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Founded late in the fall before the big rush to Thunder Mountain in the beginning of 1902, Roosevelt soon became the leading camp in the new mining district. Thousands of men, having heard that Thunder Mountain was destined to be the biggest gold producer in the country, poured into Roosevelt and the Monumental Creek area.

Idaho State Historical Society Reference Series Number 21 February 1964
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William Allen White, the “Sage of Emporia,” chased a former governor of Kansas into Idaho, locating him in Roosevelt with a companion known as “Hot Foot.” The famous editor is said to have described the gold camp as “a log town with one street and no society.”

source: “The Ghosts Walk Under the Water” by Faith Turner courtesy AHGP
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Frozen Dynamite

A Roosevelt miner’s misadventure late in 1906

While thawing six sticks of dynamite in his oven, he was startled by an explosion. Blown through his cabin roof, he lost his possessions but survived without serious injury.

Idaho State Historical Society Reference Series Number 20 January 1966 (pg 32)

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