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Local History

Yellow Pine area history

Stibnite  area history

Thunder Mountain area history

Roosevelt history

Big Creek and Edwardsburg area history

Valley County History Posts

Link to Valley County Centennial

Link to History Local Roads Part 1

Link to History Local Roads Part 2

Link to A Difficult Commute

Link to History Post Offices

Link to Idaho Backcountry Fire Lookouts

Link to Antimony in Idaho Valley County

Link to Deadwood History

Link to Landmark History

Link to Sylvester Scott “Three Finger” Smith

Link to “Deadshot” Reed Ranch

Idaho History Posts

Link to History of Solar Eclipses in Idaho

Link to Nimíipuu [Nez Perce]

Link to Chinese Miners in Idaho

Link to Idaho Stagecoach History

Link to Lone Highwayman of Yellowstone

Link to The Horse Queen of Idaho

Link to  Hugh Whitney the Idaho Bandit

Link to Jesus Urquides (famous mule packer)

Link to Henry Plummer (Vigilantes part 1)

Link to Orlando “Rube” Robbins (Vigilantes part 2)

Link to Idaho Vigilance Committees (Vigilantes part 3)

Link to Dave Updyke – First Sheriff of Ada County (Vigilantes part 4)

Link to Henry Rhodes “Bub” (Bob) Meeks, Jr

Link to Jackson Lee “Diamondfield Jack” Davis

Link to Richard “Beaver Dick” Leigh, Sr

Link to Atlanta, Rocky Bar and Alturas County

Link to Annie “Peg Leg” McIntyre Morrow

Link to Johnny Behind-The-Rocks McKeown

Link to Clydeus Rosalure Williams Dunbar aka Wheelbarrow Annie

Link to James “The Stiff” Hogan

Link to William Craig “Father of Idaho”

Link to Idaho Sheep Ranching (Sheep Queen of Idaho)

Idaho County History Posts

Link to Dr. Wilson Foskett – White Bird, Idaho

Link to Secesh (Part 1)

Link to Secesh (Part 2)

Link to Florence (Part 1)

Link to Florence (Part 2)

Link to Florence (Part 3)

Link to Moose Creek

Link to Goff, Idaho

Link to Mount Idaho (Part 1)

Link to Mount Idaho (Part 2)

Link to Mount Idaho (Part 3)

Link to Mount Idaho (Part 4)

Link to Fenn Family

Link to Cottonwood, Idaho County, Idaho

Link to Elk City, Idaho County, Idaho (Part 1 Mining)

Link to Elk City, Idaho County Idaho (part 2 News)

Link to Elk City, Idaho County Idaho (Part 3 Murder)

Local Books:

“Idaho Mountains Our Home” by Lafe and Emma Cox
“Yellow Pine, Idaho” a book compiled by Nancy Sumner (available locally)
Francie’s Camera The Art and Stories of Robert Auth
Wilderness Brothers Cabin Creek History – Caswell Brothers by G. Wayne Minshall
Cabin Creek Chronicle: The History of the Most Remote Ranch in America” – by G. Wayne Minshall
“Pans, Picks and Shovels” stories gathered by the Valley County History Project
“Free Land! Hopes and Hardships of Pioneers of Valley County, Idaho” stories gathered by the Valley County History Project
“Valley County, Idaho – Prehistory to 1920” stories gathered by the Valley County History Project
Tales from the Last of the Big Creek Rangers by Earl Dodds
“Lost in the Forest – Four Decades of Change” by Ned and Carl Pence
Southern Idaho Ghost Towns By Wayne C. Sparling

Link to list of local books at Valley County GenWeb:

[hat tip to SMc]

 History Links:

*Note: The links below open in a new window/tab to other websites.

“History of Idaho Territory with Illustrations” 1884 (81 meg)

“Vigilante days and ways: the pioneers of the Rockies: the makers and making of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming” by Nathaniel Pitt Langford 1893
Vol 1 (40 meg)
Vol 2 (20 meg)

“An Illustrated History of Idaho” 1899 (58 meg)

“The History of Idaho” 1910 – John Hailey (8.5 meg)

“Early History of Idaho” by WJ McConnell 1913 (18 meg)

“History of the State of Idaho” By C. J. Brosnan 1918 (18 meg)

“History of Idaho, The Gem of the Mountains” by James Hawley 1920 (48 meg)

“Gold Placers of the Secesh Basin, Idaho County”, Idaho, by Stepen R. Capps, February, 1940, Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology (50 meg)

“1981 Draft Environmental Impact Statement Stibnite Project Gold Mine and Mill Valley County, Idaho” (12.7 meg)

“Thunder Mountain “Tome Up” The Thunder Mountain Story” by Earl Wilson (12 meg)

“History of the Stibnite Mining Valley County, Idaho”, by Victoria Mitchell for the Idaho Geology Survey 2000 (27 meg)

Valley County Centennial Magazine

History of Valley County

Valley County, ID GenWeb Project

Idaho County, ID GenWeb Project

Valley & Idaho County History Stories complied by Becky @ Secesh

South Fork Companion