Road Reports Nov 7

Main roads to Yellow Pine are open, there may be snow on top of Lick Creek and Landmark Nov 7th. Please share road reports. Conditions change quickly this time of year.

Yellow Pine: A little snow snow on the ground in Yellow Pine from recent storms, not much on the streets. Watch for pot holes on the back Stibnite Road between the cross roads and the post office.
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Yellow Pine Webcam:

Johnson Creek Stream Gauge:

Warm Lake Highway: No report today, mail truck broke down.
SNOTEL Big Creek Summit 6580′

South Fork Road: No report today.
Tea Pot Weather Station 5175′
South Fork Stream Gauge:

EFSF Road: Report (Oct 30) starting to get some pot holes.

Johnson Creek Road: No report today, mail truck broke down. Nate from MTE made it in. Heard there is snow up on Landmark.
The elevation at Landmark is 6,630 feet
Johnson Creek Airstrip Webcam:

Golden Gate Road: FB report Saturday (Oct 6, 2018) that a 4-wheeler made it to the top. “Road was in nice condition.” – MA

Lick Creek: Report Sunday (Nov 4) “I didn’t start getting into snow until ‘the big rocks’. There were 6-8 inches at different locations going over the top. No problems at all.” – B (Note: has snowed in YP since this report.)
Note: The elevation at Lick Creek Summit is 6,877 feet

Profile Creek Road: Snowing Oct 31. Report (Oct 24) the road might be closed by snow either now or very soon. Road was graded 3rd week of September. [Note: Snowing Nov 7th.]
Note: The elevation at Profile summit is 7607 feet.
Big Creek Webcam:

Yellow Pine to Stibnite: Report (Oct 27) the road is very good.
Stibnite Weather Station 6594′

Quartz Creek: (July 2, 2018) “Quartz Creek has a big wash out just before a switch back towards the top. Right now only motorcycles can get by but with work some atvs can make it. A shovel and a saw may be needed to widen the trail.” – DB
link to FB photo:

Stibnite to Thunder Mountain: Report (Oct 27) The road to Monumental summit was excellent, no snow until the top and just off to the sides. [Note: Snowing Nov 7th.]
Note: The elevation at Monumental Summit is 8590 feet.

Big Creek to Elk Summit to Warrens Road: [Note: road may be closed, snowing Oct 31.] Report (Oct 13) “Lots of drifting snow, downed trees, and less than travel-friendly conditions.” – SA [Note: Snowing Nov 7th.]
Note: The elevation at Elk Summit is nearly 9000 feet.

Deadwood Summit: No current report. Might be some snow up yonder.
Note: The approx elevation at Deadwood Summit is 6,883 feet.
SNOTEL Deadwood Summit 6860′