Bird of the week: Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker
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Northern Flicker
Colaptes auratus
Size and Shape: Flickers are fairly large woodpeckers with a slim, rounded head, slightly downcurved bill, and long, flared tail that tapers to a point.
Both Sexes
Length: 11.0-12.2 in (28-31 cm)
Weight: 3.9-5.6 oz (110-160 g)
Wingspan: 16.5-20.1 in (42-51 cm)
Color Pattern: Flickers appear brownish overall with a white rump patch that’s conspicuous in flight and often visible when perched. The undersides of the wing and tail feathers are bright … red, in western birds. With a closer look you’ll see the brown plumage is richly patterned with black spots, bars, and crescents.
Note: The males have a red “mustache”.
Learn more about this bird: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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