Road Reports May 12, 2019

The only way to get to Yellow Pine right now is via the South Fork route. Travel at your own risk and remember there is no cell phone service. Trees and/or rocks may be down in the road. Higher elevation roads are closed. Conditions change VERY quickly this time of year. Please share road reports.

Yellow Pine: Local streets are drying out and getting dusty. Please respect residents and slow down!
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Yellow Pine Webcam: (check date on image)

Warm Lake Highway: Clear
SNOTEL Big Creek Summit 6580′

Highway 55 Webcams Link:
Work to repave Idaho Highway 55 from milepost 91 to milepost 97 near Smiths Ferry will begin Thursday, May 9th and continue until the end of June, according to Idaho Transportation Department officials.
During the work, traffic will be reduced to a single lane, controlled by flaggers and a pilot car. Motorists should plan for delays of up to thirty minutes. Work will not be done after 12 noon Fridays through the weekends.

South Fork Road: May 11 report: Clear road, no rocks or trees to move.
Note: The maintenance by Valley County has ended for the season and turned back to the USFS.
Tea Pot Weather Station 5175′
South Fork Stream Gauge:

EFSF Road: May 11 report: Road is clear, no rocks or trees, getting a little rough.

Lower Johnson Creek Road: Road is bare between Yellow Pine and Wapiti Meadow Ranch. (Anyone have a current update on where the snow line is?)
Johnson Creek Airstrip Webcam:
Johnson Creek Stream Gauge:

Upper Johnson Creek Road: Closed to wheeled vehicles.
The elevation at Landmark is 6,630 feet

Lick Creek: Closed to wheeled vehicles.
Note: The elevation at Lick Creek Summit is 6,877 feet

Profile Creek Road: Closed to wheeled vehicles.
Report from last weekend received on May 6th from Chris and Lois:
Overall the “road” from YP to BC is best we have ever seen it for this time of year in part because Brian Kennedy did a great job of cutting a path through the many down trees along the Profile-BC portion earlier last week. The first persons through in a full sized vehicle this summer will need a sharp chainsaw with extra gas.
A brief summary of conditions as of 5/5/19 follows:
YP to Mouth of Profile Creek. Road is bare & easily traveled in passenger car – thank you Midas Gold.
First 2 miles up Profile Creek Road has snow in shady spots & high clearance 4×4 vehicle necessary.
Beyond the 2 mile point the following are WAGs of the snow depths along the Profile/BC Road
Rock Pit – 3 feet
Missouri Ridge TH – 3+ feet
Red Metal Mine Rd – 6 feet
Profile Gap – 7+ feet
BC Culvert/Cleveland – 6 feet
Belevdere Creek – 1/2 foot
From Jacob Ladder Flat to the Airstrip the road is snow free, but soft & muddy in spots. Passage through downed trees is to narrow in some locations for a full sized vehicle.
Above 8000 feet the snow is deep and setup hard. Fun boondocking on tracked ATVs, but not very challenging on a snowmobile unless you are in to jumping off cornices.
For those of you more interested in visual images rather than statistics you may wish to go to this link:
Note: The elevation at Profile summit is 7607 feet.

Big Creek Webcam: (check date on image)

Yellow Pine to Stibnite: Road is still closed.
Last Update From Midas May 5, 2019
OK Gravel made excellent progress this week roughing in repairs at two locations on either side of the slide and installing rip-rap. They also pushed up a berm below the main slide to prevent the river from flowing back onto the road as spring melt conditions continue to progress.

…While progress is being made, it is likely that the road will remain undriveable and closed through the spring. Everyone’s top priority is to stabilize the area, then re-establish safe passage along Stibnite Road in an environmentally responsible manner.
more info and photos:
Stibnite Weather Station 6594′

Stibnite to Thunder Mountain: Closed to wheeled vehicles.
Note: The elevation at Monumental Summit is 8590 feet.

Big Creek to Elk Summit to Warrens Road: Closed to wheeled vehicles.
Note: The elevation at Elk Summit is nearly 9000 feet.

Deadwood Summit: Closed to wheeled vehicles.
Note: The approx elevation at Deadwood Summit is 6,883 feet.
SNOTEL Deadwood Summit 6860′