Fire Updates Sept 8, 2019

Sept 4 PNF Rx burn meeting YP Community Hall

Brian Anderson, Acting Payette Forest, Krassel District Ranger; Laurel Ingram, Fuels Tech; and Patrick Schon, Fuel Specialist, represented the Payette National Forest at a public meeting in Yellow Pine September 4th. to explain, and answer questions regarding the planned prescribed burns that may affect the Yellow Pine area. They provided maps with the areas to be affected to each person attending and left large maps in the Community Hall. The five areas off the South Fork Salmon River will be the first portions of the project followed by the Yellow Pine area. This is an on-going project over the course of several years, with each area expected to take two to four days. Fires will be commenced by helicopter and ground crews as has been done in the past.

Prescribed burns are planned to remove excessive build up of dry debris in order to minimize the intensity of any future fires. As in past prescribed burns the roads near the areas will have caution signs, and the fires will be monitored. Shown on the map are five drainages West of the South Fork Road and four locations off of the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon River Road that will be burned, weather permitting. At the time of the meeting the specialists were monitoring the weather for storms and cooler temperatures that would provide adequate rain or increased humidity, which are needed before the operation can begin. If the weather conditions permit, the first fires will be started about mid-September; the project will be delayed until Spring if the weather conditions are not safe.

In response to a questions the specialists replied;

1. Two to three days advance notice would be given, and if possible they will provide up to one week of advance notice, so people who may have compromised breathing conditions can plan to leave the area or stay indoors if the air quality is questionable. Hunters should be aware that their areas may be affected. If area residents call Laurel Ingram (208-634-0622) they can sign up for a personal alert for advance warning.

2. Laurel Ingram explained the policy of not keeping manpower on the scene all night. The weather prediction, with attention to the humidity, are analyzed the crew leaves the location for the night.

Local residents emphasized concern that the Boulder Creek area should be safe-guarded because that drainage is the water source for the community of Yellow Pine. The locations that may directly affect Yellow Pine are located from the Deadman Creek down stream to the South Fork of the Salmon River. This area is adjacent to the road so drivers must be cautious. The smoke may be pushed upstream to the Village of Yellow Pine. The area closer to Yellow Pine is north of the village on the east side of the Quartz Creek drainage and the area commonly known as Bald Hill. The smoke from this area could affect Yellow Pine. Fires will be close to the road along the East Fork Road (toward Stibnite) to Profile Creek and Profile Creek Road (toward Big Creek) from the junction to Camp Creek area.

Questions and concerns: call Laurel Ingram, Fuels Tech (208) 634-0622 or Patrick Schon, Fuel Specialist (208) 634-0623


link to: Bald Hill Fall 2019 Notifications.pdf

link to: FourMile_Notification Fall 2019.pdf

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Grass fire sparks near Warm Lake Lodge

Crews have the fire under control and are performing mop-up now, the fire chief said.

KTVB September 6, 2019

Cascade, Idaho — Crews battled a grass fire after it sparked in the area of the Warm Lake Lodge in Cascade.

According to Cascade Rural Fire Department Fire Chief Steve Hull, the fire broke out late Thursday night. It was burning near cabins and the lodge, which sits next to Warm Lake north of Cascade.

Hull estimated the fire was less than an acre in size last night. As of Friday morning, none of the buildings had been damaged, he said.

Crews have the fire under control and are performing mop-up now, the fire chief said.

The Valley County Sheriff’s Office says no official evacuations are in place.

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link to photos posted by Pamela Rae (Cascade FB group)
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Fires ignited within Boise National Forest

Boise, Idaho, September 6, 2019 — Fire crews are responding to several new wildfires reported across the Boise National Forest since the storm passed through southern Idaho last evening.

The fire reported at North Shore Lodge and Warm Lake Lodge within the Cascade Ranger District is approximately 1 acre in size and resources have been on scene since the ignition last night. There are no evacuations of North Shore Lodge or the Warm Lake Lodge or any of the campgrounds in the area. Containment is anticipated at noon today and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Two additional fires, caused by lightning, reported near Tripod Lookout, are currently small, less than 1 acre in size and are being staffed.

Lastly, the 2-3 acre Eddy Fire is south of Garden Mountain and within the Emmett Ranger District. Firefighters are on temporary hold from suppression efforts due to severe weather in the area.

Aerial detection flights will be flown as soon as weather permits in search for new holdover fires. Fires will be staffed and containment is anticipated within the next few shifts.

Lingering monsoonal moisture is predicted across southern Idaho this morning. Instability will remain over the eastern portions of the Boise and Payette National Forests bringing another possible round of thunderstorms to the area today. Today’s air mass is moist and cooler temperatures are predicted with a chance of wetting rains Sunday.

There are no structures threatened at this time and there are not fire restrictions currently in effect.

photos from Warm Lake:

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Nethker Fire

Payette National Forest
Location 30 miles northeast of McCall, ID
Total Personnel 21
Size 2,360 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 100%


Nethker Fire 100% Contained

McCall, ID, September 4, 2019- The Nethker Fire achieved 100% containment on September 3, 2019 – this will be the last update for this fire unless a future update is warranted. A local Type 5 incident organization is managing the fire now, and fire personnel remain on site to monitor and patrol the fire area.

Even as the fire has been declared 100% contained, the August 30 Area Closure remains in effect for public safety. Fire wood cutting is not allowed in the closed area. The closed area is defined as all areas of the Nethker fire that have burned.

Burgdorf/French Creek Road, Warren Wagon Road, Crystal Mountain Road, Burgdorf Creek Road and Ruby Meadows Road (to the trailhead) are open for public travel. The 251 Road/OHV trail #174 remain closed as they are fully within the burned area.

Ruby Meadows road is open, but the first part of the road is surrounded by burned trees and vegetation – stay out of the burned area and drive past the burned area before getting out of your vehicle.

Jeanette Campground and Burgdorf Campground are open for public use; however, the fire area is closed – do not enter the burned area and no camping is allowed within the burned area. The burn area remains closed due to the potential for falling snags as this creates danger – no fuel wood cutting within the burned area.

Drive cautiously through the burned area as the potential for falling snags is a hazard.
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Smith Knob

Payette National Forest
Location Approximately 7 miles northeast of Warren and 3 miles north the Hettinger/South Fork Ranch on the McCall Ranger District.
Total Personnel 33
Size 874 Acres
Estimated Containment Date Tuesday October 01st, 2019 approx. 12:00 AM


The fire continues to back and flank as it spreads in Raines, Box, and Smith Creek drainages.

Smoldering, creeping, and short surface fire runs have occurred where fuels, wind, and topography aligned.

The fire will continue to be actively monitored and point protection measures are in place.

Resources assigned include a Interagency Hotshot Crew, 1 Type 3 helicopter, and misc fire managers.


Smith Knob Fire, August 31, 2019

Smith Knob Fire update Sept 4th

The fire is now 769 acres. An infrared flight was conducted last night. There was minimal fire behavior yesterday with smoldering and creeping, and short surface fire runs occurred where fuels, wind, and topography aligned.

The fire will continue to be actively monitored today and point protection measure are in place. Resources assigned include Bonneville IHC, 1 Type 3 helicopter, and 5 single resource personnel.

An Area Closure remains in effect for this fire. For more information, visit this page on Inciweb:
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Shady Fire

Salmon-Challis National Forest
Two (2) miles east of Seafoam Guard Station in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness on the Middle Fork Ranger District.
Total Personnel 15
Size 6,286 Acres
Estimated Containment Date Thursday October 31st, 2019 approx. 05:00 PM


Shady Fire Update 9/6/19

Fire activity on the north and west side of the fire is moderate, which includes Vanity, Silver, and Fontez Creeks. On the east side of the fire in Bernard and Pinyon Creeks, the fire continues to smolder and creep. A Type I helicopter will be used if necessary to drop water on the fire. The purpose of the water drops is to moderate fire behavior and to slow the fire’s forward progression towards values in the area. The fire has the potential to affect Vanity Summit and user access to the Seafoam area including Forest Road #008. Please check Inciweb and Salmon-Challis National Forest Facebook and Twitter feeds as updated information and new closures will be posted to those sites. The east side of the fire has burned to Forest Road #172. This road remains open, please be ready for rapidly changing conditions if traveling in this area and ensure proper travel preparations are made. Smoke has the potential to filter into the Challis area and the Pahsimeroi and Lemhi Valleys. Today, crews will continue to assess the areas with increased fire activity and will be informing visitors in the Seafoam area about potential impacts from the Shady Fire. The Forest will provide fire updates and information as significant changes occur.

Information on real-time air quality in the state of Idaho can be found at Fire managers are urging the public to use caution when traveling in the vicinity of the Shady Fire as firefighters are in the area. In addition, they are urging the public to be aware of the many blind corners on the roads and please slow down.

Due to heavy fuel loading, active fire behavior, and the presence of numerous snags, firefighters have been unable to directly engage the fire. The Shady Fire is being managed with a point protection strategy (a wildfire response strategy, which protects specific assets or highly valued resources from the wildfire without directly halting the continued spread of the wildfire) to minimize exposure to fire personnel while protecting identified values. The strategy takes in to account exposure to firefighters, values at risk, impacts to area user groups, and wilderness values. Firefighters are monitoring fire progression towards values, with the priority of fire mangers being to provide for firefighter and public safety while defending the identified values at risk. Specific values potentially threatened with this fire include mining and Forest Service infrastructure.


Shady Fire Progression Map September 2

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Cove Creek Fire

Salmon-Challis National Forest
Location 23 miles SW of North Fork, north of the Salmon River between Owl and Cove Creeks.
Total Personnel 8
Size 5,332 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 85%
Estimated Containment Date Monday September 30th, 2019 approx. 12:00 AM


Widespread showers and isolated afternoon thunderstorms are expected today, with the potential for 0.25 to 0.75 inches of wetting rain and isolated higher amounts. Much cooler temperatures and more moist conditions are expected all week, with additional showers and thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday.


Cove Creek Fire Map August 27

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Idaho Fire Info
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Idaho Fires: 9 Acres: 14,544 New: 2 Contained: 0
Barren Hill Nez-Perce-Clearwater National Forest FS 1,092 0 50 miles east of Kamiah 208-820-1799
* Boone Caribou-Targhee National Forest FS 117 0 25 miles north of Driggs 208-557-5765
Cove Creek Salmon-Challis National Forest FS 5,332 85 27 miles northwest of Salmon 208-756-7853
Crab Nez-Perce-Clearwater National Forest FS 214 40 22 miles west of Stevensville 208-820-1799
* Elbow Bend Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest FS 129 0 28 miles west of Hamilton
Shady Salmon-Challis National Forest FS 6,286 0 21 miles north of Stanley 208-756-7853
Shale Creek Nez-Perce-Clearwater National Forest FS 400 0 32 miles southwest of Superior 208-494-4581
Smith Knob Payette National Forest FS 874 0 35 miles northeast of McCall 208-634-0820
Snow Peak Idaho Panhandle National Forest FS 100 0 19 miles east of Athol 208-557-8813

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Paint allowed INL to power through their largest fire ever

By Jilliana Colina Sep 04, 2019 Local News 8

Idaho Falls, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – The Idaho National Laboratory site has a history of large wind-driven fires.

INL is always trying to find new methods to protect their infrastructure and one of their key tactics includes paint on a power pole

“Wildland fires are almost inevitable here, so we chose that minimize any power loss any damage to our infrastructure,” said INL Power Management manager, Kenneth Barnes.

In 2012 INL applied five feet of fire retardant paint on almost 3,000 of their power poles. That project proved its worth during the Sheep Fire this past July. The paint protected the power poles from the largest fire INL has ever experienced.

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Car fire ignites forest on Malad Summit

Car fire blamed for starting summit fire

Sep 04, 2019 Local News 8

Malad, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – Update 9:10 a.m. The Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire Center reports the Malad Summit fire is estimated at 133 acres and was 45% contained Wednesday morning.

Firefighters are working to secure containment lines. The fire is continuing to smolder around juniper trees. Full containment is forecast for 10 p.m. Wednesday.

There are 5 engines, one dozer, one water tender, one hand crew and a helicopter assigned to the fire. Another hand crew will arrive later today.