Boise NF Local Fall Rx Burn Oct 29

Boise NF Local Fall Rx Burns

Update 10-25-2018

Looks like we will be down there Monday the 29th for burning, the Yellow Pine Blowdown(golf course) and the helispot and some of the thinning piles near Johnson Creek airstrip and Cox Ranch. We hope to burn everyday next week until we finish the thinning piles along Johnson Creek.

Tim Dulhanty
Fuels Technician, Boise National Forest, Cascade Ranger District

* Lower Johnson Thinning (95 acres): Is a project designed to reduce hazardous fuels within the WUI. This project is located approximately 7 miles south of Yellow Pine along NFS road 413 and Johnson Creek.

* Yellow Pine Blowdown (40 acres): is located approximately 62 miles from Cascade, Idaho and is adjacent to the community of Yellow Pine. Hand Ignitions will be used to ignite machine piles along NFS roads 412, 413.

The Cascade RD is planning to burn both the Lower Johnson Thinning and Yellow Pine Blow Down units this fall, both of these projects will be pile burning only NO Broadcast Burning is planned.

The Lower Johnson Project (thinning & piling) was completed last summer, these handpiles are located along Johnson Creek road, Wapiti Ranch, Cox Ranch, Bryant Ranch/ Johnson Creek Airstrip.

Hand Ignition for Lower Johnson should take about a week to complete, once those piles have been completed, the crews will relocate to Yellow Pine to burn the logging slash piles.

If you have any addition questions please contact Tim Dulhanty (208-382-7400) or myself at 208-382-7400 or send me an email.

James Bishop
Fuels AFMO, Boise National Forest