June 12, 2022 The Yellow Pine Times

June 12, 2022 The Yellow Pine Times – Valley County, Idaho

Reminder: We are still under a boil water order.
Note: If you are not receiving the YPTimes emails, check your spam folder.

Community Calendar:

Apr 17, 2020 – Boil water order in effect
May 10 thru Oct 20 – Burn Permit Season
May 15 thru Nov 30 – Firewood Season
June 1 – 6-day mail delivery starts
Jun 15 – 2021 YPWUA bills due
Jun 18 – YP Vet Clinic
Jun 19 – Father’s Day Brunch The Corner
Jun 21 – Bids due for YPWUA project
Jun 21 – deadline to pay Valley Co property taxes
Jul 2 – 4th of July golf tournament
Jul 3 – YPWUA Shareholders Meeting
Jul 9 – VYPA Meeting 2pm Community Hall
(details below)

Local Events:

2021 Water Dues Due June 15th

All 2021 water bills are due by June 15th. Please pay your 2021 water bill by June 15th to avoid a late charge. Invoices have been sent out to those owing. – Steve Holloway
— — — —

Yellow Pine Vet Day June 18th

Cascade Veterinary Clinic will be coming to Yellow Pine Saturday June 18th. Please call (208) 382-4590 to get on the list. They will need to bring charts and vaccines.
— — — —

Father’s Day Brunch at The Corner

We will do a biscuits and gravy Sunday Brunch on June 19th from 10am-Noon.
— — — —

Golf Tournament July 2nd

The annual 4th of July golf tournament will be on Saturday, July 2nd at 10(ish). All proceeds will be used to improve the golf course (improving the greens, signs and tees. More information to follow. Contact Joel or Marj Fields with questions, sponsorships or donations at fieldsmarjie @ yahoo.com

— — — —

YPWUA Shareholders Meeting July 3rd

The yearly shareholders meeting will be Sunday July 3rd at 10am at the Community Hall. There will be two positions up for elections.

There has been some question on who can vote and can run for office. You must be a shareholder with the Yellow Pine Water Users Association to be able to vote and run for office. If you have any questions about being a shareholder, please contact me.

Thank you – Steve Holloway
— — — —

Jul 9 – VYPA Meeting

The next Village of Yellow Pine Association meeting will be July 9th at 2pm Community Hall.

Village News:

Yellow Pine Country Club

Thank you, Perpetua, for donating a load of sand for golf course course improvements. Old signs are being replaced. Contact Margie Fields if you have opinions on uses for them, e.g. sell, give, auction. Perhaps there’s one that you want.
— — — —

June 11th VYPA Meeting

There was a Village of Yellow Pine Association Meeting at Saturday at 2pm in the Community Hall. Minutes to follow.
— — — —

Memorial Potluck May 28th

We had a nice gathering at the Community Hall for the Memorial Day Potluck last Saturday in remembrance of our Yellow Pine Residents who passed this last year. Thanks to Wally and Tim who gave a special presentation for our Veterans. Thanks to Ann and RR Sue for the photos and write ups.

courtesy Lorinne M
— — — —


Thank you so much for your support of the Tavern over the past 6 years since July 2016. Josh and his father Jesse have bought the Tavern and are now engaged in much needed renovation of the old building. I’m looking forward to watching their Tavern project. My Tavern project has taken a great deal of my attention through the years and I look forward to following my other interests. Enjoying the back country from the other side of the bar and visiting friends and family.
– Lorinne M

— — — —

Johnson Creek Stream Flow May 1 – June 12

courtesy USGS Water Resources
— — — —

Johnson Creek Airstrip June 11

courtesy eye-n-sky
— — — —

J & R Septic

They are coming back to Yellow Pine to pump tanks in a couple of weeks. The have a 3rd list started, so there is time to get in on the list for the 3rd trip. Please call them in Cascade at (208) 382-8727. They can fit 4 tanks per trip. Please have your clean out dug up and ready, or you can ask them about digging.
— — — —

Amerigas Propane Delivery

Amerigas was in Yellow Pine Tuesday, June 7th, with the Spring fuel delivery.
— — — —

Arnold Aviation News:

Arnold’s will no longer will offer grocery shopping services. (D9 now has online shopping – see below.) However, Arnolds will still pick up orders in Cascade from D9, auto parts, feed, and hardware, etc. for delivery to Yellow Pine. You will only be charged for freight from the Airport to YP.

Attention Mail Route Customers – FedEx Ground has changed their policy, and they will no longer pay for Mail Plane or Truck freight. If you can avoid it, we strongly encourage you to use UPS or USPS to receive packages. If you do order a FedEx Ground package, you will be billed for: Air Freight @ $0.45/lb, or Mail Truck Freight @ $0.05/lb. We are truly sorry this is the case, and are working very hard to make sure you still receive your orders. – Arnold Aviation
— — — —

D9 News:

You will be able to start ordering online directly from D9 on May 24th. Go to their website at link. Phone (208-382-4215) if you need assistance.

Orders must be placed before 10am Monday (Arnolds will pick up on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery.) It is important that upon checkout, you click the box marked “Gift” – and type in the order is for Arnolds to pick up and deliver to Yellow Pine. Otherwise they will think it is a local personal pickup.

Tips: After you sign in to your account, look at the top left of the webpage for “Shop departments” – it will show categories of items. For instance, if you want butter, click on “Dairy” – then when the page comes up, look for the row that says Butter, look over to the right side and click on “see more” and it will come up with every type and size of butter (and margarine) available. Click on “add to cart” under the item you want, there you can adjust the amount using the plus and minus symbols. When you are done, click on “check out” near the top right corner. That is where you can click “gift” to leave instructions before you enter your card number.
— — — —

Yellow Pine US Mail

The 6-day a week mail delivery started June 1st. The Post Office in Yellow Pine is open six days a week year around: M-F 845am-245pm Saturday 9am-245pm. Forever Stamp: 58 cents. Support our local post office and purchase your holiday stamps here.
— — — —

Local Campgrounds Opened May 20

Ice Hole Campground
Golden Gate Campground
Yellow Pine Campground
— — — —

May 15 thru Nov 30 – Firewood Season

Firewood permits are available at The Corner.
— — — —

State Burn permits required May 10th

Closed fire season begins May 10, which means Idahoans outside city limits will need a burn permit before burning any debris. The closed fire season lasts until Oct. 20.
— — — —

Watkins Pharmacy Update June 5th

Still working on it! The only hold up for opening has been how slow the insurance is moving and dragging their feet! Its been frustrating for us to say the least. They have to cover us opening, it’s just them moving at a snails pace. We are sorry! We wanted to be open a long time ago! Amber Watkins
— — — —

Attention Yellow Pine Water Users

You may now apply to WICAP for help with your water bill under the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP). You may apply for help with your past-due, as well as your current bill.

Application may be made in person at the WICAP office in Cascade, 110 W. Pine St. You may also apply by phone at 208 454-0675, or on-line at wicap.org.
— — — —

Notice – Deadline

In order to have your item posted in that week’s paper you must email it in by Noon on Sunday.

A reminder – if your group or business want an event, photo, minutes, news or advertising posted in the Yellow Pine Times, please write what you want posted in text form (for copy/paste) and send it by email. Remember to include the “who, what, when, where and why.” Images or groups of images must be under 10 megs per email.
— — — —

Road News

Link: to current road reports.

Construction closures will end May 27 on Idaho 55 near Smiths Ferry.
One-way alternating traffic is set to replace closures from 10 a.m. to noon on Mondays through Fridays.
Both lanes will be open Friday mornings through Sundays.

South Fork Road: As of March 15th the road maintenance reverts back to the Forest Service. Contact PNF Ben Drier 208-634-0770 cell 208-315-7584 or Will Perry 208-634-0767 cell 208-630-3954 for issues with the SF road.

Upper Johnson Creek road at Landmark, Profile Gap, Lick Creek, Elk Summit, Thunder Mountain and Deadwood roads are closed to wheeled vehicles. These roads are not maintained. Travel at your own risk.
— — — —


20190429Dump2-bBe Tick Aware
Ticks are out early this year, 1st report Feb 11th.

* After being outdoors check for ticks. Remove any that are attached.
* Tumble any clothing in a hot dryer for 10 minutes. That should kill any ticks left in the clothing.
* When hiking outside where there are ticks, wear long clothing. Tuck the ends of pants into socks.
* Use a bug repellent to shoes, socks and exposed skin.

Be Elk Aware

It is spring “baby” season – watch your dogs, mama elk and deer can be very aggressive towards dogs. There have been a few dogs injured up here over the years.
Elk are hanging around the village, please watch for them on local streets. There have been a couple of near misses reported.

Be Moose Aware

* Be aware of your surroundings and be especially careful around creeks and in areas with dense brush.
* Travel in groups whenever possible and make noise to alert animals to your presence.
* If you encounter a moose, give it lots of space and don’t approach it. Always keep dogs under control.
* If a moose charges or chases you, take cover behind something solid, such as a tree.
* In some situations, bear spray has been known to be an effective defense tool in moose encounters.

Be Wolf Wary

Report Saturday, Feb 12, wolves howling around the upper end of the village, and two were in a residential yard. F&G confirms there is a pack of 6 wolves in our valley.

* Always keep children nearby and in sight.
* Keep pets leashed and under control.

Be Bear Aware

Bears are out of hibernation and hungry.

* Keep trash cans inside a garage or shed until the morning of pick-up.
* Take down bird feeders in the spring.
* Do not store coolers, freezers or refrigerators outside where bears can reach them.

Be Coyote Aware

* Remove or secure attractants, such as pet food, trash or dog feces.
* If you have a potential living food source for coyotes, such as chickens, secure their coops with wire mesh fences at least five feet high.
* Don’t leave your dog outside unsupervised.
* If possible, ensure your property boundaries are secure by keeping fences in good repair and letting your dogs out for bathroom breaks only in fenced areas, particularly at night. The American Kennel Club recommends solid fences of at least 6-feet tall, and buried in the ground at least 18 inches, and says that “coyote rollers” can provide additional deterrence.
* If your property is not fenced, turn on outside lights and make noise before letting your dog outside, and consider taking your dog out on a lead for nighttime bathroom breaks.
* Clear away brushy areas around your property that coyotes may see as safe denning or hiding spots.

Be Fox Aware

* Do not feed foxes human food
* Feed domestic pets indoors
* Make sure your pets are updated on Rabies vaccines
* Small pets could become a snack

Photo taken Jan 18, 2021 by AP

Be Cougar Aware

A big cat had been hanging around the upper part of the village this winter. Watch your small pets and do not leave food outside.

photo courtesy NH
— — — —

Yellow Pine Transfer Station

Report June 10: Bins were about half full. Road is in good shape.

Locals have worked hard to clean up the area, please be respectful.

20190429Dump2-bYellow Pine Transfer Station (aka, the dump)

Please do not abuse our Transfer Station or we may lose it. Household trash must be placed in the bins, flattened cardboard boxes can also go into the bins. Do not stack trash in front of the doors. Woody yard debris only for the burn pile. No furniture, appliances, tires or construction debris allowed, those items must be hauled out to the Donnelly station by you.

The Yellow Pine Transfer Station is Valley County responsibility. If it is not kept tidy, use of the Transfer Station may be revoked. That would result in residents having to take all household trash and yard waste to the Donnelly Transfer Station.

If Dumpsters Are Full, Contact Lake Shore Disposal at: (208) 634-7176

Local Groups


2021 Water Bills Due June 15th

July 3, 2022 – YPWUA Shareholders Meeting at the Community Hall at 10am.

Public Works Construction Advertisement for Bids

Owner: Yellow Pine Water Users Association
Facilities and Mailing Addresses: PO Box 11, Yellow Pine, ID 83677-0011
Call for Bids from the Yellow Pine Water Users Association for sealed bids to be received at Mountain Waterworks, 616 Third St, Ste 114, McCall, Idaho 83638, until 3:00 PM local time on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 for the Project identified as the “Yellow Pine Waterline Replacement Project”. The Project includes replacement of approximately 2,000 feet of steel or cast iron piping with new 6-inch AWWA C900 PVC piping and ductile iron fittings, reconnection of existing customer services and installation of new isolation valves, post hydrants, and one pressure reducing valve vault. The Project is located in Yellow Pine, Idaho approximately 2.5 hours northeast of Cascade, Idaho.
The Project is funded by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, the US Department of Agriculture-Rural Development, and the Idaho Department of Commerce. The construction contractor must comply with equal employment opportunity, American Iron and Steel, and Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements.
Date and time of bid opening: Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 3:05 PM local time at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read. Tallied results will be provided to all bidders by end of business the next day. Bids will not be accepted by email or fax. A pre-bid meeting will take place at Mountain Waterworks, 616 Third St, Ste 114, McCall, Idaho 83638, on Monday, June 13, 2022 at 10:00 AM. Requests for information on the documents should be directed to Ed Stowe, P.E. at estowe@mountainwtr.com (208) 780-3992.
Contract Documents: Digital copies of the plans, specifications, and contract documents, may be obtained at (link) upon payment of $20.00. Log on to Quest CDN and enter Project Number 8226190. Any addenda will be issued electronically and available at the same Quest CDN Project Number. Please contact Quest CDN at (952) 233-1632 or info@questcdn.com for assistance in free membership registration, downloading, and working with this digital project information.
A bid bond in the amount of 5% of the total bid amount, including any add alternates, shall be submitted with the sealed bid. All bids submitted shall be in compliance with applicable public works construction laws for the State of Idaho, including but not limited to Idaho Code 67-2310 and Idaho Code 54-1902. The Yellow Pine Water Users Association reserves the right to reject any and all bids and the right to waive any informalities contained in any bid.

Water Use

Date Flow Used Hours gph gpm dow more less
06/01/22 24209647 26392 24 1100 18 W 3093
06/02/22 24239272 29625 24 1234 21 T 3233
06/03/22 24268495 29223 24 1218 20 F 402
06/04/22 24299552 31057 24 1294 22 S 1834
06/05/22 24330076 30524 24 1272 21 S 533
06/06/22 24359451 29375 24 1224 20 M 1149
06/07/22 24389121 29670 24 1236 21 T 295
06/08/22 24418894 29773 24 1241 21 W 103
06/09/22 24448326 29432 24 1226 20 T 341
06/10/22 24479772 31446 24 1310 22 F 2014
06/11/22 24512100 32328 24 1347 22 S 882
06/12/22 24541594 29494 24 1229 20 M 2834

We are still under a Boil Order. Please conserve water.

As of today April 17th 2020, Yellow Pine is under a “Boil Order”. This boil order will be in effect until further notice.
DRINKING WATER WARNING issued June 10, 2022
Yellow Pine Water Users PWS 4430059 BOIL WATER ADVISORY Due to insufficient treatment
We routinely monitor the conditions in the drinking water distribution system. On 4-19-2020 we experienced a period of insufficient treatment due to extreme water demand which exceeded the capacity of the treatment system. A drop in water pressure is a signal of the existence of conditions that could allow contamination to enter the distribution system through backflow, by backpressure, or back-siphonage. As a result, there is an increased chance that the drinking water may contain disease-causing organisms.
What should I do?
* DO NOT DRINK THE WATER WITHOUT BOILING IT FIRST. Bring all water to a boil, let it boil for one minute, and let it cool before using, or use bottled water. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and food preparation until further notice. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water.
* Inadequately treated water may contain disease-causing organisms. These organisms include bacteria, viruses, and parasites, which can cause nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and associated headaches.
* The symptoms above are caused by many types of organisms. If you experience any of these symptoms and they persist, you may want to seek medical advice. People at increased risk should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers.
What is being done?
Efforts are under way to curtail water use. Once water use is diminished, the water treatment system will again be operational and the boil water order can be lifted
We will inform you when you no longer need to boil your water. We anticipate resolving the problem within 365 days.
For more information, please contact Warren at 208-573-6261 or wdrake @ drakediversified.com
Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses). You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.
This notice is being sent to you by Yellow Pine Water Users Assoc.
PWS ID #: 4430059. Date distributed: 6-10-22.

Water Conservation Tipsyellowmellow

1. Turn OFF the tap when you brush your teeth
Pretty much everyone runs the tap whilst brushing their teeth, when in fact you only need water at the beginning and the end (to wet the brush and rinse it).

2. Try and conserve water when using the toilet
We’ve heard a simple saying for this “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down”.
Also don’t use the toilet as a bin, every time you throw a small bit of trash and flush the toilet 5 gallons is gone.

3. Shorten your shower and turn it off when you can
You can also turn the shower off in between, wet yourself, lather up then turn the water off. When you’re ready turn it on and rinse off.

4. If you have any dripping taps – FIX THEM.
A single dripping tap can waste 4 gallons of water a day (or more) or 1450 gallons of water a year.

YPWUA 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting July 3, 2022
YPWUA 2021 Annual Shareholder Meeting July 4, 2021 Link: to 20210704 YPWUA minutes
YPWUA 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting July 5, 2020 link: to 20200705 YPWUA minutes

Water Board:
Steve Holloway
Willie Sullivan
Dawn Brown
Stu Edwards
Candy Hardisty
— — — —

VYPA News:

Community Hall usage procedures

Community Hall Update: To ensure proper scheduling of the community hall usage and to avoid scheduling conflicts, we are asking that if you would like to use the community hall to contact Rhonda Egbert (member at large). With increased usage requests, we need to ensure that everyone is able to use it without conflict/overlap of events. Rhonda is taking point to schedule those individuals who want to use the community hall. Please also read the Community Hall Usage Guidelines-this outlines the etiquette required for usage.

Village Association Meeting Update: In the past as a courtesy, a Zoom video conference was an option for the individuals who were not able to attend the meeting(s) in person. However, I will not be providing this option going forward. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause some. Also, if you have a request for a meeting agenda item, please contact me (Hailey Harris) no later than 7 days before the upcoming meeting. We are not able to add agenda items without approval of the Chairman.

I will also be enforcing a meeting conduct, effective immediately: Meeting attendees are expected to: Uphold professional purpose of meetings by respecting the rights, privacy, safety, and dignity of all persons; exercise professionalism, consideration, and respect in their speech and actions; refrain from harassing speech and other harassing behavior. Failure to conduct oneself in accordance with these expectations may result in removal of the offending person(s) or adjournment of the meeting.
-Hailey Harris

Yellow Pine Community Hall General Use Procedures

Hall General Usage:
* All events must be scheduled through the Community Hall Committee and approved by the Committee Chairman
* No property shall be removed from the Community Hall without approval of the Community Hall Committee Chairman.
* Responsible alcohol usage is permitted.
* No smoking is allowed in the hall. Pick up any butts scattered outside.
* Building and grounds are not a storage area. Do not leave personal items in or around the Community Hall without approval of the Community Hall Committee Chairman.
* Notify a committee member if problems are encountered.

After each event using the hall:
* Sweep/vacuum hall floor and restroom floor
* Wipe down toilet
* Empty garbage cans and take garbage to the transfer station
* Fold tables
* Stack chairs
* Turn off lights, ceiling fans, heater (if applicable)
* Put away any kitchen items after they are cleaned

After each event using the kitchen:
* Sweep/mop kitchen floor
* Wash, dry, and store all used dishes, utensils, pans, coffee pots, etc.
* Clean and wipe down sinks
* Thoroughly clean griddles, if used, and turn off propane to griddles
* Remove any unused food/beverages from the refrigerators/freezers
* Clean up any spilled food or beverage
* Empty garbage cans and take garbage to the transfer station
* Notify a committee member if problems are encountered

Using the Community Hall and/equipment for non-Yellow Pine events:
* A refundable, $50 deposit is required seven (7) days prior to the event
* After the event, a Community Hall Committee member will inspect the premises prior to the deposit being refunded
* A $150/day donation is requested for the use of the Hall
* A $200/day donation is requested for the use of the Kitchen

No deposit or use donation is needed for use by Yellow Pine community members, committees, or groups.

Yellow Pine Community Hall Committee:
Rhonda Egbert – Chairman
Members: Ronda Rogers, Deb Filler, Hailey Harris

Village of Yellow Pine Association:
Hailey Harris, Chairman
Josh Jones, Vice Chairman
Jen Aldrich, Secretary
Ronda Rogers, Treasurer
Rhonda Egbert, Member at Large

Cemetery Committee:
Ron Basabe
Marj Fields
Ron Earl

June 11, 2022 VYPA Meeting (minutes to follow)
April 6, 2022 Village Council meeting to fill vacant chairperson position (no minutes.)
Sept 11, 2021 – VYPA Meeting minutes link:
Aug 14, 2021 VYPA Meeting Canceled (lack of quorum.)
July 10, 2021 VYPA meeting minutes link:
June 12, 2021 VYPA Meeting Minutes link:

VYPA Meetings are the 2nd Saturday of June, July, August, and September at 2:00pm at the Community Hall.
2022 Meeting dates:
June 11
July 9
August 13
September 10

VYPA Bylaws adopted 8/8/2020 (link)
YPAC Corp Bylaws (link)
— — — —

YPFD News:

Yellow Pine Fire Department

If you have an emergency, please call 911

Meeting Minutes
May 29, 2022 Fire Commissioners Meeting
May 20, 2022 Meeting in Cascade with Forest Service
Apr 3, 2022 Fire Commissioners Meeting Link:
Feb 24, 2022 Fire Commissioners Special Meeting Link:
Jan 30, 2022 Fire Commissioners Meeting Link:
Jan 10, 2022 YPFD Special Meeting Link:
Jan 9, 2022 YPFD New Commissioner’s Transition Meeting Link:
Nov 23, 2021 – Special meeting Link:
Nov 8, 2021 – AAR Report (Hopeless) Link:
Oct 31, 2021 – Special meeting Link:
Oct 14, 2021 – Special meeting Link:
Sep 27, 2021 – Special meeting Link:
Sep 18, 2021 – Special meeting Link:
Sep 11, 2021 – YPFD Budget meeting Link:
Aug 28, 2021 – YPFD Meeting to discuss election (no notes taken.)
Jul 10, 2021 – YPFD Meeting Minutes. Link:
Jun 12, 2021 – YPFD Meeting Minutes. Link:
May 15, 2021 – YPFD Meeting Minutes. Link:
Sep 30, 2020 – YPFD budget meeting. (No minutes yet.)

If you are burning any piles of forest litter and debris – please have a connected and charged garden hose that can reach your piles. If your hose cannot reach where you are burning, follow the good advice of having a shovel, axe, and water bucket at the scene. Rake away from anything that could ignite. Stop burning if winds become an issue. Make sure your fire is out before you leave the area. Nothing like getting surprised by an escaped fire in the middle of the night!

Better yet, “Rake It and Take It” your yard waste (limbs, pine needles, brush, etc.) to the burn pile at the Transfer Station on the south end of the turn-around. Remember, keep the pile neat. Woody debris only, no nails, no cardboard and no furniture! The Boise NF will burn the pile in the fall when it is safe.

Yellow Pine Fire Protection District Community Service Notice
The purpose of this letter is to show how you as a Yellow Pine Resident can help protect your structure against a wildland fire by being “Fire Wise.” Click the link: to view 20190724 Yellow Pine Fire Protection mitigation

Valley County Wildfire Evacuation Checklist
A wildfire evacuation checklist that property owners in the Yellow Pine area might find useful. link: Valley County Evacuation Checklist – 2021

link: YPFD Covid-19 SOP
link: Covid-19 EMS

Fire Chief: Tim Rogers 208-633-2005
Assistant Fire Chief: Ron Basabe 208-633-9001
YP Fire Commissioners:
Lorinne Munn – District 1
Tom Lanham – District 2
Bill McIntosh – District 3
Secretary/Treasurer – Ronda Rogers

2022 Meeting Schedule:
January 30, 2022, Sunday at 2pm
March 27, 2022, Sunday at 2pm (rescheduled)
April 3, 2022 at 2pm
May 29, 2022, Sunday at 2pm
September 11, 2022, Sunday at 2pm Budget Meeting
November 27, 2022, Sunday at 2pm

Biz Listings:

The Corner (208) 633-3325 Facebook Page
Spring hours: Wednesday thru Monday (closed Tuesdays) 8am-8pm
Fire wood permits Available May 15th
— — — —

Yellow Pine Tavern (208) 633-2233 Facebook Page
Closed May 15th for renovation
— — — —

Yellow Pine General Store and Motel (208) 633-3300
Website Facebook page
The Yellow Pine General Store will be observing new Winter Hours. We will be officially open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 11am-4pm. Josh or Christy are in town on the off days and will be available to open the store as needed. Their contact information is posted on the front door of the store if you need to reach either of them locally. The motel rooms and the laundry room are still available 7 days per week. Store phone: 208-633-3300 Email:
— — — —

Yellow Pine Lodge (208) 633-3377
Due to open in June.
— — — —

Murph’s RV Park and Mary’s Cabins
FB page link
— — — —

Local Color Photography
Facebook page
— — — —

Knotty Kat Crochet Works – 509-406-2221
FB page
Open Tue – Sat, 9-5
Yellow Pine eggs $3/doz
— — — —

Buck Horn Outfitters LLC 208-633-3614
Availability for 2022
See our website for more details. Or give us a call 208-633-3614

Wapiti Meadow Ranch – Johnson Creek (208) 633-3217
or 208-315-3554 – cabin rentals

Big Creek Lodge
Opened May 27, 2022 for Fly-ins

Deadwood Outfitters
— — — —

Local Fuel Suppliers

Amerigas Phone: 1-800-427-4968
Ed Staub & Sons Phone: (208) 634-3833
Diamond Fuel & Feed Phone: (208) 382-4430
— — — —

Outside Biz that will service Yellow Pine:

Arnold Aviation (208) 382-4844
D9 Groceries: 208-382-4215 Website link to order:
Upon “checkout” click on “gift” and write “Arnolds to pick up and deliver to (your name) in Yellow Pine” so they know who will pick it up and where it goes.
Watkins Pharmacy Cascade (208) 382-4204
Call your doctor and have your Rx transferred until Watkins can rebuild.
Cascade Auto (208) 382-4224
Cascade Vet Clinic (208) 382-4590

The Star-News

click to subscribe:
Please help support local journalism and subscribe.
A reminder that those who live in other states can subscribe to the online edition only since the mail can take days for hard copy to reach them.

J & R Septic
Cascade (208) 382-8727

Valley Roofing Idaho
Meridian (208) 830-4890 email:

Rocky Mountain Mechanical – Plumbing – Heating – Air conditioning
(208) 365-PIPE (7473) Emmett, will service Yellow Pine

Follow The Yellow Pine Times on Facebook (updated more often than emails)

Local Observations:

Monday (June 6) overnight low of 43 degrees, 24 hour rain total = 0.17″. This morning it was 48 degrees by 9am, mostly cloudy with VanMeter socked in. Finches, grosbeaks, jays, hummingbird, flicker calling, chipmunk and pine squirrel observed. Mostly cloudy at lunch time and light breezes. Little rain shower after lunch time and mostly cloudy. Getting a little breezy by early afternoon. White Pine butterflies and Tiger Swallowtails observed. Mostly cloudy mid-afternoon with sun shine in between clouds, warm and breezy, high of 66 degrees. Mostly cloudy at sunset and calmer. A few stars before midnight.

Tuesday (June 7) overnight low of 36 degrees, 24 hour rain total = Trace. This morning it was 48 degrees by 9am, clear sky, grass wet with dew and light breeze. Tree swallows, robins, finches and grosbeaks calling, pine squirrel and ground squirrel observed. Grass is getting tall and lawnmowers are busy. Increasing air traffic. Partly cloudy at lunch time, warm with light breeze. Amerigas filling tanks after lunch time. Increasing OHV traffic. Quite warm mid-afternoon, mostly cloudy and slight breeze, high of 71 degrees. Mostly hazy after sunset, warm and calm. Robins and swallows calling. River sounds up. Looked cloudy before midnight.

Wednesday (June 8) overnight low of 47 degrees, no new precipitation. This morning it was 51 degrees by 9am, overcast and a short sprinkle of rain. Tree swallows, finches, evening grosbeaks, chipmunk, pine and ground squirrel observed. Short morning showers on and off, enough to get damp. Some air traffic. Overcast and a bit breezy at lunch time. Mail truck was on time. Overcast mid-afternoon, variable breezes and no rain, high of 65 degrees. Woodpecker drumming close by. Dark overcast at sunset, no rain and calmer. River sounds up. Looked cloudy and dry before midnight.

Thursday (June 9) overnight low of 42 degrees, 24 hour rain total = Trace. This morning it was 62 degrees at 1040am and mostly cloudy. Tree swallows, robins, finches, jays, female hairy woodpecker, evening grosbeaks, pine, ground and golden mantled squirrels observed. Mostly cloudy at lunch time. Quite warm and mostly cloudy mid-afternoon with light cool breezes, high of 79 degrees. Still warm with light cool breeze after sunset and mostly hazy. Local slash pile burning, smoke going away from the village. Hazy sky and filtered moonlight before midnight.

Friday (June 10) overnight low of 45 degrees, no new precipitation. This morning it was 59 degrees by 910am and mostly cloudy. Early air traffic. Tree swallows, robins, finches, grosbeaks and jays, also pine, ground and golden mantled squirrels observed. Mostly cloudy at lunch time. Getting breezy early afternoon. Shots fired west of the village started before 3pm. Mostly cloudy, warm and light breeze mid-afternoon, high of 82 degrees. Dark overcast after sunset and light breeze. Robins calling. Rain shower after 10pm, enough to make wood damp. Rain shower likely between 7am-8am.

Saturday (June 11) overnight low of 51 degrees, trace of rain in the gauge. This morning it was 55 degrees by 9am and dark overcast. Early air traffic (Fly-in?) A few robins calling, a few finches and grosbeaks, also pine, ground and golden mantled squirrels observed. Dark overcast and a bit breezy at lunch time, no rain yet. Rain started early afternoon. Socked in and steady light rain mid-afternoon, cooling off and light breeze. Stopped raining before late afternoon, high of 66 degrees. Mostly cloudy after sunset. Close thunder at 830pm, followed by short rain shower and more thunder. Dry and cloudy before midnight.

Sunday (June 12) overnight low of 48 degrees, 24 hour rain total = 0.36″. This morning it was 50 degrees by 9am, gray overcast with foggy bits mid-mountain and very humid. Robins, jays and grosbeaks calling, a few swallows perched on the power line, hummingbird and a few finches at the feeders. Getting breezy around 10am. Ground, pine and golden mantel squirrels observed. Raining just after lunch time. Steady rain continues mid-afternoon, cooler and dark overcast, high of 54 degrees. Dark overcast and raining lightly before sunset.



Waco, old timer of Yellow Pine, passed away peacefully in his sleep June 4, 2022 at age 33. “A good kid’s horse.”

Idaho News:

June 21 deadline noted to pay Adams, Valley property taxes

Tuesday, June 21, at 5 p.m. is the deadline for property owners in Adams and Valley counties to pay the second half of their yearly property taxes.

Late charges and interest will begin on Wednesday, June 22, with interest retroactive from Jan. 1, so mailed payments should be correctly stamped by date.

Valley County accepts credit card or echeck payments at (link) or by calling 208-382-7110.

The treasurers’ offices in both counties are open during the lunch hour Mondays through Fridays. Both offices will be closed on Monday, June 20, for the Juneteenth national holiday.

full story: The Star-News June 9, 2022
— — — — — — — — — —

COVID-19 Updates: 850 new Idaho COVID-19 cases, 5 new deaths

June 10, 2022 Local News 8

Idaho officials reported 850 new COVID-19 cases and 5 new deaths Friday. State-level case and hospital data are now being updated on the state dashboard on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, excluding holidays.

That brings the total confirmed and probable cases reported since March 2020 to 455,427.

The state said 14 new hospitalizations have been reported bringing the total number to 17,289, and 0 new cases have been admitted to the ICU bringing the total to 2,952.

79,414 vaccine breakthrough cases have been reported.

5 new deaths were reported bringing the total recorded deaths to 4,951.

full story: [Valley County 2,715 cases, 16 deaths.]
— — — —

29 new Valley County COVID-19 cases reported in past week

By Tom Grote The Star-News June 9, 2022

The number of new cases of COVID-19 reported in Valley County totaled 29 last week, accounting to reports from the county’s two hospitals.

The 29 new cases compared to 36 new cases reported the previous week and 26 new cases reported the prior week.

St. Luke’s McCall and Cascade Medical Center have reported 2,777 cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic started in March 2020.

Thirteen confirmed deaths and three probable deaths in Valley County from COVID-19 have been reported by Central District Health.

Clinics & Tests – McCall

St. Luke’s Clinic – Payette Lakes Family Medicine offers the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and boosters to anyone age 18 and older. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are offered for anyone age 5 and older.

Also available are Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine boosters for anyone age 5 and older.

Second booster doses are available for adults ages 50 years and older, people ages 12 years and older who are moderately or severely immunocompromised.

Patients should talk to their health care provider about their medical condition, and whether getting an additional primary shot is appropriate for them.

Pfizer vaccines are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. The Moderna vaccine is offered on Wednesdays only.

Those wanting to get a vaccination can schedule through MyChart at (link) or call 208-381-9500.

Parents of minors should create a MyChart for eligible children and set up proxy access. Instructions are available at (link).

Walk-ins are welcome Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., for adults who are seeking their initial COVID-19 vaccine dose only.

Clinics & Tests – Cascade

Cascade Medical Center no longer offers the Pfizer vaccine. Those wishing to be given the Pfizer vaccine should contact St. Luke’s McCall or a local pharmacy.

The Cascade hospital offers a second booster shot of the Moderna vaccine to those over age 50 who received their first booster shot at least four months ago.

The Moderna vaccine for those age 18 and older is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays along with the Moderna booster. Call 208-382-4285 to schedule a time.

Take-Home Tests

St. Luke’s McCall and Cascade Medical Center have take-home COVID-19 tests available. The saliva-based test offers results in two to three days.

The Cascade hospital also provides free at-home COVID-19 antigen tests, which is a nasal swab test that gives results in 10 minutes, but is less accurate than the saliva-based test.

The tests can be picked up at the main entrance to St. Luke’s McCall at 1000 State St. in McCall or at the clinic at Cascade Medical Center at 402 Lake Cascade Pkwy in Cascade.

full story: © Copyright 2009-2021 Central Idaho Publishing Inc. All rights reserved (used with permission.)
— — — — — — — — — —

Valley County doesn’t mind shed-dwellers

Buildings must be connected to sewer, however

By Max Silverson The Star-News June 9, 2022

People appear to be living in storage sheds in Valley County, which is fine as long as the sheds conform to health and safety rules, county officials said.

The county has received anecdotal reports of people living in storage sheds located near homes, Valley County Commissioner Sherry Maupin said.

The reports have come from citizens and from staffers of the Valley County Assessors’ Office who inspect properties to update their value, Maupin said.

“These are not ideal but may serve a purpose for local workers not able to find a home,” Maupin said.

The problem with using sheds as housing is their roofs may not be able to withstand heavy snow in the winter and could be damaged by high winds, Valley County Building Department Director Annette Derrick said.

Portable toilets are not permitted to be used with these sheds, which must be connected to a central sewer or septic system before someone can live in them, Derrick said.

— — — — — — — — — —

Feds: Pilot error to blame in two 2021 plane crashes near Warren

Four people injured in wrecks that happened three months apart

By Drew Dodson The Star-News June 9, 2022

Pilot error was the cause of two single engine airplane crashes that injured four people last summer near Warren, according to reports released by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The accidents were the result of “decision making and judgment” errors by the pilots while taking off from the Warren Airport about 30 miles northeast of McCall, the reports said.

— — — — — — — — — —

Idaho drought conditions improve after months of precipitation

“The spring run of that we have had and the rains that we have seen have greatly increased our storage in the reservoirs,” said an Idaho Hydrologist.

Katija Stjepovic (KTVB) June 6, 2022

The topic of water in Idaho was a big concern for Idaho hydrologists during the beginning of April when the snowpack was significantly below normal. However, a lot of precipitation in recent months has changed Idaho’s drought conditions.

“The whole snowmelt situation has been delayed almost a month across the state,” said David Hoekema, Hydrologist with the Idaho Department of Water Resources.

Precipitation in April and May improved drought conditions in Southern Idaho and completely removes the drought conditions north of Idaho County.

full story:
— — — — — — — — — —

Those pesky earthquakes continue near Stanley

by CBS2 News Staff Monday, June 6th 2022

It’s been a few months since we’ve reported on the earthquakes near Stanley.

There’s been a lot of them. Hundreds actually.

In fact, a quick search on the United States Geological Survey Shows roughly 680 confirmed earthquakes have been reported since March of 2020 in central Idaho with magnitude ratings of 2.0 and above.

Of course, none were bigger than on March 31, 2020, when a historic 6.5 magnitude earthquake rattled the small town of Stanley and the region, including folks in the Treasure Valley.


Mining News:

Payette OKs rock, clay mine near Brundage Mtn.

Proposal would mine five acres along Goose Lake Road

By Drew Dodson The Star-News June 9, 2022

A rock and clay mine near Brundage Mountain Resort has been tentatively approved by the Payette National Forest.

The proposed St. Helens Mine Project would mine about 35,000 cubic yards of rock and clay over 10 years on about five acres bordering Goose Lake Road less than a half-mile from Idaho 55.

A Payette forest study found the proposal would not cause significant environmental harm. Work on the project could begin late this summer pending final approval.

For more information contact Payette Forest Geologist Piper Goessel at kathryn.goessel@usda.gov or visit the project webpage at (link).

full story:

Public Lands:

Payette plans improvements for French Creek trailhead

The Payette National Forest is seeking comments on a project to improve parking and trail access at the French Creek/Center Ridge Trailhead.

The North Fork Divide Recreation Project is located about 20 miles north of McCall at the intersection of Warren Wagon Road and Forest Service Road 260.

The goal of the project is to better manage dispersed camping and parking, protect the historic Trapper Cabin accessible by the French Creek and prevent visitors from driving through a nearby meadow, a news release said.

The project would improve parking at the intersection of Warren Wagon Road with enough space for up to four trailers.

… Comments are requested by June 29 and can be made on the project webpage by visiting (link) and clicking the “managing the land” menu and selecting “projects” and then “North Fork Divide Recreation.”

full story: The Star-News Thursday, June 9, 2022
— — — — — — — — — —

Washed-out trestle over Weiser River Trail reopened

Lortz Trestle was destroyed by 2019 flooding

By Max Silverson The Star-News June 9, 2022

… the Lortz Trestle, which is one of 58 trestles along the trail’s 86 miles between New Meadows and Weiser. The bridge is 154 feet long and takes cyclists about 20 feet above the water.

The former train bridge 16 miles north of Council collapsed into the river in April 2019 after being pummeled by logs and other debris carried by the second-highest water flow on record.

Construction on the replacement span started last November and was completed about a month later at a cost of about $169,000. That included using a 45-foot girder from the original trestle that was recovered from the river.

The Weiser River Trial was founded in 1997 and sits on what was once the Pacific & Idaho Northern Railroad.

full story:
— — — — — — — — — —

Idaho Trails Association volunteers perform trail maintenance in Idaho

By Steve Dent Jun 05, 2022 KIVI

Saturday marked the 30th anniversary of National Trails Day and here in Idaho volunteers went to work making improvements on trails all over the Gem State.

The Idaho Trails Association is a non-profit that has three full-time staff members, so they rely on volunteers who spent National Trails Day working on four different trails in Idaho.


Critter News:

Trout Unlimited to host fly-fishing clinic June 16 at M-D

Trout Unlimited will host a free McCall Casting Clinic next Thursday, June 16, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the lawn at the Douglas A. MacNichol Building next to McCall-Donnelly High School.

The event will include lessons on basic to advanced fly rod rigging as well as set up for both stream and lake fly fishing.

There will also be presentations on fly rod equipment and demonstrations and practice sessions on fly tying and casting.

The local Reed Gillespie Chapter of Trout Unlimited will have six fly rods and six practice rods for public use. Participants can also bring their own equipment to practice on.

The event is free, but donations will be accepted. Stickers will be available for purchase at the event.

source: The Star-News June 9, 2022
— — — — — — — — — —

Fish and Game: Several bats in Idaho cave have ‘white-nose syndrome’

by CBS2 News Staff Monday, June 6th 2022

Six bats collected from an eastern Idaho cave have tested positive for a deadly fungus.

Idaho Fish and Game says the bats tested from the Minnetonka Cave in Bear Lake County have what’s known as white-nose syndrome. It’s the first known case of the fungus in Idaho after 10 years of testing.

“We’re extremely concerned, but not surprised by this discovery,” said Rita Dixon, Idaho Fish and Game’s state wildlife action plan coordinator.” The fungus, known as Pseudogymnoascus destructans, or Pd, and white-nose syndrome are found in neighboring states, and despite our best efforts to keep it out of Idaho, the fungus is now here.”

— — — — — — — — — —

How the avian influenza has impacted Idaho

June 6, 2022 Local News 8

One human and 38 million birds—comprised mostly of poultry across 184 commercial flocks and 176 backyard flocks in 36 states—have been been affected in the current avian influenza outbreak.

The impact of the outbreak is being felt by many Americans at the grocery store. According to the USDA’s Food Price Outlook for May 2022, poultry prices are predicted to increase between 8.5% and 9.5%, and egg prices are predicted to increase between 19.5% and 20.5% due, in part, to decreased production at some of the country’s biggest commercial flocks.

Number of birds affected in Idaho: 988
Counties with the most birds affected in Idaho
#1. Canyon: 365 birds affected (36.9% of all cases in Idaho)
#2. Ada: 316 (32.0%)
#3. Madison: 200 (20.2%)
#4. Gooding: 100 (10.1%)
#5. Caribou: 7 (0.7%)

full story:

Fish and Game News:

F&G alerts hunters and recreationists of a confirmed grizzly sighting north of Salmon

By Roger Phillips, Public Information Supervisor
Friday, June 10, 2022

Grizzlies are infrequently seen in the area; last confirmed sighting was in 2020

Idaho Fish and Game officials have confirmed a grizzly bear sighting in the North Fork area north of Salmon, an area not typically known for having grizzlies. The bear was photographed by a hunter’s game camera on May 14, and the bear was clearly identified as a grizzly. It is not known if the bear is still in the area.

Homeowners, recreationists and hunters are asked to be “Bear Aware” and remove any possible food attractants, such as garbage, animal feed, or other food items.

— — — — — — — — — —

Weekly Salmon Fishing Update – June 8, 2022

By Chris Sullivan, Anadromous Fisheries Coordinator
Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Welcome to our weekly Chinook Salmon Fishing Update. Throughout the next several months we will provide updates on changes to seasons and rules and share data from dam counts, creel surveys, and hatchery returns to help anglers plan their salmon fishing trips.

Fishing is in full swing in the Clearwater River basin and the Lower Salmon and Little Salmon rivers, but catch rates are slow with the recent high water. There are no new closures this week but just a reminder that the section of the Lower Salmon River from Rice Creek Bridge upstream to the Hammer Creek boat ramp closed last week. We will be taking summer Chinook season proposals to the IDFG Commission next week, so check out this week’s update to see a sneak peek at the proposals and check back next week to see if they were approved.

— — — — — — — — — —

From horses to huckleberries: June’s ‘Wildlife Express’ takes a look at Idaho’s state symbols

By Connor Liess, Public Information Specialist
Monday, June 6, 2022

Can you name these 13 Idaho symbols?

Whether you moved to Idaho or were born and raised in the Gem State, it may surprise you to learn that there’s more to the state’s iconic image than just blue turf and potatoes. Idaho is a diverse outdoors state, characterized by several historic, economic and natural symbols from the mountain bluebird to the Western white pine. But what about the less commonly known symbols, like the Gem State’s state gem? Or state fruit? Can you name the state fossil?

Take a dive into this month’s Wildlife Express newsletter to learn more about what symbols define Idaho.

— — — — — — — — — —

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