Rx burn South Fork Salmon River

Rx burn South Fork Salmon River planed

Update Oct 30: For your planning purposes and general knowledge. We are narrowing down our window for prescribed fire operations in Four Mile. Tentatively we are looking at burning Monday (11/2/20) or Tuesday (11/3/20) depending on weather. Ignitions will start in the afternoon and will last one day. I expect some residual smoke for a couple days. A system is expected to enter the burn area Wednesday which should bring cooler temps, high humidity’s and increased ventilation. Thank you for your interest and have a good weekend, Patrick

The Payette National Forest, Krassel Ranger District, is planning to conduct prescribed burning in the Four Mile project area this fall. The Four Mile project area is on both sides of the South Fork of the Salmon River between Poverty Flat Campground and Reed Ranch. The area that will be targeted for fire this fall is to the east of the South Fork Rd between Reed Ranch and Poverty Flat Campground. First priority burn block will be the area between Nasty and Four Mile creeks. Ignitions should take 1-3 days for each burn block, with smoke and fire most likely present in the project area until the next significant precipitation.

The decision to implement prescribed fire always includes assessing the risk and impacts to communities, firefighters and forest resources. This season additional consideration will be given to complexity associated with COVID19, cumulative smoke exposure in our communities from wildfire and the commitment of fire resources locally and nationally.

If you will be operating in the area or have any questions please contact Laurel Ingram, Fuels Tech or Patrick Schon, Fuels Specialist, so that we can collaborate on timing.

Patrick Schon
Email: patrick.schon@usda.gov
Laurel Ingram
Email: laurel.ingram@usda.gov

Map Link: FourMile Fall 2020 Notification