March 31, 2020 Earthquake Yellow Pine

March 31st was a rather “exciting” day in Yellow Pine.

This morning we had 3″ of new heavy wet snow and with the rain yesterday we have received over an inch of water in 24 hours. The weather station up on Big Creek summit showed 14″ new snow in 24 hours. A report of a foot of snow on the road up there this morning.

Then our power went out at 1230pm, leaving us in the dark until 545pm.

At 553pm we experienced a strong earthquake. Rattled things pretty good. So far, no reports of damages or injuries and the road is still open. Aftershock felt at 628pm.

A list of things to check:

Propane connections, if you smell it turn it off.
Woodstove chimneys
Water lines inside (it will take a while before we find out if underground stuff moved.)
Also suggested is checking your phone. Reports of people having trouble getting incoming calls. MTE has been notified.

Stay Safe
The Yellow Pine Times