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Postcard from Edwardsburg, Idaho, March 26, 1912

Contributed by Marvin Housworth
photo source: Valley County GenWeb

Letter on the back:

“A picture of the cabin as it was in the early days when Napier was a little boy – I suppose you met him when he was South – Father wrote me of your sorrow and I have thought of you but as my days are full of work at night I have so much writing for Mr. Edwards I don’t have much time for myself – The (ore ?) at (ditch?)* is fine & at last things are coming our way. Write when you feel inclined- give my Love to the girls – especially Elizabeth.”
– Annie Napier Edwards

— — — —

“Napier Edwards was a son of William Edwards and his wife Annie. In 1904 when Napier was two years old, they came to [Edwardburg], where they acquired a mining interest. The predominant metals were gold, silver, lead and copper. It was a 40 mile horseback ride from Warren to [Edwardburg]. Soon Edwards built a road from Warren over Elk Summit [down Logan Creek] to Big Creek [Edwardburg]. This family were real pioneers.”

Pg. 114 “Idaho Mountains Our Home” by Lafe and Emma Cox – Copyright 1977 by V.O. Ranch Books
— — — —

Smith Children with Napier Edwards’ wagon, Edwardsburg 1948

The Lawrence and Paul Smith kids from Stibnite playing with Napier Edwards wagon at Edwardsburg. The Passengers are: (L to R) Patty, Karen, Lorene and Gary Smith. The two ‘critters’ doing the pulling are Ron on the left and cousin Tim on right – 1948

“Nape Edward’s wagon is what they used to call a ‘Hack,’ a light, get-there-quick-type of wagon, sort of a poor man’s buggy.” – Ron Smith.
(photo courtesy of Ron Smith)

source: Valley County, ID GenWeb Project
— — — — — — — — — —

Cowman’s Big Creek Lodge in 1939


Big Creek Lodge is a little over a mile down river from Edwardsburg, the road connecting the two locations was built in the 1930’s.
— — — — — — — — — —

Where the Road Ends Outdoor Idaho

Copyright 2017 © Idaho Public Television

Big Creek

Deep in the heart of central Idaho, the isolated community of Big Creek was once the sole province of miners, Forest Service personnel and eccentrics. Today, the hodgepodge collection of homes on the boundary of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness still remains a destination for those who want to get about as far away from city life in Idaho as possible.

We travel the rugged roads to Big Creek to talk with those who have thrived on its remoteness, including 100-year old Wilbur Wiles, who used to live there through the deep winters; Earl Dobbs, the first wilderness ranger in the area; and two backcountry pilots who forged a deep relationship over their mutual love for Big Creek.

8:45 video:
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