. Ignitions will likely take place in September or October, dependent on weather and fuel conditions. Primary ignitions will take 1-3 days for each burn block, with residual smoke and flame present until the next significant rain. Please do not hesitate to give a call or email with questions, my contact information is or desk phone is 208-634-0622.

Thanks and have a nice day,

Laurel Ingram
Fuels Technician
Payette National Forest
Krassel Ranger District

The Payette National Forest, Krassel Ranger District, is planning on implementing a prescribed burn on the south facing aspect between Deadman Creek and Reegan Creek along the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon River this fall. The edge of burn block E is about 5 miles west of Yellow Pine. See map below. Ignitions could occur over a period of 1-3 days in September or October 2018.

(click here for larger image)
For more information please call Justin Pappani at 208-634-0623 or Laurel Ingram at 208-634-0622.

The Payette National Forest, Krassel Ranger District, is planning on implementing the Four Mile Prescribed fire project this fall. Ignitions may take place between Reed Ranch and Poverty Flat Camp Ground on both sides of the South Fork of the Salmon River. See map below. Ignitions could occur over a period of 2 or more days in September or October.

(click here for larger image)
For more information please call Justin Pappani at 208-634-0623 or Laurel Ingram at 208-634-0622
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Caton Fire

No updates. Thermal map shows no new hot spots.

Payette National Forest
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Friday August 24th, 2018 approx. 11:30 AM
Location The fire is located 7 miles southwest of the Village of Yellow Pine near Indian Point and has been moving east into the Caton Creek drainage.

Indian Ridge Trail Closure
For public safety, the Indian Ridge Trail #090 has been close to public use due to hazards associated with Caton Fire. The entire trail is closed from its beginning at the junction of trial #291 Phoebe Meadows Trail, and the junction of trail #091 Caton Creek Trail.

Caton Fire InciWeb link:
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Bum Creek Fire

No updates. Thermal map shows no new hot spots.

Payette National Forest
Date of Origin Friday September 07th, 2018 approx. 08:00 AM
Location The fire is 3 miles southeast of the Pinnacles, near the West Fork of Monumental Creek Lakes.
Cause Lightning

Bum Creek Fire InciWeb link:
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Kiwah Fire

No updates. Thermal map shows no new hot spots.

Meadow Creek Road is Open

Salmon-Challis National Forest
Location eight (8) miles northwest of Indian Creek Guard Station on the south side of the Indian Creek drainage in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Wednesday July 18th, 2018 approx. 05:30 PM

Kiwah Fire InciWeb link:
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Prospect Fire

Thermal Map shows no new hot spots.

Salmon-Challis National Forest
Location one (1) mile northwest of Morgan Airstrip in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness on the Middle Fork Ranger District.
Cause Human
Discovery Date 9/25/2018, 3:45:04 PM
County Valley
Current as of 10/3/2018, 7:44:48 AM
Total Personnel 65
Size 7,024 Acres
Estimated Containment Date Saturday October 20th, 2018 approx. 12:00 AM

A local Type III Incident Management Organization is managing the Prospect Fire located on Middle Fork Ranger District. The fire is burning in timber, brush, and tall grass, in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in steep, inaccessible terrain. The fire is burning in the Prospect Creek and Morehead Creek drainages and has crossed to the east of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River towards Big Soldier Mountain. Fire activity is minimal as the fire area received precipitation. The fire is smoldering and creeping with an occasional single tree torching out.

Fire resources are working to inform forest visitors in the area of the fire. The cause of the fire is undetermined.

Officials on the Salmon-Challis National Forest have implemented an Emergency Road and Recreation Site Closure #04-13-18-610 for the Prospect Fire. The following are closed:

Forest Road 568 (the Boundary Creek Road) is closed at the Camp Tender Trailhead, which is approximately 3 miles north of the Junction of Forest Roads 579 and 568 at Bruce Meadows. Dagger Falls Campground, Boundary Creek Campground, and Boundary Creek Boat Launch are closed. These closures are necessary to provide protection to forest visitors from the current fire safety hazards associated with the Prospect Fire.

Firefighters are implementing a point protection strategy. A point protection strategy is a wildfire response strategy, which protects specific assets or highly valued resources from the wildfire without directly halting the continued spread of the wildfire. The strategy takes in to account exposure to firefighters, values at risk, impacts to area user groups, and in the case of the Prospect Fire, wilderness values. The selected point protection strategy was determined to best balance for protection of values and firefighter safety. Values at risk in which work is in progress or completed is the administrative sites at Boundary Creek and the Morgan Ranch and Sulphur Creek Ranch properties. One outbuilding is confirmed lost.

Prospect Fire September 29

Prospect Fire Infared Map September 30

Prospect Fire InciWeb link:
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Piney Fire

Twin Falls District BLM Fire Update
Facebook: Idaho Fire Info
Twitter: @BLMIdahoFire
Piney Fire
* Location: six miles northeast of Fairfield
* Size: estimated 200 acres
* Contain: unknown
* Control: unknown
* Resources: Fairfield Rural Fire Department, two dozers, 4 BLM engines, one Sawtooth National Forest engine,
* Fuel type: grass, brush, timber
* Fire behavior: smoldering and running
* Structures threatened: structures in the area are not immediately threatened
* Cause: under investigation

For More Information-
Kelsey Brizendine, Fire Information and Prevention Officer,