Road Reports July 17, 2019

Back country road conditions can change quickly, be prepared for rocks and trees in the road, remember there is no cell phone service. Please share road reports.

Yellow Pine: Many residential streets that did not get dust abatement are getting torn up and VERY dusty. Please respect residents and slow down! Click for Local Forecast.
Yellow Pine Webcam: (check date on image)

Warm Lake Highway: Clear
SNOTEL Big Creek Summit 6580′

Highway 55 Webcams Link:

South Fork Road: Note: South Fork road repairs and heavy equipment causing some delays. Due to have day time closures soon during the week and open on weekends in July. Hope to have more info soon.
Tea Pot Weather Station 5175′
South Fork Stream Gauge:

EFSF Road: Friday (July 12) report the road is excellent, only a few wash boards.

Johnson Creek Road: Report Monday (July 15) Watch for heavy truck traffic, OK Gravel will be hauling in parts for a crusher in Yellow Pine via Johnson Creek road Monday July 15th thru Friday July 19th.
Report Wednesday (July 17) mail truck driver (Robert) says the wash boards on the upper end are getting worse, V. Co. grader did Halfway Hill recently, and from above Wapiti Meadow Ranch to YP is still good.
On Wednesday (July 24) Dust abatement will be applied to Johnson Creek road from Wapiti Meadow Ranch to Yellow Pine.
Johnson Creek Airstrip Webcam:
Johnson Creek Stream Gauge:
The elevation at Landmark is 6,630 feet

Lick Creek: Reported open Sunday (June 23)
Report Tuesday (July 2 early morning) “The road wasn’t bad. Some wash outs and ruts but just bumpy.” AP
Note: The elevation at Lick Creek Summit is 6,877 feet

Profile Creek Road: Reported open June 23rd. No current report.
Note: The elevation at Profile summit is 7607 feet.

Big Creek Webcam: (check date on image)

Yellow Pine to Stibnite: Open Weekends only
Update from Midas July 10: construction will continue at least through the end of next week so the Monday through Thursday closure would still be in place.
Stibnite Weather Station 6594′

Stibnite to Thunder Mountain: Reported open June 30. Plan weekend travel due to Stibnite road repairs.
Note: The elevation at Monumental Summit is 8590 feet.

Big Creek to Elk Summit to Warrens Road: ATVs made it over the top last weekend, still not advisable for passenger vehicles quite yet. (May be open by now?)
July 13, 2019 (photo by SA)

Note: The elevation at Elk Summit is nearly 9000 feet.

Secesh: Report June 3: The road from McCall to Secesh is open. Construction on Warren Wagon Road during the week.

Stanley to Landmark: Report July 4: “Road is graded and dust sealed from Hwy 21 to Bruce Meadows, modest washboard across Bear Valley.” -DP

Deadwood Summit: Reported Open June 16th
Update from BNF June 26th: Access to Deadwood Campgrounds is open along FS 579 road from State Highway 21. Access to Deadwood Campgrounds from FS 582 (Clear Creek Rd) to FS 579 is open. Cascade to Landmark access to Deadwood Campgrounds via FS 579 road is open. FS 555 road to Deadwood Campgrounds is too rough to travel and not a recommended route.
Note: The approx elevation at Deadwood Summit is 6,883 feet.
SNOTEL Deadwood Summit 6860′