Page updated July 21, 2018

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Roads Open:
South Fork Salmon River & EFSF
Johnson Creek
Lick Creek
Monumental Summit
Profile Road
Elk Summit – Big Creek to Warrens Road Open to the adventurous
Deadwood Summit

Roads Closed:
Golden Gate Road
Sugar Creek Road

Community Calendar:

May 10 Burn Permits required
May 15 Firewood Season Starts – permits at The Corner
July 21 10am CPR Class at the Fire Station
July 26 Final Festival planning meeting 4pm Community Hall
July 28 Ride to Roosevelt
July 28 Randy Priest and the Hat Band 8pm, Yellow Pine Tavern
July 28 Big Creek Lodge Grand Opening party 8am to ?
August 3, 4, 5 Music and Harmonica Festival
August 11 at 2pm Community Hall, Village of Yellow Pine Association meeting
September 8 at 10am Community Hall YP Fire Budget Hearing
September 8 at 2pm Community Hall, Village of Yellow Pine Association meeting


Jul 28 Ride to Roosevelt Website
$20.00/vehicle The ride will leave from the Yellow Pine Community Hall at 10 am. After leaving town, riders will head up Stibnite Road. Approximately 45 minutes later there will be a short pause at the “Glory Hole” in Stibnite; with information provided by Midas Gold Idaho. The ride continues up and over Monumental Summit (NF-375) – there is a monument at the summit with information about the area. Over Monumental Summit, the ride heads for the Roosevelt Trail Head. Lunch will be served at the trail head. The riders will return to Yellow Pine via the same route. There are opportunities to see old mine sites (along the route); the town site of Roosevelt (after a short hike); side trails; and wildlife. This out-and-back ride is expected to take about 6 hours.

Big Creek Lodge announcement
It has taken 5 years and $1.2 million and the efforts of many, many volunteers and professionals — and now Big Creek Lodge is about ready to serve the public once again beginning August 1. In celebration of this milestone, the Idaho Aviation Foundation (IAF) is announcing a public Grand Opening party on Saturday July 28 from 8am-?, you can come and go whenever you like. The IAF is the non profit that rebuilt the lodge and will operate it as a non profit with a Special Use Permit from the Payette National Forest.
This is a unique project within our public lands. There are lodges that operate in National Forest; but we aren’t aware of any with these circumstances and non-profit status. The IAF did it because we were concerned that some backcountry lodges were closing their doors to the public (let’s face it, there are not many who get rich running a backcountry lodge), and IAF wanted to have a place for the PUBLIC to enjoy that was off the grid, had history and natural beauty, plus road and aircraft access. Big Creek Lodge is that place – and is a gift to you from the aviation community! So, come and enjoy it.
We invite Yellow Pine residents to make the drive over to have breakfast, hear and tell stories about the Lodge, enjoy the beautiful building and tour the site, participate in some of the activities, and just chill. Here’s the low-down on food, drink and odds n ends for Sat Jul 28:
* Breakfast donation is $15 and will be served from 8-10am. It will include pancakes, sausage, eggs and juice/coffee;. Lunch and dinner are TBD but will be available
* Beer and wine will be available for sale along with soft drinks, tea, etc.
* If you wish to bring your own picnic for this event, no problem!
* We will have live music during the day for your enjoyment;
* If you want to bring your own alcohol, please enjoy it away from the lodge premises since we have our own permit and we don’t want to lose it on our first weekend!
* Bring your own lawn chairs and/or blankets, bug spray, sunscreen and all that jazz
* Several Yellow Pine friends have donated money and/or their time to help in the project – we’ll have Big Creek Community cards for people to fill out to explain what Big Creek means to you and what you did to help make it come to life. Those cards will be placed in a book for future visitors to enjoy and learn how so many people helped to make this happen.
* Wifi will not be available;
* We hope to have a fun nighttime activity such as star gazing; a bonfire if fires are allowed at that time; and/or movie night under the stars if we can get the right equipment by then;
* We appreciate your patience with us if we don’t quite have everything running perfectly. Thanks!
Help Wanted:
* Want to get involved and have a full tummy too? We have an on-going program for volunteers: Simply provide 2 hours of help when help is needed and directed by the Caretakers, and get a free breakfast! This is available on the 28th and thereafter. Just check with the Caretakers (managers @ bigcreeklodgeidaho.com) or on the volunteer chalkboard at the lodge to see if we need help that day!
* On the 28th, we could use help with set up, clean up, table prep, and happy people helping people.
* It might also be fun to have a few knowledgeable volunteers show some of the visitors around (short destinations like Smith Crk TH and the mining ruins on Big Creek, the Logan Crk cemetery, or show people around the lodge site (penstock, old pelton wheel, water tanks, etc). Interested? If you have knowledge and can take an hour or so to show folks around, email Colleen at marketing @ bigcreeklodgeidaho.com
A Note on Overnight Accommodations for the 28th:
We anticipate most people staying for the day or part of the day, but a few may need to overnight. Lodging won’t officially be available on the 28th. BUT, we do want to be flexible and try to accommodate people willing to donate if possible. We have the Kif Brown Yurt at Big Creek that sleeps 8, 2 small cabin rooms each with half baths, and 4 lodge rooms (each with full bath and room heat) that accommodate 2-3 adults each. If you need to overnight, come prepared to sleep in your own sleeping bag/tent for a small fee at the USFS campground BUT send us a request if you also wish to be ‘under roof’ and we will try to accommodate you. We still need funds for startup operations, and someone asked what donation was appropriate if we accommodate people in our buildings. Here’s suggestions – these are less than our normal rates and don’t include meals: Yurt ($20 per person), Cabin ($35 per person), or Lodge ($50 per person for a room, $25 for floor space) — if that doesn’t work for you remember there are campsites available at the USFS campground. So, please send Colleen an email at marketing@bigcreeklodgeidaho.com if you want to be on the list for a place to stay at the lodge (not the campground; that is first come first served).
You can check our new website http://www.bigcreeklodgeidaho.com to learn what the lodge is all about.
See you soon, Colleen Back, Idaho Aviation Foundation & Big Creek Lodge

August 3, 4, 5 Music and Harmonica Festival Facebook page
link to online store

2018 Music Festival T-Shirt Contest Winner Tamara Hallock
Your well-controlled, LEASHED, domestic pets are welcome in Yellow Pine. There is a leash law within all USFS boundaries (which includes all nearby campsites). Animals should not be left in vehicles during the day as the heat builds quickly in the vehicles at this elevation and time of year. The safety of all pets is important in Yellow Pine.
Please remember all state and forest laws and regulations apply while you are at the festival. Law enforcement will be present.

Biz Directory:

Alpine Village (208) 633-6208 Facebook page

Murph’s RV Park & Mary’s Cabins (208) 633-6677 Facebook page

The Corner (208) 633-3325 website link Facebook page
Our hours for this week: Monday-Friday 4pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-close. We will also be cooking most of the week for private events so if anyone wants something outside of those hours just call and we can usually accommodate. The Corner Store is open as well, just call for grocery needs, fresh produce, eggs, meat etc.

Yellow Pine Lodge (208) 633-3377
Open for summer

Yellow Pine Tavern (208) 633-2233 Facebook page
Summer Hours: 8am to close daily
Daily Menu: full Breakfast served also Burgers and Pizza for Afternoon and Evening. Good selection of Beer and Wine

Local Color Photography Website Facebook page

Yellow Pine Museum website Facebook page

Village of Yellow Pine Association

Village Meeting Schedule: 2nd Saturday of June, July, Aug and Sept.
VYPA Officers:
Deb Filler – Chairperson
Lynn Imel – Vice Chair
Lorinne Munn – Secretary
Joel Fields – Treasurer
Kathy Hall – Member at Large
Village of Yellow Pine Association Bylaws
VYPA Bylaws Adopted 9-12-2015
If you have questions, ideas to share, or want to use the Community Hall please contact the VYPA officers. Community Hall Facebook page
Cemetery Committee:
Willie Sullivan
Candy Sullivan

Yellow Pine Fire District

July 21 10am CPR Class at the Fire Station
YP Fire Budget Hearing: September 8, 2018 – 10am Community Hall
Fire Department Training on Sunday’s at 11:00 all are welcome
There are YPFD T-shirts, as well as YPFD patches and stickers for sale at the Tavern now.
Fire Chief:
Jeff Forster
District 1 Cecil Dahlman
District 2 Dan Stiff
District 3 Tom Richter
Valley County Firewise Brochure
Valley County, Idaho Wildland-Urban Interface Wildfire Mitigation Plan

Yellow Pine Water Users Association

YPWUA Bylaws September 1976
YPWUA Articles of Incorporation April 1976
YPWUA Articles Inc 1st Amendment September 1976
YPWUA Articles Inc 2nd Amendment February 1984
YPWUA Articles Inc 3rd Amendment June 1984
YPWUA Board:
Dawn Brown
Stu Edwards
Willie Sullivan
Steve Holloway