March 29, 2020 The Yellow Pine Times

March 29, 2020 The Yellow Pine Times – Valley County, Idaho

Community Calendar:

Yellow Pine Tavern closed until further notice
March 22 – Boil Water Order
March 23 – South Fork Road Weight Restrictions
(details below)

Valley County Covid-19 Response Page

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Idaho Gov’s Stay at Home Order


Local Events:

Nothing scheduled for now.

Village News:

Boil Water Order is still in effect

Boil Order Advisory Notice for immediate distribution. This notice should be sent to all customers as well as posted in public places such as the Tavern and the Post Office etc.

Boil Water Advisory Notice Starting on 3-22-2020

Boil Your Water Before Using

Bring tap water to a rolling boil, boil for one minute, and cool before using or use bottled water. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, and preparing food until further notice.

This Boil Water Advisory Notice applies to The Yellow Pine Water System

After the turbidity of the treated water has fallen below then required limit, the boil advisory can be lifted. I anticipate that it will take just a few days to meet both criteria.
Warren Drake

Update March 28th:

The boil order will remain in effect until treatment requirements are met.
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Yellow Pine Tavern closed due to COVID-19 fears

Tavern will be closed til further notice. Will have gas available as well as take out beer, pop, candy, chips, pizza. Call 208 739-7086 or go to 355 Yellow Pine Ave. House across street from the Tavern next to the Silver Dollar.
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South Fork Road Restrictions

The load restrictions on the South Fork Salmon River Road started on Monday 3/23. They will stay in effect until the subgrade has dried out and the roadway can support standard loading.
— — — —

Snowmobile Grooming

Valley County has discontinued grooming for the season. The PNF has closed a number of snowmobile parking lots (see below under Public Lands.)
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March Snow

So far in March we have had a total of 12″ of snow fall, 2″ fell this last week (and melted.) As of Sunday morning there was an average of 18″ of snow in the open on the flat. Tree wells, rocky south facing slopes and ground near buildings are opening up wider each day. Local streets are a mix of afternoon slush or bare ground.
— — — —

Rock Migration Season

Watch for rocks on the EFSF road in the bowling alley area and some areas of the South Fork, the freeze thaw cycle is bringing down rocks large and small.
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Yellow Pine US Mail

The 3-day a week mail delivery started Nov 1st. The Post Office in Yellow Pine is open six days a week year around: M-F 845am-245pm Saturday 9am-245pm. Forever Stamp: 55 cents. Support our local post office and purchase your holiday stamps here.
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Yellow Pine Transfer Station

Dump Report March 17th: The bins are less than half full. The road to the dump is breaking up, slush and ruts.

Lakeshore last emptied the bins Feb 13. The transfer station was last plowed on Feb 28.

Please do not abuse our Transfer Station or we may lose it. Household trash must be placed in the bins, flattened cardboard boxes can also go into the bins. Do not stack trash in front of the doors. Woody yard debris only for the burn pile. No furniture, appliances, tires or construction debris allowed, those items must be hauled out to the Donnelly station by you.

Yellow Pine Transfer Station (aka, the dump)

The Yellow Pine Transfer Station is located approximately 3 miles south on Johnson Creek Road.

The TRANSFER STATION is for household trash and yard waste:
* Household trash must be put inside (and fit) the dumpster;
* Yard waste (limbs, pine needles, brush, et.) goes in the burn pile on the south end of the turn-around;
* Cardboard boxes should be flattened before putting the in the dumpster,

The DUMPSTERS are NOT for:
* Furniture (take to Donnelly Transfer Station);
* Appliances (take to Donnelly Transfer Station).

The BURN PILE is NOT for:
* Cardboard boxes (flatten and put in dumpster);
* Furniture and appliances (take to Donnelly Transfer Station);
* Drywall and building material (take to Donnelly Transfer Station);
* Wire or fencing (take to Donnelly Transfer Station);
* Foam Rubber (take to Donnelly Transfer Station);
* Wood with metal (like nails) attached (take to Donnelly Transfer Station.)

When closing the DOORS on the front of the dumpsters:
* Make sure the “U” brackets at the top and bottom of the door are engaged;
* The retaining bar at the middle of the door is slid into the pipe;
* And the “L” bars at the bottom of the doors dropped into place.

The Yellow Pine Transfer Station is Valley County responsibility. If it is not kept tidy, use of the Transfer Station may be revoked. That would result in residents having to take all household trash and yard waste to the Donnelly Transfer Station.

If Dumpsters Are Full, Contact Lake Shore Disposal at: 208/634-7176

Local Groups:


Second half of the water bill is due June 15, 2020.

The last Yellow Pine Water Users Shareholders meeting was Sunday July 7, 2019.
link: 20190707YPWUAminutes
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VYPA News:

Proposed VYPA Bylaws Changes

Attached is the compiled proposed changes to the bylaws the Council has received.

The proposed changes and the proposed addendum B, are being published to give folks plenty of time to read and process the information before the first reading.

link: 2020 Proposed changes to Yellow Pine Bylaws Adopted 9-12-2015.pdf

link: 2020 Addendum B-letter of interest.pdf

link: 2018 Midas Gold Community Partnership Agreement with the Village of Yellow Pine

Deb Filler – Chairperson
Village of Yellow Pine Association

The community hall committee’s goal is to have adequate heating installed in the main hall before the June VYPA meeting.

If folks have items for the community yard sale, please place them by the north wall in the community hall. If you see items you would like to purchase, you can pay Deb, Ronda, or Lynn. All funds support the community hall.

VYPA meetings for 2020 – June 13, 2pm; July 11, 2pm; August 8, 2pm; September 12, 2pm.

Village of Yellow Pine Association Meeting Minutes for September 21, 2019
link: 20190921 Village of Yellow Pine Association Meeting
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YPFD News:

YP Fire Commissioners:
Sue Holloway – District 1
Dan Stiff – District 2
Merrill Saleen – District 3
Fire Chief – Jeff Forster

Yellow Pine Fire Protection District Community Service Notice

The purpose of this letter is to show how you as a Yellow Pine Resident can help protect your structure against a wildland fire by being “Fire Wise.”

Click the link: to view 20190724 Yellow Pine Fire Protection mitigation

We will do another class this spring/summer [2020] depending on interest. Training will resume in the spring. -Fire Chief Jeff

Biz Listings:

The Corner (208) 633-3325

Closed for the winter.
— — — —

Yellow Pine Tavern (208) 633-2233

Closed until further notice.
— — — —

Yellow Pine Lodge (208) 633-3377

Closed for Winter.
— — — —

Knotty Kat Crochet Works – 208-502-0940
FB page link
open Tue – Sat, 9-5
Yellow Pine eggs $3/doz
— — — —

Buck Horn Outfitters LLC 208-633-3614
Tom & Sarah Lanham
156 Yellow Pine Ave, Yellow Pine Id 83677
Starting June 2020 We will be doing trail rides out of Yellow Pine along with summer pack / camping trips to high mountain lakes in the area!

Wapiti Meadow Ranch – Johnson Creek (208) 633-3217
or 208-315-3554 – cabin rentals

Deadwood Outfitters
— — — —

Local Fuel Suppliers

Amerigas Phone: (208) 634-8181
Ed Staub & Sons Phone: (208) 634-3833
Diamond Fuel & Feed Phone: (208) 382-4430
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Outside Biz that will service Yellow Pine:

The Star-News

A reminder that those who live in other states can subscribe to the online edition only since the mail can take days for hard copy to reach them.

Rocky Mountain Mechanical – Plumbing – Heating – Air conditioning
(208) 365-PIPE (7473), Emmett, will service Yellow Pine

Elkhorn Heating & Cooling
(208) 906-4067 Middleton, Idaho, will service Yellow Pine

B&T Safety Solutions LLC
208-271-1600 Based out of Donnelly
Snow removal, cleaning chimneys and stoves, we do cabin staining/chinking as well
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Local Observations:

Monday (Mar 23) overnight low of 25 degrees, mostly cloudy and breezy this morning, measured an average of 19″ snow on the ground. Fox visited during the night. A few nuthatches, jays, a couple of chickadees and several juncos visiting. Started sprinkling before lunch time. Rain changed to snow early afternoon, socked in low. Cloudy late afternoon, high of 44 degrees. Lots of birds calling: jays, chickadees, juncos and a raven, also a woodpecker drumming. A report of a pileated woodpecker in the neighborhood. Partly clear early evening. Overcast and the top of VanMeter fogged in at dusk. Cloudy before midnight. Trace of snow fell before 6am.

Tuesday (Mar 24) overnight low of 28 degrees, overcast and breezy this morning, trace of new snow melting and measured an average of 18″ of snow on the ground. Birds calling, jays squawking, juncos twittering and nuthatches beeping. Snowed for a couple hours after lunch time. Hairy woodpecker and chickadees visiting early afternoon, high of 40 degrees. Overcast, breezy and flaking snow late afternoon for a while. Broken cloud cover and just above freezing at dusk. Solid trace of snow before midnight and snowing lightly. More snow early morning blown in under the porch.

Wednesday (Mar 25) overnight low of 27 degrees, low overcast sitting down on the peaks and flaking snow at observation time, measured 1″ new snow and an average of 19″ snow on the ground. Fresh fox tracks, jays, juncos, chickadees and nuthatches visiting. Snowing pretty good before 1130am, socked in down to valley floor, about 1/2″ new snow then melting at noon. Mail truck made it in a little early even though he was caught in the blizzard. Breaks in the clouds and a few flakes on and off after lunch time, high of 40 degrees. Cooler and snow flurries on and off in the afternoon. Windy and blowing snow late afternoon, dropped below freezing before 5pm. Another front blew thru late evening with clouds down to valley floor and more snow. Higher clouds at dusk, measured 1″ new snow. Cloudy before midnight. A little more snow fell during the night, then clearing and cold.

Thursday (Mar 26) overnight low of 12 degrees, partly cloudy and chilly light breezes this morning, measured 1″ of snow remaining on the board and 19″ snow on the ground. Airplane flew over a few times. Pine squirrel, jays, juncos, nuthatches and chickadees visiting. Warm sunshine before noon, melting and dripping. Thicker clouds after lunch time, high of 41 degrees. A pair of hungry clark’s nutcracker stopped by. Partly sunny late afternoon, and partly cloudy early evening. At dusk it had dropped to freezing and was mostly cloudy. Stars out before midnight.

Friday (Mar 27) overnight low of 20 degrees, mostly cloudy sky and chilly light breezes this morning, no new snow and an average of 18″ snow on the ground. Silly pine squirrel, jays, juncos, nuthatches and a chickadee visiting, raven was calling to the east. Thicker darker clouds at lunch time. Clark’s nutcracker visiting. Dark gray overcast and chilly breezes late afternoon, high of 42 degrees. Dark thick overcast and cold light breezes at dusk. Cloudy and light breezes before midnight.

Saturday (Mar 28) 24 hour low of 28 degrees (from Friday morning), gray overcast and light breeze this morning, no new snow and an average of 18″ snow on the ground. Local pine squirrel, jays, juncos and nuthatches visiting. Cloudy at lunch time. Breaks in the clouds early afternoon, high of 47 degrees. Mostly cloudy and very light breezes late afternoon, jays and juncos visiting. Mostly cloudy and quiet at dusk. A few stars out before midnight. Started snowing at 1020am.

Sunday (Mar 29) overnight low of 26 degrees, lowering overcast and snowing big flakes this morning but melting, estimate an average of 18″ snow on the ground. Raven calling, jays, juncos and nuthatches visiting. Stopped snowing by lunch time. Cloudy and gusty breezes early afternoon, high of 46 degrees. Mostly cloudy and lighter breezes late afternoon. Quiet day. Dark clouds and a bit breezy at dusk.


Mayor Chappy

April 19, 1945 – March 23, 2020


Larry Chapman, (Chappy), 74, passed away in his sleep Sunday evening in Riggins. He was a special guy and we will all miss him. No services are planned at this time.

“You’ll be Happy with Mayor Chappy”


Yellow Pine has lost our Honorary Mayor Chappy. A good man with a kind heart that always helped out anyone in need. Logger, Miner, Inventor (Automatic Fish Catcher and The Boot Saver), Artist, Father and Friend.

So long pard.


Father to Kendi and Candi


Mayor Chappy’s wife Nancee Kay Riggs, 69, of Riggins died April 12, 2018. Daughter Candi passed away Nov 30, 2018. Survived by daughter Kendi.


Logging Crew


One evening, several of the loggers started playing pool. Somehow they came to the agreement that the loser would get his hair cut. I remember that Harvey Whitten, John Callender, Larry Chapman and Leroy Rainey, were in on it. There may have been more. They absolutely shaved the head of the first loser. This was so hilarious that they were not satisfied until every one of them had lost. They all looked like peeled onions. They were sure having fun, but there were several unhappy wives over that one.

Larry Chapman immortalized the pool hair cuts in refrain: “I got to thinkin’ about the hair cuts and writ’ a poem about it.”

There’s dumb things done, in the afternoon sun, by the loggers in the bar, But I dare say, about the last of May, was the dummest thing I’ve done, so far.

The 7-Devil’s bar, is the best by far, as the place to have a drink, And by day, the bar-keep’s away, a snoozin’ like a mink,

But his wife is there, with golden hair, and a ‘hole lotta gab. She’ll mix you a drink, quick as a wink, and write it on your tab.

If you feel, like you’d like a rod or reel, or if you don’t have that in mind, They have ice, rats and mice, and even fishin’ line.

He’s got hooks, and lures with crooks, or even a pound of nails, And if you’ve thot’, of sumthin’ he ain’t got, he’ll get through the mail!

One sunny morn, when the weather was warm, I stopped to have a shot. The boys were there, talkin’ about long hair, and were gettin’ kinda’ hot.

We had a few, and the hours flew, and I was actin’ like a nut, And we decided there, to play pool for hair, and the Winners got to cut.

Big John and Dave, thought their hides they’d save, and picked out the 2 best sticks, LeRoy and I, between us only had one eye, so from the rest we took our pick.

The balls were racked, and the chalk was passed, and it was their turn to break. Big John broke, in a cloud of smoke, but narry a ball did he make,

It was my choice then, so I made the ten, and the 15 went in with ease, I was on the twelve, and thot’ what the hell, and missed it like a breeze.

Dave took his cue, and made the six and two, and then the three and four, I felt my hair, and thot’ it’ll be slick up there, but he never made no more.

LeRoy made four balls, and stood against the wall, and leaned back and smelled the flowers, then made the one, and I said, “Now son, you know that that ain’t ours.

It was plain to see, it was the razor for me, and Big John just couldn’t wait, He shot the five, but on the way by, the cue ball had made the eight.

We cut their hair, in a straight back chair, right in the middle of the day, And shaved their heads, like feather beds, and even McCallister got in the way.

Old LeRoy said. “Old Boy, I’ll have just the same”, When I cut his ear, It’s good you couldn’t hear, ’cause he called me an awful name.

The next day, I saw ‘ern commn’ from far away, and that’s one thing I didn’t need, So some scizzors I found, and peeled my crown, But I still left some for seed!

By Larry Chapman

From Rosella (S?) “I’ve Gotta Write a Book” 1998 page 44
— —

Note: if friends wish to send a card, contact rrSue via email for an address. I will let folks know when we figure out a future celebration for hiz honor.

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Idaho News:

Stay Home!

Message from Valley County

Law enforcement is reporting a large number of out-of-area vehicles arriving to our area.

A Reminder to All: citizens should not be accepting guests, vacation rentals should not be renting to anyone other than essential service providers, recreational opportunities are closed, retail shops are closed.

Please do your part to respect the Governor’s order to stay home: “Please stay home so you don’t overwhelm the limited resources in small towns and communities who are also staying home to slow the spread.”

(Valley County FB March 28th)
— — — — — — — — — —

Visitors to Valley County told to ‘stay home, stay healthy’

By Tom Grote for The Star-News March 26, 2020

Potential visitors to Valley County were urged last week to stay home in light of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A statement issued on Saturday by government agencies and the county’s two hospitals asked those thinking about visiting the county to “stay home and stay healthy.”

The statement was issued by Valley County, the cities of McCall, Cascade and Donnelly, St. Luke’s McCall Medical Center and Cascade Medical Center.

“While our hospitals are prepared to care for the citizens of Valley County and surrounding areas, an influx of people from elsewhere risks overwhelming the limited resources at our hospitals,” said Dr. Gregory Irvine, chief of staff at St. Luke’s McCall.

There is a false perception by people who are planning “virus vacations” to think rural areas carry less risk of infection, Irvine said.

“I can think of little that is more inappropriate and dangerous than this mindset,” he said.

McCall Mayor Bob Giles said in the statement that public health and safety are a high priority.

“We simply don’t have enough stores, healthcare providers, medical tools or first responders to take care of an increase in population right now,” Giles said.

Businesses that normally cater to visitors sent out similar advisories asking customers to stay home.

“Now is not the time to escape to the mountains,” a joint statement from Hotel McCall, Rupert’s Restaurant and Jug Mountain Ranch said.

“Not for the weekend, or for the week or for possibly longer,” the statement said. “We must do our part to manage the spread of the outbreak.”

— — — — — — — — — —

Valley County sets up task force to coordinate COVID-19 response

By Max Silverson for The Star-News March 26, 2020

Valley County commissioners have approved the creation of a task force in an effort to consolidate information and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The move seeks to centralize resources and provide clear communication on local efforts to address the virus.

The group will be made of officials from the county, McCall, Donnelly and Cascade fire districts and representatives of the cities of Cascade, Donnelly and McCall.

Getting up and running with a response task force would better serve the community before a local outbreak is confirmed, Valley County Emergency Manager Juan Bonilla said.

Bonilla said the Blaine County emergency manager told him from his experience that, “after the first patient, you’re two weeks behind.” Blaine County had 47 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Wednesday.

“We could have a spike very quickly based on the number of tests that are awaiting results,” said Bonilla, who is also chief of Donnelly Fire & EMS.

The task force will set up shop in the Valley County Emergency Operations Center on West Spring Street across from the Valley County Courthouse in Cascade.

— —

link: Valley County Covid-19 Response page
— — — — — — — — — —

Valley County gets its first COVID-19 case – sort of

Part-timer recorded as ‘resident’ of county

By Tom Grote for The Star-News March 26, 2020

Valley County was counted on Sunday with its first case of the COVID-19 virus even though the patient was not in Valley County when tested and did not contract the virus in Valley County.

Central District Health announced on Sunday that a man in his 50s with mild symptoms was confirmed to have COVID-19 after testing in Ada County.

The man, who was not named, was described as a part-time resident of Valley County in a health department news release.

He had traveled to Blaine County, which has the most COVID-19 cases of any county in the state, but had not traveled to Valley County during his infectious period, the news release said.

“While the part-time resident is currently self-isolating in Ada County and was tested in Ada County, he indicates his primary residence is in Valley County, which associates the case with Valley County for reporting purposes,” the news release said.

source: © Copyright 2009-present Central Idaho Publishing Inc
— — — — — — — — — —

St. Luke’s McCall sets up parking lot clinic to exam patients in their car.

This effort is designed to protect patients from potential exposure to COVID19, while also reducing risk to our local healthcare workers. This is NOT a drive through testing clinic.

If you are experiencing symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, diarrhea, or exposure to a known COVID-19 case, stay home, self-isolate, don’t expose others.

If you are concerned about your symptoms or potential exposure to the virus, please call us at 208-634-1776. We will complete a risk assessment over the phone and provide guidance on next steps, which may include scheduling an appointment for an exam at the parking lot clinic.

What to expect

You will be required to check in at the parking lot greeter tent. They will provide you with a mask and direct you to a designated parking area. Please keep your window rolled up until a provider comes to your car. The provider will evaluate your condition and give you appropriate treatment, guidance and follow up as needed. They may or may not recommend COVID-19 testing.

If a more extensive evaluation is needed, we will move you to an indoor setting for a comprehensive exam.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself and our community, is to stay home except for absolute necessities and observe social distancing practices.

Stay home, stay healthy, stop the spread.

(via St. Luke’s FB page 3/25)
— — — — — — — — — —

City of McCall Advisory in response to Idaho Stay-home Isolation Order

Press Release March 26, 2020

In response to Idaho Governor Brad Little and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s statewide Stay-Home Order for all Idahoans, released, Wednesday, March 25, in affect for 21 days, City of McCall releases the following:

City of McCall staff will be working remotely where appropriate to maintain essential government services. Those services not related to essential government services such as recreation activities are cancelled until further notice. Please visit for updated calendar and news.

Facility Closures

• All City Buildings – Closed to the Public, reduced to essential staff, performing duties as related to health and safety where appropriate.

* City Hall – Closed to the Public
* McCall Police Department – Closed to the Public
* McCall Public Library – Closed to the Public
* McCall Parks and Recreation – Closed to the public
* McCall Public Works – Closed to the Public

• All McCall parks and facilities including public restrooms – Closed to the public

• All McCall Golf Club buildings and facilities – Closed to the public

Non-Essential Travel

• McCall Municipal Airport – Pilots are advised that the Governor’s travel ban limits flights to those for essential travel only as defined in the Order. Arrivals of persons by aircraft that do not fit an essential service category will be instructed to return to their aircraft and depart. McCall Airport NOTAMS have been updated for flight planning.

• McCall Short Term Rental Properties permitted for essential service personnel or quarantine only – Under Idaho State Isolation Order, Short Term Rental Property Owners are advised that guests may only stay in their rental properties if they are providers of an essential service in the region. Current guests who are here for non-essential purposes such as vacations are strongly encouraged to depart the area as soon as possible and return to their place of origin.


Enforcement of the State of Idaho’s Self Isolation Order is in affect. Non-compliance constitutes a misdemeanor offense. Law enforcement maintains its goal is to educate and gain compliance in respect to the Governors direction for stay home sheltering.

— — — — — — — — — —

Watkins Pharmacy

As of March 26th Watkins Pharmacy Store will be closed to comply with the State of Idaho’s 21 day mandate in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. This means all areas of the store will be closed to the public. If you need prescriptions or other merchandise please call in your order including form of payment then call for curbside delivery until the State of Idaho lifts the mandate.

Thank You Watkins Pharmacy 208-382-4204

(via FB March 27, 2020)
— — — — — — — — — —

Easter eggs hunts canceled due to COVID-19 worries

By Tom Grote for The Star-News March 26, 2020

Community Easter egg hunts are the latest events to be canceled due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus.

Easter egg hunts that had been planned for Saturday, April 11, in Cascade, Donnelly and New Meadows have been canceled, organizers said.

— — — — — — — — — —

Cemeteries bar burial services

By Max Silverson for The Star-News March 26, 2020

Cemeteries in and around Valley County will no longer allow services to be held in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If we are burying their loved one, we will bury in our local cemeteries, but no one will be allowed to be present,” Valley County Coroner Scott Carver said.

“Family and friends will be allowed to go to the gravesite after the burial is completed,” Carver said.

— — — — — — — — — —

Valley County Sheriff’s Office

Press Release March 28, 2020

On March [27], 2020 at approximately 5:43 p.m., the Valley County Sheriff’s Communications Center received multiple 911 calls of shots fired in the Meadows Subdivision located in Donnelly. One caller reported that there were multiple shots fired, causing damage to the residence. There were no reports of injury. Valley County Sheriff’s Deputies, Idaho State Police, US Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer’s and Donnelly Fire and EMS responded to the call.

The reporting party was contacted by respond,. deputies. They advised that they heard several gunshots to the rear of their home and that several rounds had entered their residence. Deputies searched the surrounding area and found no injured persons. During the investigation, it was determined that the shots came from a neighboring home.

The investigation revealed that Christopher J. Kaufman a 48 year old man, of Donnelly was the person responsible for the shooting. He was placed into custody and booked into the Valley County Jail on Shooting at an Occupied Dwelling, (3) counts of Injury to a Child and Malicious Injury to Property. He will be arraigned in Valley County Court on March 30, 2020.

There were no injuries to the victims, suspect, public or law enforcement officers (hying this incident

The Valley County Sheriff would like to thank the public and other responding law enforcement agencies for the safe resolution to this incident.

This investigation is ongoing, if anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Valley County Sheriff’s Office at 208-382-5160.
— — — — — — — — — —

Important Service Update from AmeriGas Propane

Thank you for your business. During these times of uncertainty, you can count on AmeriGas to continue delivering propane safely and reliably to your home or business. Propane is an essential energy to keep America running, and AmeriGas remains open and committed to meeting your energy needs.

Payment Information

We’re here to help our customers through financial hardship due to the coronavirus and are waiving new late payment fees through May 15th and will not suspend service due to non-payment. For customers with credit terms, we offer a new monthly payment program called Convenience Pay. If you enroll today, your first payment isn’t due until the end of next month. Our website offers additional information about Convenience Pay and the ability to enroll today through MyAmeriGas. We have various other payment options available on a case by case basis. You can call (208) 634-8181 to reach your local AmeriGas office for additional details.

Online Resources

Our local offices will remain closed to walk-in visits. However, we have online resources to help you manage your propane service.

* MyAmeriGas Online Account – With a MyAmeriGas account you can pay your bill, request a delivery and much more.
* Propane Safety – Important safety information for your home, business or propane grill.
* Trust AmeriGas Referrals – You can earn up to $100 for referring a friend.

Nothing is more important to AmeriGas than the health and safety of our employees and customers. On a daily basis, we review our operating procedures to ensure we’re doing everything possible to service your account safely. The situation on COVID-19 is changing rapidly; you can count on us for continued updates and transparency.

Thank you and stay safe!
Your AmeriGas Service Team
— — — — — — — — — —

Idaho governor issues statewide 21-day stay at home order

by CBS2 News Staff Wednesday, March 25th 2020

Idaho Governor Brad Little has issued a statewide 21-day stay at home order.

He made the announcement Wednesday at the Idaho National Guard while the state’s seven health districts are currently reporting 131 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

“We are all in this together,” Little said. “We will get through this together.”

All Idahoans (regardless if you’re ill) will need to self-isolate inside their homes, but can leave for essential services such as food, prescription medications and fuel. Going for walks and exercise near your home will be permitted as long as social distancing is practiced with people that don’t live with you.

— —

Governor Little issues statewide stay-home order, signs extreme emergency declaration

Wednesday March 25, 2020

Boise, Idaho – Following the guidance of Idaho’s public health experts, Governor Brad Little issued a statewide stay-home order today for all Idahoans.

He also signed an extreme emergency declaration, which allows the state to more effectively increase health care capacity, take steps to reduce and slow coronavirus spread, and take rapid and decisive steps to improve the condition of Idahoans whose job and incomes are being harmed by the pandemic.

— —

Link: Order to Self Isolate for the State of Idaho

Link: Governor Little’s Proclamation

Link: Guidance for Governor Brad Little’s Statewide Stay-home Order

[h/t DF]
— — — — — — — — — —

Idaho Board of Education orders all public schools to start ‘soft closure’ until April 20

by CBS2 News Staff Monday, March 23rd 2020

The Idaho State Board of Education Monday directed all public school districts and charter schools to immediately start a “soft closure” of all classroom facilities through April 20.

The Board ordered the soft closure when it approved the COVID-19 School Operation Guidance developed by Governor Brad Little’s K-12 Emergency Council.

The guidance directs districts and charters to provide three essential services during the soft closure:

— — — — — — — — — —

Boise VA Medical Center stops allowing visitors due to coronavirus

by CBS2 News Staff Sunday, March 29th 2020

Boise, Idaho (CBS2) — The Boise VA Medical Center is temporarily barring visitors inside the hospital, in an effort to protect patients and staff from COVID-19.

Visitors will not be allowed to visit veteran patients or attend appointments with them.

The exceptions are if the visit is medically necessary, or if the veteran is in end-of-life-stages, according to an announcement from the Boise VA.

The Boise VA Medical Center joins several other medical centers in the Treasure Valley, including St. Luke’s and Saint Alphonsus, that are restricting patient visitors.

— — — — — — — — — —

Most Riggins EMTs exposed to coronavirus

Patient now being treated at Boise hospital; most of town’s emergency medical technicians in quarantine

By Kathy Hedberg Of the Lewiston Tribune March 27, 2020

A majority of Riggins’ emergency medical technicians are under self-quarantine after being exposed without their knowledge to a patient who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Mayor Glenna McClure said all but three of the town’s nearly 10 EMTs have been sidelined for the time being.

“They are self-quarantining after they were around someone that had the virus and wasn’t told,” McClure said Thursday. “We’re not too happy about this. It’s really tough to go on with this.”

The EMTs are a mostly volunteer group, she added. Despite the setback, McClure said the team is still able to operate and “once these others are out of quarantine, they’ll be able to come back.”

— — — — — — — — — —

What made Blaine County Idaho’s coronavirus hot spot? Wealthy visitors and recreation

By Nicole Blanchard and Nicole Foy March 26, 2020 Idaho Statesman

One of Idaho’s top tourist areas is asking visitors to — please — stay out. Blaine County, home to skiing, live music, conferences and other ever-popular events in Sun Valley, Hailey and Ketchum, flipped its usual welcoming script in the last week over concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

But that change of heart may have come too late.

Already coronavirus has hit the small mountain community harder than anywhere else in Idaho. Nearly half of Idaho’s 141 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, are in Blaine County.

continued: (no paywall)
— — — — — — — — — —

Virus Vacationers should stay home

March 28, 2020 Local News 8

St. Anthony, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK)-Anyone planning to escape Idaho’s “stay-at-home” orders in Fremont County should make other plans.

That is the advice of Fremont County Emergency Manager Keith Richey, who says rural areas cannot handle more people and outside visitors put a big strain on what few health-care resources the area has.

Richey also points out that Island Park does not have a grocery store. Despite rumors, Fremont County does not plow or maintain private roads. And, the same “stay-at-home” orders still apply.

— — — — — — — — — —

Public asked to refrain from nonessential open burning

March 27, 2020

(Boise) — The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Idaho Department of Lands (IDL), and Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) remind the public to refrain from all nonessential open burning activities as communities respond to the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 affects the respiratory system (nose, throat, and lungs) and gastrointestinal system. It can cause asthma attacks and can lead to pneumonia and acute respiratory distress. People with asthma are recommended to avoid asthma triggers such as smoke from burning wood or other plants.

To avoid additional health impacts, the public should take standard preventative measures to protect their health from smoke exposure and refrain from residential open burning (tree limbs, leaves, yard trimmings, garden waste, burn barrels and fire pits) and other nonessential open burning activities until further notice. If open burning is essential, please follow best smoke management practices.

Smoke from open burning can cause unnecessary public health and safety concerns and impact local service providers:

* Smoke inhalation can cause upper respiratory symptoms, which could be incorrectly attributed to COVID-19.
* Smoke exposure impacts can lead to unnecessary testing or self-isolation.
* First responders and other emergency services are operating at a reduced capacity and have limited resources to respond to out-of-control burns.
* Personal protective equipment to reduce smoke exposure is not readily available at this time.

Local officials may have already prohibited open burning in your area. Prior to burning, contact your local fire agency and visit (link) to verify open burning is allowed.

DEQ, IDL, and DHW encourage the public to use alternative burning options:

* Lawn mulching — Leave grass clippings on your lawn to add nutrients back into the soil and improve lawn health.
* Composting — Compost yard waste to recycle organic material and add nutrients back into the soil.
* Chipping — Add chipped brush, pruning, or wood waste to your compost pile or soil to increase nutrient content.
* Curbside pickup — Collect and separate yard waste, organic material, and recyclables and set out for curbside collection. Check with your local government or waste management company for local services.
* Landfills — Many landfills offer free or reduced fees for yard waste.

Scam Alert:

Beware stimulus check scams

March 28, 2020 Local News 8

The federal government hasn’t issued a single stimulus check yet, but scammers are already trying to steal the money from Americans.

These criminal efforts are prompting the Federal Bureau of Investigation, multiple state attorneys general and other agencies to warn Americans not to fall for phone calls, texts, emails or websites that ask for personal or financial information in order to receive the $1,200 federal payment.

“If someone claims to be from the government with a check for you, it may be a phishing scam that is illegally trying to obtain your bank account or other personal information,” New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement Saturday.

“Do not pay anyone who promises that they can expedite or obtain a payment or a loan for you,” James continued. “If you are eligible for relief, you will not need to make any up-front payment or pay any fee to receive a stimulus payment.”


Letters to Share:

Dear Friends and Community Members,

We at the FPAC want to extend our heartfelt wishes for health and well being to all during these trying times. It is an unprecedented situation and one that highlights the importance of community. We want to share a few thoughts with you concerning this wonderful area we call home.

On March 25th, Governor Brad Little issued a statewide stay-home order. “From the get-go, our focus has been to slow the spread of Coronavirus to protect our most vulnerable citizens and preserve capacity in our healthcare system,” said Gov. Little. And on March 20th the City of McCall issued a Public Travel advisory to inform the public that McCall and its rural infrastructure simply cannot handle an increase in population currently.

We understand the need to be out in open spaces, to continue to recreate and enjoy the splendors that only mother nature can offer. With this we ask you consider the effects you may unknowingly have on others. Now is not the time for traveling to small mountain communities with limited infrastructure. If you are still traveling in the backcountry, we encourage you to step back on your pursuit of riskier lines and more remote locations. Ask yourself, “If something happens, will this place more burden on our already strained health care system and local resources?”

One of the awesome things about living in the West Central Mountains is the close proximity to many forms of outdoor recreation. We encourage you to get outside and enjoy the place we live but please do so with care and consideration for all who call this place home. Thank you.

– Friends of the Payette Avalanche Center

Current Closures 3/28/2020. From Valley County Facebook Page-

– Valley County has suspended all snowmobile grooming operations.
– Payette National Forest Snowmobile Parking lots are closed (including West Face, Gordon Titus, Wallace Lane) as well as IDL Parking Lots (Francis E Wallace, Brush Creek, Green Gate)
– Brundage Mountain Resort and Tamarack (including all uphill traffic and parking lots), Little Ski Hill are closed.
– Boise National Forest has closed access through May 15, 2020. This includes roads, campgrounds, hot springs and other access in the BNF.
– Manchester Ice and Event Center: Closed until further notice
– Cascade Aquatic & Recreation Center: Closed through March 31st.
– Lake Cascade State Park Visitor’s Center & Ponderosa State Park Visitor’s Center and Cabins: Closed until April 30th.
– Idaho Power Boat Ramps, Parks & Day Use Areas: Closed until further notice.
– McCall Fish Hatchery: Closed until further notice.

Thank you!

(Friends of the Payette Avalanche Center FB page March 28th)
— — — — — — — — — —

Adams County has figured out what to do with its recycling

By Eberle Umbach

Earlier this month, Valley County Commissioner Dave Bingaman along with several Valley County residents took a field trip to the recycling center in downtown Council, where they met with Adams County Commissioner Mike Paradis and Solid Waste Manager Jim McLeod.

Adams County has managed a successful recycling program for over 20 years. The purpose of the meeting was to share information about how the program developed, and about policies that have helped make the recycling program successful.

Meeting onsite, the group also discussed physical features of the recycling center. Valley County is planning on making changes to its own recycling program, including closing down sites in McCall, Donnelly, and Cascade, and having county residents take all recyclables to a manned facility in Lake Fork.

As the group stood in front of $3000 worth of baled aluminum, Commissioner Paradis’ message was clear: recycling can be done cost-effectively. Although recycling in itself won’t do more than break even, he said, it would save Valley County a lot of money by reducing the overall costs of garbage disposal.

Valley County currently transports garbage to the Council landfill, with a cap of 90 tons per week of garbage from Valley County. Garbage in excess of that amount has to be transported to the Clay Peak landfill in Payette, with Valley County footing the bill for that 210 mile round trip in addition to the landfill fees. Keeping recyclable material out of what has to be transported represents the biggest savings.

The Council facility is 45 feet by 125 feet, airy and clean with a high roof, protecting all bins and storage. The metal bins are easily accessible and the tidiness of the facility was praised.

Contamination of material, Commissioner Bingaman said, was a problem at the McCall facility. Contaminated recyclables are not salable. He asked if local volunteers in Council helped with sorting?

Paradis said that no volunteers worked at the site, one paid employee does all the sorting and baling, working three hours a day, seven days a week. The facility is located in downtown Council so residents can easily drop material off when they come to town to shop.

When asked why so many metal bins were in the facility, Jim McLeod responded that it was important to be able to store material until enough was available to make a bale. Seven bins of aluminum are required to make a bale.

Having storage space to keep baled material while shopping around for the best price is important as well. With a reduction in the global market for recyclables, it takes more time to find a good price.

Glass has not been salable for quite a few years. Discussion is underway in McCall about local uses for glass. Commissioner Paradis said that Adams County would be happy to partner with a McCall project that made use of glass.

He also offered to make the county’s solid waste budget available. The $108 solid waste fee in Valley County is lower than Adams County’s $130 fee. Everyone at the meeting agreed that residents have a tendency not to sort recyclables with care.

McCall has recognized a problem as well with tourists leaving garbage in town before they leave. An ordinance would be required for the county to fine those who dispose of garbage improperly.

Commissioner Paradis emphasized that the recycling program not only saves the county money, but is a source of local pride. Working with the DEQ over the years has allowed the Adams County landfill to remain open, one of only six such landfills in the state.

The incentive for recycling has been to reduce the amount of material going into the landfill which is directly related to extending the life of the landfill.

source: The Star-News March 26, 2020

Public Lands:

Payette National Forest Spring Prescribed Fire

PNF March 5, 2020

Good afternoon,

The Payette National Forest, Krassel Ranger District will be implementing prescribed fire in the Bald Hill and Four Mile Project areas this spring.

Areas planned in the Bald Hill Project will be from Reegan Creek east to the ridge west of Boulder Creek, including adjacent to Eiguren Ranch and nearby properties. We may also burn the south and east facing slopes between Quartz Creek and Profile Creek.

Areas planned in the Four Mile Project are on both sides of the South Fork Salmon River, from Reed Ranch Airstrip south to Poverty Flat Camp Ground. Areas targeted for ignition this year include along the Miners Peak trail, the area between Reed Ranch and Four Mile Creek, and an area on the east side of the road across from Poverty Flat Campground. See the attached map for more specific location information.

We will have [canceled] a community meeting Saturday, March 28 at 10:00 at the Yellow Pine Community Hall to answer any questions. Burning may occur before this date if ground opens up, with the objective of creating a buffer around property boundaries earlier in the season than the main ignition will occur. Like all of our burning this will be dependent on many factors including weather and fuel conditions.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Patrick Schon: 208-634-0623, or Laurel Ingram: 208-634-0622,

Laurel Ingram
Fuels Technician
Payette National Forest
Krassel Ranger District

linkto map: Notifications Spring Rx Burn 2020.pdf
— — — — — — — — — —

Valley County suspends grooming of snowmobile trails

By Max Silverson for The Star-News March 26, 2020

Valley County has suspended its snowmobile trail grooming program and the Payette National Forest has closed three snowmobile parking lots in an effort to dissuade would-be vacationers from visiting the area in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are discontinuing grooming in order to discourage guests from out of the area from coming and possibly spreading the virus,” said Valley County Recreation Director Larry Laxson.

“We have an aging population that is at risk with very limited medical resources,” he said. “Our only goal is to protect everyone during this virus outbreak.”

Before the program was discontinued, local snowmobile parking lots were full of cars with out of state license plates, he said.

— — —

Payette National Forest Closes West Face, Gordon Titus Upper Elevation and Wallace Lane Snowmobile Parking Areas

McCall, Idaho, March 25, 2020 – The Payette National Forest has closed West Face, Gordon Titus Upper Elevation, and Wallace Lane Snowmobile Parking Areas until May 15, 2020 for the health and safety of visitors and staff.

Effective immediately the following snowmobile parking areas will be closed and unavailable to visitors:

* West Face Parking Area – McCall Ranger District, Adams County, Idaho
* Gordon Titus Upper Elevation Parking Area – New Meadows Ranger District, Adams County, Idaho
* Wallace Lane Parking Area – New Meadows Ranger District, Adams County, Idaho

As we work through an unpredictable and rapidly changing situation, health and safety is our number one priority. We are committed to continuing to support our communities and fulfill our mission as we all work together to minimize the impacts and spread of COVID-19.

These actions have been taken based on the best available CDC guidelines to promote social distancing. Adams County reminds the patrons of public lands that parking on county roads is prohibited.

For more information regarding the closure, please contact:

* McCall Ranger District: 102 W Lake St, McCall, ID 83638, 208-634-0400

The Payette continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and evaluate potential impacts and make adjustments to public access. Please remember to review current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and to focus on recreating safely while protecting yourself, Forest Service employees and our volunteers.
— — — — — — — — — —

The Payette National Forest Closes Forest Restroom Facilities and Delays Recreation Site Opening Dates

McCall, Idaho, March 28, 2020 To protect the health and safety of Forest staff, partners, and volunteers, all restrooms facilities on the Payette National Forest are no longer being stocked or maintained. The Forest strongly recommends visitors not use Forest restrooms to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Payette National Forest campgrounds and overnight facilities (which are not opened for the season) will be delayed in opening, in accordance with Idaho’s ‘stay-at-home’ order. The sites are closed through the dates listed below, and unavailable to reserve via

* Closed at least through May 15, 2020: Mann Creek, Spring Creek, Brownlee, Big Flat, Cabin Creek, Lafferty, Cold Springs, Last Chance, and Huckleberry Campgrounds on the west side of the Forest; and, Poverty Flat, 4-Mile, Camp Creek, Buckhorn, Ponderosa, Secesh Horse Camp, Old East Fork, and Big Creek Campgrounds on the west side of the Forest.

* Closed at least through the end of May: Lake Fork, Kennally Creek, Burgdorf, Jeannette, and Chinook Campgrounds.

* Closed at least through mid-June: Grouse, Upper Payette Lake, and Hazard Lake Campgrounds

* Closed at least through July 1, 2020: Buck Park Cabin and Paddy Flat Guard Station Cabin.

Notifications to those with reservations at reservable sites prior to these dates will be made as soon as possible and refunds will be processed.

As we work through an unpredictable and rapidly changing situation, health and safety is our number one priority. We are committed to continuing to support our communities and fulfill our mission as we all work together to minimize the impacts and spread of COVID-19.

These actions have been taken based on the best available medical advice for cleaning per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and to promote social distancing. Visitors are encouraged to contact local ranger district offices with additional questions.

Payette National Forest continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and evaluate potential impacts and adjustments to recreation sites. Reservation holders will be notified via email and/or cell phone text messages if there are further changes affecting their reservations and receive refunds as necessary.
— — — — — — — — — —

Boise National Forest closes access to areas for public health and safety

Boise, Idaho, March 26, 2020 — A number of campgrounds, snow mobile parking lots, and areas where visitors gather are being closed immediately for the health and safety of visitors and staff. Forest officials are cautioning recreation use of these areas as an important step in reducing impacts to local communities who may be at risk from the virus.

As we work through an unpredictable and rapidly changing situation, health and safety is our number one priority. We are committed to continuing support of our communities and fulfilling our mission as we all work together to minimize the impacts and spread of COVID-19.

“In the midst of Spring Break, we have visitors that want to enjoy the forest but many areas, including hot springs, are drawing more people than social distancing guidelines recommend” said Tawnya Brummett, Boise National Forest Supervisor. “We will continue to monitor the situation closely and re-evaluate as new information becomes available.”

These actions have been taken based on the best available medical advice for cleaning per CDC guidelines and to promote social distancing.

Visitors to our National Forests are urged to take the precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) including social distancing. For tips from the CDC on preventing illnesses like the coronavirus, go to: (link).

Important: Most Boise National Forest Campgrounds are closed for the winter but restrooms are left unlocked for visitor use. These restrooms are not serviced so they are not cleaned or stocked.

For the latest Boise National Forest updates visit:

link: Facebook

link: Boise NF page

link: Closure Order
— — — — — — — — — —

Payette National Forest Offers Virtual Services in Response to COVID-19

McCall, Idaho, March 24, 2020 – The Payette National Forest is limiting access to their offices and implementing virtual services to protect the health and safety of employees and members of the public during the COVID-19 outbreak in accordance with guidance from federal and state authorities.

Customers needing information, permits and maps are encouraged to call 208-634-0700 during regular business hours for prompt, customer service.

“As we work through an unpredictable and rapidly changing situation, health and safety is our number one priority,” said Linda Jackson, Payette Forest Supervisor. “We are committed to continuing to support our communities and fulfill our mission as we all work together to minimize the impacts and spread of COVID-19.”

These actions have been taken based on the best available medical advice to limit gatherings of large numbers of people and to promote social distancing.

Visitors are encouraged to contact their local forest or ranger district for the latest office hours and availability.

Visitors to our National Forests are urged to take the precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For tips from the CDC on preventing illnesses like the coronavirus, go to: (link)
— — — — — — — — — —

Boise National Forest surplus seedling sale canceled for public safety

Boise, Idaho, March 27, 2020 — Lucky Peak Nursery has canceled the 2020 surplus seedling sale. Originally scheduled to begin Saturday, April 4, 2020, and run the month of April.

As we work through an unpredictable and rapidly changing situation, health and safety is our number one priority. We are committed to continuing support of our communities and fulfilling our mission as we all work together to minimize the impacts and spread of COVID-19.

Following Governor Brad Little’s statewide stay-home order, we have made the decision to cancel this non-essential service.

We hope to provide surplus seedlings to the community again in 2021.

For more information about the annual surplus seedling sale, call (208) 343-1977.

Lucky Peak Nursery
15169 E Highway 21
Boise, ID 83716
— — — — — — — — — —

Idaho State Park Campgrounds to Close Friday in Fight against Covid-19


Idaho State Parks remain open for day use recreation but camping will end on Friday, March 27 at 5 p.m., which is in keeping with Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s stay-at-home order.

The camping closure will last through May 15 and no new reservations for campsites will be taken. The shutdown could be extended, depending on the status of the Covid-19 outbreak.

A combination of factors led to the closure decision, said David Langhorst, director of Idaho Parks and Recreation. Besides the stay-home order, concerns arose over the ability to maintain social distancing within concentrated campsites. Also, some communities expressed concerns about attracting out-of-area visitors and the potential for increased virus transmission.

— — — — — — — — — —

BLM seeks public input on Kuna Cave improvements

Date: March 27, 2020
Contact: Mike Williamson 208-384-3393

Boise, Idaho – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced today it is seeking public input on a proposal to improve access to Kuna Cave, located about 5 miles south of Kuna, near Black Cat Road.

The popular site is currently accessible by several unimproved dirt roads that have become heavily rutted during wet conditions. This assessment will look at road and parking access, the entrance ladder into the cave and vandalism deterrents. The proposal does not include closing off the cave entrance.

“We understand how important this site is to the local community, and we encourage folks to submit suggestions and comments regarding the proposal,” said Tom McGinnis, Acting Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area Manager. “This effort is an example of how the BLM is working to improve recreational opportunities on public lands.”

Detailed information on the proposal can be found at (link)  (case sensitive).

A public scoping period will run from March 27 to April 27, 2020. Comments will be accepted through the following means:
Fax: 208-384-3326
Surface mail: BLM Four Rivers Field Office, 3948 Development Ave, Boise, ID 83705

The purpose of the scoping period is to obtain public input on relevant issues that may influence the BLM’s analysis. The BLM invites comments that would be useful in refining or identifying new issues, identifying possible alternatives, or identifying actions that may have a cumulative effect with the proposed action.

Those who provide comments are advised that before including their personal identifying information (address, email, phone number) they should be aware that the entire comment – including their personal identifying information – may be made publicly available at any time. While those commenting can ask in their comments to withhold this information from public review, the BLM cannot guarantee that they will be able to do so.

For more information, contact the BLM Four Rivers Field Office at 208-384-3300.
— — — — — — — — — —

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks close indefinitely due to coronavirus concerns

by CBS2 News Staff Tuesday, March 24th 2020

The Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks have closed until further notice due to the coronavirus.

The two parks announced the closures Tuesday at the request of nearby local county health officials.

The National Park Service says it is working servicewide with federal, state and local authorities to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic.


Critter News:

Cascade Veterinary Clinic

Please note: Both of our clinics are operating as best as we can during this time of uncertainty. We may be in & out of the office. If you get our voice mail, PLEASE leave us a message and we WILL return your call. Dr. Ruble is still seeing clients even though we have stopped allowing people in our clinics, we will come out and bring your animals in. All of our regular hours are subject to change. We are doing our best to keep our staff, our clients, and our community safe.

(via their FB page 3/25)
— —

Update from Cascade Vet Clinic

Business hours UPDATE: Effective immediately our new temporary hours are as follows: in Garden Valley Dr. Keith will be available Thursdays, 9-5, closed 12-1 for lunch. In Cascade, Wednesday/Friday 9-5, closed 12-1. We can ONLY schedule and see clients who have urgent, necessary, and essential needs. Many appointments are not essential and we will have to schedule you sometime after the 21 day “stay home” order. Please be patient. Dr. Keith is doing his best, as we all are, to take care of the needs of all our clients while protecting ourselves. Don’t forget, please stay inside your vehicles. No need to get out. We will come to you. Thank you & stay safe.

(via their FB page 3/27)
— — — — — — — — — —

Pet Talk – Allergic bronchitis in dogs

By Dr. Karsten Fostvedt IME March 27, 2020

Allergic bronchitis is inflammation of the lower respiratory tract (bronchi) that results from exposure to some type of allergen that is inhaled or carried in the blood. The inflammation may also affect the trachea, or windpipe. Immunological stimulation occurs, often from common environmental allergens such as dust and molds, cigarette smoke, aerosol sprays, dust mites or other parasites and fungal infections that can cause a hypersensitivity reaction in the airways.

Allergic bronchitis most often affects young to middle-age dogs. It may be more common in obese dogs as well. Cough is a consistent sign. The cough is usually dry and nonproductive. It may be aggravated by exposure to cold temperatures, exercise or pressure placed on the trachea or chest. Sometimes respiratory distress occurs, with wheezing and an increase effort on expiration.

— — — — — — — — — —

Idaho sled-dog winner Royer places third at Iditarod

By Max Silverson for The Star-News March 26, 2020

Idaho Sled Dog Challenge winning musher Jessie Royer finished third in the 2020 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska.

Royer, of Seely Lake, Montana, finished the 1,000-mile race from Anchorage to Nome in 9 days, 17 hours, 47 minutes – a time that put her behind first-place finisher Thomas Waerner of Norway by only seven hours.

A total of 57 mushers started the 2020 race. Only 34 finished, with the last musher crossing the line on Sunday, almost 14 days after the race began.

— — — — — — — — — —

Quarantined humans take in homeless animals

Nearly 40 animals fostered out from Mountain Humane

Tony Evans IME March 27, 2020

More than half of the furry friends at Mountain Humane recently found temporary foster homes amid concerns surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“In an effort to help the staff at Mountain Humane comply with the countywide shelter in place, or stay home ordinance, we had to reduce the number of animals in the shelter needing daily round the clock care,” said Mountain Human spokeswoman Kelly Mitchell.

— — — — — — — — — —

Idaho governor approves $400,000 to kill problem wolves

by Associated Press Friday, March 27th 2020

Legislation sending just under $400,000 to a state board to use to kill problem wolves in Idaho has been signed into law by Gov. Brad Little.

The Republican governor signed the bill Tuesday, according to his website.

The budget bill taps money in the state’s general fund to kill wolves that prey on livestock or wildlife.


Fish & Game News:

F&G offices will close starting March 27 except by appointment for limited services

By Roger Phillips, Public Information Supervisor
Thursday, March 26, 2020

Closure will remain until April 15 unless extended by the Governor’s order

Consistent with the Governor’s statewide, stay-at-home order to aid in reducing the spread of Covid-19 in our community, Fish and Game public offices will close starting March 27 through April 15. Some services will remain available by appointment by calling the office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Services will include sale of items that cannot be bought online, or by telephone, such as bear bait permits and outfitter tags. Checking in harvested black bears, mountain lions and wolves per big game regulations also will require an appointment. Here’s a list of F&G offices and phone numbers.

— — — — — — — — — —

F&G offices will only take debit cards and checks starting March 30

By Roger Phillips, Public Information Supervisor
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

F&G officials recommend buying online, which allows 24/7 access and the option of using a credit card

As part of an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in our community while also continuing license, tag and permit sales, Fish and Game offices will no longer accept cash payments starting March 30.

Only debit cards and checks will be accepted at Fish and Game offices. As a reminder, F&G offices do not accept credit cards, nor have they in the past.

— — — — — — — — — —

F&G temporarily closes Farragut and Blacks Creek shooting ranges

By Roger Phillips, Public Information Supervisor
Thursday, March 26, 2020

Ranges will remain closed until April 15 unless statewide, stay-at-home orders are extended

The Farragut Public Shooting Range and Blacks Creek Range will be closed March 27 through April 15, unless extended by Governor’s order. The closure is in accordance with Governor Brad Little’s statewide stay-at-home order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Fish and Game’s Garden Valley shooting range, which is not staffed, will remain open, and all visitors should adhere to social distancing guidelines and remain 6-feet apart. For more information about other changes to Fish and Game operations, see the department’s Covid-19 webpage.

— — — — — — — — — —

Hayspur Hatchery and campground in Blaine County closed to the public

By Terry Thompson, Regional Communications Manager
Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Hayspur Hatchery and adjacent campground, located near Picabo in Blaine County, is now closed until further notice in response to the COVID-19 virus.

Officials with Idaho Fish and Game have announced that effective immediately, the campground area at the Hayspur Fish Hatchery in Blaine County is closed to the public until further notice. This closure extends the previously announced closure of all Fish and Game hatcheries to the public to now include the Hayspur Hatchery campground.

Fish and Game had recently announced the closures of the state’s hatcheries to the public in response to the risk of transmittal of the COVID-19 virus to hatchery staff who live and work at the hatcheries, as well as local residents.

For more information, please contact the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324-4359.

— — — — — — — — — —

Attention anglers: Delays expected in “Tag, You’re It” reward processing, but please continue to report tags

By Brian Pearson, Conservation Public Information Specialist
Thursday, March 26, 2020

Reported tags are crucial for fisheries research, and help make fishing better for Idaho anglers

Due to challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, anglers who report reward tags as part of Fish and Game’s “Tag, You’re It” program should expect some delays in receiving their rewards.

— — — — — — — — — —

More F&G News Releases


Crazy Critter Stuff:

Toilet Paper Hunting

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