Road Reports Sept 28, 2022

Please share road reports. Most back country roads are not maintained. Conditions can change quickly, be prepared for rocks and/or trees in the road. Remember there is no cell phone service. Please turn on your lights when traveling our narrow mountain roads, you are not the only vehicle on the one lane road.

Yellow Pine: It has been dry so far this week and with increasing traffic local streets are getting dusty again. Dust abatement was applied on main street June 29th and is wearing thin. Please respect residents and wildlife and SLOW DOWN.
Drivers, please don’t speed through neighborhoods. Locals brake for kids, dogs, horses, deer, elk and squirrels.
link: Local Forecast
Yellow Pine Webcams (check date on images)
Link: to YP North webcam
Link: to YP West webcam

Highway 55 Open with delays for construction.
ITD Update Sept 12: “This week we start work to repave State Highway 55 between Round Valley Road and Clear Creek in Valley County.”
Update from ITD August 26, 2022: Starting Tuesday, September 6, the Smiths Ferry project will transition to the fall construction schedule. Drivers should plan for one-way alternating traffic with 15-minute delays, Monday through Friday and weekends as needed.
Crews will start paving work on September 6. Drivers can expect a gravel highway surface for a few weeks, and the first layer of asphalt completed by the end of September.
To learn more about the construction schedule, visit link:

Warm Lake Highway: Open
Report Wednesday (Sept 28) mail truck driver reports the road is clear and good.
link: SNOTEL Big Creek Summit 6580′

South Fork Road: Open
Report Friday (Sep 23) road is good, watch for hunting traffic.
Note: starting March 15th the road maintenance goes back to the FS from the county. Contact PNF Ben Drier 208-634-0770 cell 208-315-7584 or Will Perry 208-634-0767 cell 208-630-3954 for issues with the SF road.
link: Tea Pot Weather Station 5175′
link: South Fork Stream Gauge

EFSF Road: Open
Report Friday (Sep 23) road is not bad, getting rougher in places between Yellow Pine and the Eiguren Ranch.
Note: The county did not do dust abatement this season.

Johnson Creek Road: Open
Report Wednesday (Sept 28) Mail truck driver says the county is in the process of grading and the road is in good shape.
Link: to Johnson Creek Airstrip Webcam (check date on image.)
Link: to Johnson Creek North Webcam (check date on image.)
Link: Johnson Creek Stream Gauge
Note: The elevation at Landmark is 6,630 feet

Quartz Creek Road:
Old report July 30: “Saturday I cleared Quartz Creek Road of trees. At the top (upper loop) I cleared the left fork but on the right fork there was a widowmaker tree that I left as I was working by myself and didn’t feel comfortable removing it without help.” – SA

Old Thunder Mountain Road: Open
Old report July 16: “Saturday the Yellow Pine Escapades rode to Meadow Creek Lookout without any issues. Had a great lunch, then half the group returned to Yellow Pine via the Old Thunder Mountain Road while the other half returned through Stibnite. A group of four motorcycles came through the Old Thunder Mountain Road. I’m assuming they cut the four or five recently cut trees we saw.” – SA

Lick Creek: Open
Report Sept 19th: “Rough”
Note: The elevation at Lick Creek Summit is 6,877 feet

Profile Creek Road: Open
Old report Tuesday (Sept 6): “The county did grade over Profile. It was much better than before. It looks like they graded from the mouth of Profile Creek over to Jacob’s Ladder Flat. The only section it appears they didn’t do was from the top down to the first Big Creek culvert. Of course some of the rougher spots are still there but overall a good improvement.” DV
Old report Wednesday (Aug 24): “Profile being worked today.”
Note: The elevation at Profile summit is 7607 feet.

Big Creek Webcams (check date on images)
Link: to Big Creek Webcam North
Link: to Big Creek Webcam South

Yellow Pine to Stibnite: Open – watch for heavy equipment traffic.
Old report: road graded during the first 2 weeks of June. No current repot.
Starting in July cleanup work at Stibnite will “cause some delay in travel through the area, it won’t be closed but there will be flaggers.”
“There will still be a lot of traffic coming through for the next 1.5 years while the “Burnt Log Route” is being built, a lot of the equipment will have to come in on the burnt log route so until then JC and the current Stibnite route will be used.”
link: Stibnite Weather Station 6594′

Stibnite to Thunder Mountain: Open
No current report on conditions. Travel at your own risk.
Note: The elevation at Monumental Summit is 8590 feet.

Monumental Creek Trail Report:
Report Sep 15: “Mon Tr also has 2 big trees lying in it & a spill in 1 rockslide w big rocks in Tr. But shale slide w gabion bastian clear.”
Old report July 23: Trail past Roosevelt Lake is disaster. Beaver swamp at Trap Cr on 1/4 mile of trail, hard scramble around. Treed in below awful. Slide is Bad.
Topo Map near Trap Creek (link):

Big Creek to Elk Summit to Warrens Road: Open
No report on current conditions. Travel at your own risk.
Note: The elevation at Elk Summit is nearly 9000 feet.

Deadwood Summit: Open
Old report Thursday (June 30) rough, not graded. (See Landmark to Stanley report.)
Note: The approx. elevation at Deadwood Summit is 6,883 feet.
link: SNOTEL Deadwood Summit 6860′

Landmark to Stanley: Open
Old report from Valley County: “We have a crew working in the Deadwood/Bear Valley area blading. They should be done August 8th-9th.”
Old report Thursday (June 30) “Good with a few significant potholes to Bruce Meadows, then bad washboard to the highway.” – DP

Warren Wagon Road: Open
No report on current conditions, travel at your own risk.

Valley County Road Maintenance Dashboard Link: