Yellow Pine

Yellow Pine, Valley County, Idaho

Page updated May 21, 2020

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Yellow Pine
Link to Yellow Pine 1900-1930
Link to Yellow Pine Area Historical Photos 1928
Link to The Yellow Pine School Piano
Link to Yellow Pine Schools 1920-1930
Link to Yellow Pine School 1931-1959
Link to Albert Behne (founder of YP)
Link to The McCoy’s of Yellow Pine
Link to Kennedy, the Gillihan’s Mule
Link to Gillihans in Yellow Pine
Link to 1959 Gillihan Mule Train Idaho to California
Link to Yellow Pine and the Chuck Wagon Boys
Link to Electricity in Yellow Pine
Link to Telephones in Yellow Pine
Link to History Back Country Post Offices
Link to Back County Mail Carriers
Link to Local Place Names
Link to History Local Roads Part 1
Link to History Local Roads Part 2
Link to Valley County Murders Part 1
Link to Local History – 4th July, YP Tavern, YP Stomp
Link to Winter of 1948-1949
Link to Old Yellow Pine Airfield
Link to 1937 Yellow Pine Topo Map 1:62,500 (2.8MB)
from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Johnson Creek
Link to Lafe and Emma Cox
Link to Landmark RS
Link to 1907 Trip to Riordan Lake
Link to Bryant Ranch
Link to Daisy Tappan
Link to Antimony in Idaho Valley County 1919

South Fork Salmon River
Link to Knox, Idaho
Link to Warm Lake (part 1)
Link to Warm Lake (part 2)
Link to Molly Kesler (Warm Lake)
Link to Thunderbolt (near Warm Lake)
Link to Reed Ranch (Deadshot, Krassel)
Link to George Fritser
Link to Willey Ranch
Link to Del Davis
Link to Curley Brewer
Link to Sylvester Scott “Three Finger” Smith
Link to “Sheepherder” Bill Borden (Thunder Mtn, Edwardsburg, McCall, South Fork)

1928 Photos Warm Lake to Yellow Pine to Big Creek to Cougar Dave Lewis Ranch
Link to Harry Shellworth Album Idaho State Historical Society, photographer Ansgar Johnson Sr.